Marc Rebillet, Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus LIVE!

Huge thanks to @Marc Rebillet , Reggie Watts & Flying Lotus for this amazing jam sesh!
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  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh RodriguezDag sedan

    broooo what tttttt

  • Nihbps Mcgee
    Nihbps McgeeDag sedan

    Imagine Frenemies never ended? LMAOOO

  • mulder_scully
    mulder_scullyDag sedan

    im working on EQ'ing this and breaking it up into tracks to DL on soundcloud

  • stalktheground23
    stalktheground23Dag sedan

    I don't understand how this video isn't in the millions of views yet. Papa bless.

  • Rick Ruben
    Rick RubenDag sedan


  • William Wilson
    William WilsonDag sedan

    Hey that first jam is one of my favorite sounds

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils2 dagar sedan

    holy shit marc got some goddamn guns on him

  • Scott Schoenberg
    Scott Schoenberg2 dagar sedan


  • Seba
    Seba3 dagar sedan

    4th or 5th time watching this, idk might watch again

  • Kaeana Cordova
    Kaeana Cordova3 dagar sedan

    When I need a little serotonin I turn this on and feel soooo much better

  • Hamza Mhaouch
    Hamza Mhaouch3 dagar sedan

    The thing you did in this channel

  • Rob Ladendorf
    Rob Ladendorf4 dagar sedan

    Sick set! Nice work boys

  • Dappis
    Dappis4 dagar sedan

    I kinda hate this because now i just want a whole collab album

  • P D S
    P D S4 dagar sedan

    What genre of music would this be called??

  • Sofia Mar Casavilla
    Sofia Mar Casavilla4 dagar sedan

    1:04:51 just hits different

  • V I S U A L I S Z M

    V I S U A L I S Z M

    2 dagar sedan

    Need this part on spotify!

  • Dr. Dolf
    Dr. Dolf4 dagar sedan

    I do come back to this, because its gud.

  • Maddy Ramirez
    Maddy Ramirez5 dagar sedan

    Probably my 10th time watching this. Just gets me in such a dope mood.

  • Amandarrr
    Amandarrr5 dagar sedan

    I would have given Marc my number after this. Or before. Anywhere, really 😏

    STOLKAH5 dagar sedan

    Whats the model Rebillet is using? that Keyboard+pad+mixer? is dope i want one but i cant figure out which model it is. Anyone know? thanks in advance

  • Dylan Tucker
    Dylan Tucker5 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know what programs they use for live performance w/ their controllers/other instruments?

  • 94JAVS
    94JAVS5 dagar sedan

    This is fire. Kudos to the team and to Marc, Reggie, and Flying Lotus. I hope to see a lot more of this. Teddy Desk Concerts for the win!!

  • M B
    M B6 dagar sedan

    Our development team is really well developed, that’s why we hired them.

  • Connor
    Connor6 dagar sedan

    WOW, I wish I had a percentage of talent that these guys have in a single pubic hair. Absolutely amazing.

  • Dracula Wannaboogiedown
    Dracula Wannaboogiedown7 dagar sedan

    I know this has less views than a lot of your other stuff but PLEASE don’t let this be the last time you do something like this! I enjoyed it. Flylo is on of my favorite artists I was so surprised when this came out lol

  • berserkingyadis
    berserkingyadis7 dagar sedan

    Wow this is awesome. I feel like shredder/aldredo barks mixed into the music a few times and it got even better with it. Where can I find more like this? I love to listen to it while programming.

    MAZSTIDIC7 dagar sedan

    1:37:56 when you teach someone how to do something for the hundreds time

  • Jacqueline Ochoa
    Jacqueline Ochoa7 dagar sedan

    Peace and love vibes

  • Gallium G
    Gallium G7 dagar sedan

    That dude in the gray tank is SOOO CRINGE bobbin around like he's having a seizure 🙃

  • BrittSama
    BrittSama8 dagar sedan


  • Lachlan Bailey
    Lachlan Bailey8 dagar sedan

    Can someone please list all the gear used here?!

  • Brandyn Luckett
    Brandyn Luckett8 dagar sedan

    30:40 😶

  • C' Gabriel
    C' Gabriel9 dagar sedan

    This is still so fucking amazing

  • BigT97
    BigT979 dagar sedan

    This made me want to be a better person

  • Jean Quezada
    Jean Quezada10 dagar sedan

    So many moving parts. Incredible talent. I thoroughly enjoyed this music. Definitely different than I've heard before.

    Gabriel LIGHTBRINGER10 dagar sedan


  • wyatt lobley
    wyatt lobley10 dagar sedan


  • Mother Toast
    Mother Toast10 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for skipping the adds but I wanted to get back to the music 😭😭😭

  • Funk Boii
    Funk Boii10 dagar sedan

    verycool michelle obama! next time get Aphex Twin!

  • Brad Jennings
    Brad Jennings10 dagar sedan

    “Take it Easy 2 Night” is up for song of the year right now!

  • IsoManIac565
    IsoManIac56511 dagar sedan

    I really hope we get more of this, this was so cool to watch while high af

  • wattles
    wattles11 dagar sedan

    i think this sent me to the aether

  • Manny Oso
    Manny Oso12 dagar sedan

    To this day this is the most under played, underrated choreography. Mad thanks y’all 👣

  • Jack
    Jack12 dagar sedan

    I love this Mix soo much

  • chromatose
    chromatose12 dagar sedan

    how does this still not have a million views???????????

  • Dustin Martin
    Dustin Martin13 dagar sedan

    What kind of genre would this be considered??

  • audrius spaghettis
    audrius spaghettis13 dagar sedan

    less gooo

  • Carolyn A
    Carolyn A13 dagar sedan

    My 3 month old loves this she really mellowed out to it

  • Carly Manza
    Carly Manza13 dagar sedan

    A bit after 31:00 is freaking doooope

  • Carly Manza
    Carly Manza13 dagar sedan

    When Ethan was talking in the beginning I was almost like ah shit I just wanna hear the regular podcast ✌🏻💜 but I’m absolutely loving this rn🙌🏻🔥🤩

  • Chance Poulos
    Chance Poulos14 dagar sedan

    This is the highest tier of entertainment

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny14 dagar sedan


  • naruto dattebayo
    naruto dattebayo14 dagar sedan


  • The Second Son’s
    The Second Son’s15 dagar sedan

    I swear Marc is a ANGEL!

  • Maddy Ramirez
    Maddy Ramirez15 dagar sedan

    Im still playing this on repeat. This has become my Monday and Friday thing. Lol

  • Alia Over The Years
    Alia Over The Years15 dagar sedan

    I wish more people had watched this…. They are missing so much

  • John K
    John K16 dagar sedan

    Flying Watt Rebillet need to go on tour. Best content I've seen on SEblack in a long time

  • Geen Pagliacci
    Geen Pagliacci16 dagar sedan

    H3 feat. Marc Rebillet made my life COMPLETE!

  • MUDmakeudeaf
    MUDmakeudeaf16 dagar sedan

    I love this so much

  • Dan
    Dan 16 dagar sedan

    Flying Marc Watts

  • Manny Oso
    Manny Oso16 dagar sedan

    Hey brotha just wanted to let ya know i come back to this every week 5 times a week only cause this always always gets me up and makes light of any damn day, trust me I’m currently doing a weight loss journey and omg… if it wasn’t for this song, I’d stop the day after. No joke. Much love and respect to the crew for setting this up and much love to the artist, if only words could define them.much appreciations

  • Cassidy rowe
    Cassidy rowe17 dagar sedan

    Holy shit, it’s reverse clipping.!

  • Radiotan
    Radiotan17 dagar sedan

    Pin Turner’s track list comment!

  • Jonathan Mitchell
    Jonathan Mitchell17 dagar sedan

    so fucking good

  • ELDII Ggirl
    ELDII Ggirl17 dagar sedan

    im so happy i find that uuughhhh! yeáas..i saw this short video on flying lotussSS insta and i must find it full! goddamn thx for that!!!!!!! I WUW Reggie Watts (fuck shit stack :D my first seeing Reggie hah ) (AND FLYING LOTUS first time i seeing it was ZODIAC SHIT! )so long but this three combination of crazynes and talent is top! hahaha THANKFULL! 🎼🎹🎤💙 PS: my fav part is 14:08-23:44 TOP!

  • Gabby Sanchez
    Gabby Sanchez17 dagar sedan

    How did I miss this

  • Grey
    Grey17 dagar sedan


  • B1 Slee 2
    B1 Slee 217 dagar sedan

    This was too smooth , fell asleep to it too

  • solara slays
    solara slays18 dagar sedan

    I am in awe of how fly this is. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyler Simmons
    Tyler Simmons18 dagar sedan

    I come here just to listen from 40:00-1:10 every couple days.

  • Killer Killer B
    Killer Killer B18 dagar sedan

    The outro.... Thank yallllllllll for listeninnggggggggggg

  • Osward Guevara
    Osward Guevara18 dagar sedan

    Reggie & are amazing! Love you! I didn't know Marc, but is so awesome as well.

  • BigroomBlitz
    BigroomBlitz18 dagar sedan

    "Guys if you don't like the music we are producing here, feel free to unsubscribe" lmao that caught off guard

  • Yaqueline Rodriguez
    Yaqueline Rodriguez18 dagar sedan

    Why didn't they turn the AC on for Lotus??? Poor guy

  • Zachary Mahon
    Zachary Mahon18 dagar sedan

    The outro is beautiful.

  • Jarod Torres
    Jarod Torres19 dagar sedan

    Absolutely love this. Hope we get these guys back for a round 2!

  • 1whirled
    1whirled19 dagar sedan

    take it easy tonight

  • why tho
    why tho20 dagar sedan

    This is so sick. Wow, Ethan, great moves, keep it up, proud of you 👏

  • MishMog
    MishMog20 dagar sedan

    I've been depressed and been having panic attacks since early January. Yesterday, when I found this, I was dancing around in the living room with a big smile on my face and literally crying tears of joy from the good vibes from this. No, I'm not delirious. But I haven't felt so happy in many months. Thank you, all three, for the jam session of the century ❤️🙏

  • mulder_scully
    mulder_scully20 dagar sedan

    jesus this is incredible

  • Ryan Heath
    Ryan Heath21 dag sedan

    Rucking hell this is amazing, is it as easy as it looks?

  • MNM214
    MNM21421 dag sedan

    Just discovered mark rebillet yesterday and said, “ how sick would it be if he collabed with Reggie watts”… and now I’m here. Weekend starting off right

  • Aragog05


    20 dagar sedan

    No such thing as a coincidence

  • Sahn
    Sahn21 dag sedan

    More content like this please and Ethan please stand up

  • Jason Simmons
    Jason Simmons21 dag sedan

    "Take it easy on my ass"- Marc's new gay icon song

  • Jason Simmons
    Jason Simmons21 dag sedan

    Reggie is amazing with his voice, the chanting was mesmerizing. They're all so synergistic, but I really loved Reggie's vocal contributions. Mark's singing is great, but Reggie knows which vocal sounds slide in there. Flying lotus, though not vocal, brought a very unique influence to the beats that are extraordinarily unique and totally shaped the soundscape. Mark's ability to add flair with his keyboard and enhance any sound the other 2 put out was amazing, not to mention his keyboard solos which flowed effortlessly. These 3 right here.... these 3 could crush at the biggest theaters in the world. So imaginative, so unique. This music sounds refined and practiced, but no, it is just perfect synergy of 3 amazingly talented men. I hope they can see how well they work together and continue. And Reggie, when you said 'I'm fuckin' up, you're just wrong. The fact that you only verbally communicated once about adjusting musically during this whole session is impressive beyond words, especially since this was the first time you performed off the top as a group is mindblowing. It's hard to tell which electronic sounds are coming from which artist, but they are all so top tier it doesn't even matter

  • Jean Quezada

    Jean Quezada

    9 dagar sedan

    Spot on and Marc's soulful voice is everything

  • Josh Rich
    Josh Rich21 dag sedan

    Stop please

  • Devin Kimmel
    Devin Kimmel21 dag sedan

    17:30 That synchronicity gave me goosebumps

  • Carter Henderson
    Carter Henderson21 dag sedan

    If you told me 6 years ago FlyLo would be on H3's channel I would not believe you.

  • S31RYN Official
    S31RYN Official21 dag sedan


  • trillxsebs
    trillxsebs21 dag sedan

    i love music man Fly Lo the motherufking legend dude in the middle with Golden Asssss Vocals samplin himselfffff n marc Man feels so egoless just music in spirit

  • k k
    k k21 dag sedan

    i am a huge fan of marc and reggie together--- i hope they continue to add to their collection of music together

  • Redna music
    Redna music22 dagar sedan

    Respect for all 3 for putting a great show but man flylo his style is my opinion very underated although all he has achieved in music is well deserved the dude is a muscial magician...all 3 btw! Respect guys

  • Tabbatha Skye
    Tabbatha Skye22 dagar sedan

    Me and my boyfriend have been traveling from Texas to Michigan and we have this stream on repeat!!! Love you guys!! Thank you so much for this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love!!!!

  • grace
    grace22 dagar sedan

    I can't tell you how many times I listened to this. We need more!

  • Joyce Chahine
    Joyce Chahine22 dagar sedan

    The fact that this has a quarter of the views that the Bella Poarch stream has…… blasphemy

  • Joyce Chahine
    Joyce Chahine22 dagar sedan

    When Marc was looking for the perfect clap around 18:00 I was like “that’s the one”

  • Joyce Chahine
    Joyce Chahine22 dagar sedan


  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy22 dagar sedan

    This is the shit

  • Mathef
    Mathef22 dagar sedan

    this is awesome... thank you Marc, Reggie, Flying Lotus, and H3h3! :)

  • Dæd Rabbit
    Dæd Rabbit22 dagar sedan

    But is the World ready for this trinity ?

  • alejandra alonso
    alejandra alonso22 dagar sedan

    I will forever remember this as the soundtrack to my 2nd child's labor. twas the best thing to come across on that day.

  • Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons

    21 dag sedan

    Wow, that is quite the compliment! However I bet it's hard to appreciate music when you're going through the pain of labor lol.