Talking About Gabbie Hanna - Frenemies # 39

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  • AcademiaNut
    AcademiaNut21 timme sedan

    It's very odd to me that she has no understanding of the fact that some things should not be brought up while filming. She has every right to not like a segment or idea or whatever but a normal, professional person would wait until after to share their issues or understand that it is up to them to discuss it beforehand so that people aren't wasting their time and effort in putting these things together.

  • Brandi Brabham
    Brandi BrabhamDag sedan

    Some of us don’t watch both podcast so it’s not reused topics to ME!,,

  • Brandi Brabham
    Brandi BrabhamDag sedan

    I thought it was a great idea to give us Advice!!!

  • Brandi Brabham
    Brandi BrabhamDag sedan

    You are totally feeling upset TRISHA we all can tell you ARE MAD YOU ALWAYS have that smart ass laugh and smile as you put Ethan down about how much you bring to the show and say how rude he is… THEN turn it around that Ethan has been mean to you. She really is delusional…

  • Lost Lover
    Lost LoverDag sedan

    I mean like Ethan should've just left it alone when she kept denying how she felt about what was going on

  • Isela Madrigal
    Isela MadrigalDag sedan

    She heard an entirely different conversation then what we all heard

  • Terry Monette, Jr.
    Terry Monette, Jr.Dag sedan

    I can’t watch fast enough, Ethan just posted a video 1 minute ago saying he is saying goodbye to SEblack WTF

  • iasmina nov
    iasmina nov2 dagar sedan

    lmao i cant believe she said she doesn't know the movie but when ethan texted her about the idea she said OMGMGMGMGMG I LOVE THAT MOVIEEE CAN WE DO IT fucking liar

  • Say Ambularr
    Say Ambularr3 dagar sedan

    I loved frenemies at the time and would listen the min it came out every week! Never missed one. But now after a month of Families, and coming back to rewatch this car crash of an episode, I’m sooo glad it’s over, this relationship is so toxic and Trisha is just super manipulative. Her double standards she holds Ethan to is ridiculous. He talks about Teddy Fresh or wears it and she loses it but here she is talking about her snake oil, smelly products for almost ten mins and Ethan is nothing but supportive. He’s not aloud to talk about his baby, we all need to watch her bad MCR copycat videos tho? Also the 5%? So do all your band members get a fair even cut of sadboy2005 merch and views Trisha?! Families and Donna is the podcast we all deserved from the start. I recon we will all look bad on frenemies as an excellent example of manipulation and gaslighting in “friendships”… This woman is in no place to be giving anybody advice.

  • creme shaver
    creme shaver3 dagar sedan

    ethan! dafuq. I just went on teddy fresh for the first time, that shit is priced like stüssy. Gah damn. I mean it does look good. But maaaaan. im broke.

  • creme shaver
    creme shaver3 dagar sedan

    "Acne wasnt the only holding me back in life. Actually it was." said one of them most immature people I know on the internet.

  • anonymous
    anonymous3 dagar sedan

    wait wasn't ethan uncle fester in all black and bald in prior episode?

  • Soph
    Soph3 dagar sedan

    I don't mean this to be mean, but I genuinely hope Trisha never has kids. My mom was exactly fucking like her, dude. Refuses to apologize, is never in the wrong, and it's MISERABLE to be around her when she's in a bad mood. I see so much of my mom in Trisha and we have a fucking terrible relationship. It's sad

  • Soph
    Soph3 dagar sedan

    Reflection back on this, this was a bad start to begin with. Trisha was obviously in a mood, and no one is allowed to be happy around her if she's in a bad mood. I'm so surprised this show lasted as long as it did, bruh and poor Ethan. He really did fucking everything for Trisha. He was her #1 hype man, tiptoed around her constantly, let her into his life when him and Hila are already pretty conservative with whom they share their house with, and paid her WAY more than she ever deserved just to show up and do the podcast. Fuck her. She fucked everything up and refuses to take accountability.

  • illusion.mp4
    illusion.mp43 dagar sedan

    Ethan was kinda gaslighting Trisha for telling her that she’s mad

  • kykyytheblackbarbie
    kykyytheblackbarbie3 dagar sedan

    Trisha is literally psychotic just like gabbie lmao

  • Neptune


    3 dagar sedan

    psychotic is not a joke its not a insult too

  • kykyytheblackbarbie
    kykyytheblackbarbie4 dagar sedan

    uh the kids in Africa joke whatever wasn’t even funny ..

  • saif tabassum
    saif tabassum5 dagar sedan

    you're a pathetic group of ppl, yall live sad lives ong

  • Carson Solaz
    Carson Solaz5 dagar sedan

    I miss frenemies so much! Please come back! this was like the highlight of my week when I saw new frenemies come out.

  • your dad
    your dad5 dagar sedan

    She’s so toxic omg

  • Thatgirl
    Thatgirl5 dagar sedan

    Come back ALREADY 1 month without frenemies wtf is going on 😭

  • Emily Allen
    Emily Allen6 dagar sedan

    Trisha is the biggest drama Queen ever.

  • blueyellowandgreen
    blueyellowandgreen6 dagar sedan

    Watching this knowing how it's going to end is like watching the time on a ticking bomb

  • jord loves danny
    jord loves danny7 dagar sedan

    it's sad that it ended but im kinda glad it did, this was an abusive relationship and she was so rude, sad to see it end, happy for ethans mental health

  • Jimwell Santos Villafuerte
    Jimwell Santos Villafuerte7 dagar sedan


  • Chris I

    Chris I

    5 dagar sedan

    Same 😭😭

  • Steph C
    Steph C7 dagar sedan

    I’m sad they aren’t going to come back are they? ☹️

  • Delaney W.
    Delaney W.7 dagar sedan

    Rewatching in July 2021 and I really can’t believe how trisha made ethan show her whole skincare commercial and a 5 minute plug, just to turn around and shit on him in the same damn episode

  • james !
    james !7 dagar sedan

    I think Trish was afraid that she was getting fucked over or something

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness8 dagar sedan

    The title of the show should have been a clue of how this would end 🤣

  • Anna Chisholm
    Anna Chisholm8 dagar sedan

    ethan doing the ad reads by himself is so sad aw

  • Elisabeth What
    Elisabeth What8 dagar sedan

    Okay here's the thing. I miss them! Not the quarrell, but when things went well between them. I loved watching them both get better at trying to understand each other. But at one point he became the only one who put patience and heart in. I hoped for better things from them. But I understand that it is difficult for Trish. It's sad. For I fell 100% for their friendship. You were not perfect. But they tried and it seemed real. That is what I miss.

  • Priscilla Santin
    Priscilla Santin8 dagar sedan

    Eathan did gas light Trisha ! She took offense to him saying they do it all for the show and she basically brings nothing which could be upsetting obviously she brings something if she there I can see how that frustrated her

  • Austin Huber
    Austin Huber8 dagar sedan

    The best part of all of this are the thumbnails of them arguing in those stupid fucking costumes

  • Nacol Sims
    Nacol Sims8 dagar sedan

    Her posture completely changes her faces frowns she’s fake smiling “I’m not mad” yes you are we can all see it. Clearly w/the different views we don’t all watch H3. It’s immature how she doesn’t see what she’s doing.

  • KELL
    KELL8 dagar sedan

    You Tried Ethan…..

  • Bridget Rose
    Bridget Rose8 dagar sedan

    She really needs help and I don't think she's capable of confronting her issues yet. She surrounds herself with people who tell her what she wants to hear. People that let her walk all over them. Money can buy that. The moment someone is honest and genuine with her, she pushes them away... and acts like a child, to be honest. She says she isn't frustrated or angry, yet she brings up the same exact things at the slightest hint of a disagreement, so she's clearly holding grudges about certain things. She weaponizes every act of kindness or courtesy and it's exhausting to listen to. I genuinely think that she's done this for so long that she's blind to the fact that she's doing it. I don't think she'll ever be happy or satisfied. Ethan is better off without this.

  • Lottie Johnson
    Lottie Johnson9 dagar sedan

    Escape the season 😭😂🤣😃🤣😃

  • Emma Hodgins
    Emma Hodgins9 dagar sedan

    I’m not a huge fan of Trisha but I am happy for her that she feels better that she feels happy able to handle things that she couldn’t before.

  • Matthew McSparren
    Matthew McSparren9 dagar sedan

    I wish nothing but the best for both Trisha and Ethan. I feel they both have their own issues and each of them deal with it in different ways. Talk therapy and medications are great tools, but only if they are used properly.

  • Queensrecognise Queens
    Queensrecognise Queens9 dagar sedan

    This didn’t age well 🤣

  • Katherine L.
    Katherine L.9 dagar sedan

    I miss this

  • Badass Dan the Power Man
    Badass Dan the Power Man10 dagar sedan

    Needs more therapy.

  • Maryanne B
    Maryanne B10 dagar sedan

    Lol I haven’t read down the comments yet and am just starting the video so I’m not sure if anyone else noticed but BOTH times Ethan dressed as an Uncle Fester character, Trish STORMED off the show 🥸😅

  • zandie12
    zandie1210 dagar sedan

    this was a moment in history

  • Elijah Jakobsen
    Elijah Jakobsen10 dagar sedan

    She's like a 4 year old who doesn't understand that she doesn't get candy after she's been screaming and pulling others peoples hair all day

  • Savanna Yarn
    Savanna Yarn10 dagar sedan

    Her attitude from the start should have told everyone exactly how this show was gonna end. Whatever mood she was in or bad shit that happened to her that day did not warrant this explosion. NOTHING she has or says is an excuse for this kind of behavior. Straight bagging on Ethan about teddy fresh and all kinds of stuff. For what? To make herself feel better? Why do you do this?

  • amanda wilson
    amanda wilson10 dagar sedan

    Rewatching this Ethan did start her behavior by picking on her in the beginning

  • Erin Okay
    Erin Okay10 dagar sedan

    I think Trisha needs help breaking down what happened here. But she has to be willing to hear-from a professional-how she sort of backed Ethan into a corner here. I do totally understand why she got so upset at the end. She felt dismissed and condescended to, but from the outside we see that wasn’t ethan’s aim. He wasn’t being allowed to speak. He was being violently rejected, his words were being transformed, and he knew he had hit the point where he wasn’t getting anywhere. So he tried to shut it down and agree with her. Probably with the intention of following up once she calmed down. But instead she saw it as belittling so she shut down. She needs a real licensed therapist who isn’t just online. She also needs to be willing to put in the work.

  • I M
    I M10 dagar sedan

    man, ethan is is just spiraling down

  • Coral Scott
    Coral Scott11 dagar sedan

    The fake traumatic response when she said she was gaslighted 😂 the bottom lip starts quivering but no tears.

  • ashley frazier
    ashley frazier11 dagar sedan

    He triggered her by basically saying she doesn't do any work for the show, she just shows up.

  • Jess Jayne
    Jess Jayne11 dagar sedan

    If my friend was pregnant I would talk about it 24/7… bringing a baby into the world is so exciting… I get jealous vibes😳

  • Chris I

    Chris I

    9 dagar sedan

    Me too 😳

  • Beeba Ritter
    Beeba Ritter12 dagar sedan

    Thus was like watching an hour and a half Karen freak out

  • • ••
    • ••12 dagar sedan

    What Ethan doesnt seem to understand is so foundational to mental health awareness 101 (something Ethan has claimed to understand about Trisha's conditions but in reality shows he basically has no idea again & again) - The breaking pt was Trish walked off because Ethan sarcastically said "oh yeah ur in great condition rn" entirely invalidating Trisha's agency, as if ANYONE ELSE but TRISHA can know what 'condition' of cognition Trish is *actually* in. He was not listening. Trish stood up for themself perfectly, esp about how far theyve come in how they handled themself here. He invalidated their entire existence in one foul swoop with that comment as if that was a normal or ok response instead of being one that stigmatizes & demonizes mental health, and then gaslit them about it afterward. I love you both so much this is my comfort show and h3 has become the same for me, but Ethan, you could listen better because Trish really gave you every opportunity to turn the conflict around.

  • The Oma

    The Oma

    8 dagar sedan

    Ethan isnt there to baby Trisha. Relax

  • Apple Jaxx
    Apple Jaxx12 dagar sedan

    I didnt like her back when she recorded with Shane Dawson. Don't like her now. She doesn't seem friendly and wants the world to revolve around her. She has very funny moments but her main personality needs some work.

  • Shannon Renae
    Shannon Renae12 dagar sedan

    That pizza looked so disgusting🤮😄

  • Shannon Renae
    Shannon Renae12 dagar sedan

    Trisha is 1 of those people who goes to therapy & then constantly regurgitates their twisted perception of things the Doctor said🙄

  • Nesto L
    Nesto L12 dagar sedan

    You don’t know what you got yourself into associating with her

  • RobScatman
    RobScatman12 dagar sedan

    This show made me like Trisha. It's such a shame she threw it all away with childish bullshit.

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham12 dagar sedan

    call me crazy but I feel like Ethan provoked her a teeny bit...with peace and love.

  • jord loves danny

    jord loves danny

    7 dagar sedan

    but he tried to say sorry and diffuse the situation, she constantly does stuff to him and he never quits 🤠

  • The Oma

    The Oma

    8 dagar sedan

    You're crazy

  • Death2_LaCroix
    Death2_LaCroix12 dagar sedan

    Curious why you guys still have promotional stuff for Trisha on the vids?

  • BleXeo
    BleXeo12 dagar sedan

    She is freaking annoying right from the start

  • tisha4uri
    tisha4uri13 dagar sedan

    She wants another opportunity to play brown face......after she has been accused of doing this before she wants to try and do it glad this podcast finally she no longer had a platform to spew her hate for people she doesn't like.

  • aeirein
    aeirein13 dagar sedan


  • Chris I

    Chris I

    13 dagar sedan

    Ur pfp 🤩

  • K Dolin
    K Dolin13 dagar sedan

    Wow after coming back to this and watching it after it's all settled down I literally can see what Trish has been saying you did cut her down a lot and she did try to push forward until she just couldn't no more you definitely owe her just as big as an apology Frenemies are not friends are still supposed to lift each other and not humiliate one another and you definitely was trying to humiliate her be proud of her the people can't see how much she's grown then you just because you all don't want to see it at first I thought she was being dramatic to but then I came back to watch this show just today and I'm like wow people really owe her an apology

  • god is a woman
    god is a woman13 dagar sedan

    I feel like the entire time they were showing Trishes skincare commercial ethan kept pointing out all the negatives like Come on now.... it was a really good commercial

  • Chelsea B
    Chelsea B14 dagar sedan

    I know this is way after the fact, but Trisha talking about Gabbie talking too much about people wanting to have sex with her as if she wasn't doing the same thing to Ethan all throughout the podcast...

  • Jooheoney Monsta X
    Jooheoney Monsta X14 dagar sedan

    I feel like she had some valid points and questions. Even if she overreacted, he really did just keep avoiding her questions.

  • Alfonso Arteaga
    Alfonso Arteaga14 dagar sedan

    Ethan lost 300 pounds in a single hour, new world record I bet!

  • finn
    finn14 dagar sedan


  • StrangeTripNH
    StrangeTripNH14 dagar sedan

    It went under the radar that she was ‘gaslighting” Dan when he mentioned the reference of her miracle elixir and she was like wrf you talkin about

  • ThePackapunchmaster
    ThePackapunchmaster14 dagar sedan

    How can y’all not tell at 1:27:10 Trisha is trying to talk about hate crimes and trans rights and Ethan is smacking his lips talking about the trivia. Wtf it was so annoying he wasn’t even listening to her.

  • ThePackapunchmaster


    14 dagar sedan

    Like clearly at the end, Ethan completely invalidated how Trisha was feeling. She was telling him, and he was ignoring her, and then made her breakdown, it’s so easy to feel and it’s heartbreaking to see her so hurt. It went from the details of the show to Ethan ignoring her feelings.

  • KrissyY
    KrissyY14 dagar sedan

    I like them both … I honestly think they were both pushing each other’s buttons and I’m sad they’re over 😒

  • shawtyy yyy
    shawtyy yyy14 dagar sedan

    i almost cant stand to watch this, im going delusional from hearing so much delusion wow.

  • Holly David
    Holly David14 dagar sedan

    Two control freaks can't work together :)

  • Courtney Widman
    Courtney Widman14 dagar sedan

    Rewatching for effect

  • Willa Shampo
    Willa Shampo14 dagar sedan

    She complains the entire fucking episode, literally 2 minutes in and it’s her bitching

  • aquerium
    aquerium15 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ loves you so much that he died on the cross for you

  • Amber; michelle
    Amber; michelle15 dagar sedan

    It looks like a good product but also like, everyone’s skin is different. Like my skin for example, only takes in charcoal.

  • Ali Sha
    Ali Sha15 dagar sedan

    Debbie doesn't have a tiktok lol

  • Woody
    Woody15 dagar sedan

    Honestly, I can understand why trisha got upset since Ethan kept pushing her and telling her "You are upset..You are angry" over and over so she got pushed over the line and went on the attack which is NOT okay at all, dont think the finance part is what matters I'd say it's more about her not feeling that she belongs and feels more like a guest for the show than part of it. I'm not taking any sides here just making an assessment of the situation, Ethan pushed her but did NOT gaslight her at all, Trisha snapped and went on full attack aiming to hurt Ethan that's how BPD people fight/argues.

  • Han nah
    Han nah15 dagar sedan

    I really wish Trish would STFU about mental health disorders. She mischaracterises almost everything except BPD. Schizophrenia is not how she describes it. How she talks about tourette's and telling a sufferer about his own illness is also just so wrong.

  • Sarah Nicole
    Sarah Nicole15 dagar sedan

    Who cares! Just make more episodes! We loved it.

  • wanda flores
    wanda flores15 dagar sedan

    Y’all just attack Trisha but y’all don’t see ethans way of communication towards her.

  • S P.L
    S P.L15 dagar sedan

    She’s so gross. She’s money hungry. I’m so glad it’s over

  • Jillybean
    Jillybean15 dagar sedan

    For someone who uses the word "gaslighting" so frequently when talking about other people, she sure is a gaslighter.

  • delilah rose
    delilah rose15 dagar sedan

    ethan wasn’t gaslighting trisha, i feel like he was trying to make her aware of how she comes off. like when he said “ you need to be aware of when you’re angry” he was obviously implying that she’s coming off as angry.

  • Lindy D
    Lindy D15 dagar sedan

    My head hurts after listening to this. I don’t know how Hila’s brother and their family puts up with her.

  • Nicky S
    Nicky S16 dagar sedan

    That went from an interesting conversation to death spiral all because a third pizza entered the chat

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis16 dagar sedan

    "Oh, Trisha's in the lab, making like custard?" PLS

  • Makaila Reynolds
    Makaila Reynolds16 dagar sedan

    She really needs to stop thinking that she’s the only one that matters in the world. The only reason I got help with my bipolar is because I was hurting my family and I needed to realize I was hurting people. She needs to realize she’s hurting so many people and needs to get her head out of her ass and get help.

  • Rachel King
    Rachel King16 dagar sedan

    The ending of this where they started talking about sensitive stuff reminds me of when I was little and would start rough housing with my dad, and it would be all fun and games then it would get a little serious and then I'd be upset by the end of it lol. My mom would always be like "it's all fun and games til someone starts crying" I mean if this isn't that then idk what is. And I feel like she was trying to be so literal when she was saying she wasn't angry like Trisha what the fuck would you call it then like help us help you, and instead of disagreeing and getting more and more intense, just say hey yeah I don't have a super positive feeling right now or whatever descriptive term you would like to use instead of just literally GASLIGHTING lol I'm so over that word now sheesh

  • Stephanie Bravo
    Stephanie Bravo17 dagar sedan

    Still waiting for the advice segment...

  • Man.Itz.Ashton


    16 dagar sedan

    watch families!

  • Eric G
    Eric G17 dagar sedan

    I've never seen this show, and I dont know either one of them. I think he was very patient with a friend who was falling down. She is having a breakdown for all of us to see. I feel bad for her, and have to compliment him for handling that the best he could. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • André
    André17 dagar sedan

    Used to watch h3 podcast a lot, that was great but I don't like this format. I hope you'll end this show soon.

  • Patricia
    Patricia17 dagar sedan

    No, trisha paytas, you really are ‘shit’.

  • Lj Ben
    Lj Ben17 dagar sedan

    Ethan was gaslighting her in the end. Fuck u

  • Gina Ree
    Gina Ree17 dagar sedan

    Well Trisha, karma's a bit*h. You said to Ethan people were bringing up talked about content....😂👏🏼 which wasn't true but ISN'T THAT EXACTLY what you're doing NOW and on your other podcast that you were on? You were blessed to have such unconditional love around you. Now your followers ,H3 followers and you tube viewers finally have seen your strategy. Unfortunately you hurt everyone and make personal videos about them when everything doesn't go 100% your way. Ultimately it's control, money and now very obvious... jealousy.

  • Bridget White
    Bridget White17 dagar sedan

    Folks, I humbly advocate non-judgment and compassion for both parties. Let's choose mercy and kindness today.