James Charles Returns & Baby Update - H3 After Dark # 43

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  • anonymous
    anonymousDag sedan

    30:15 TIM POOLE isnt right wing ETHAN! he is a liberal journalist who used to work for vice!!

  • Carly Manza
    Carly Manza3 dagar sedan

    Hila looks gorgeous

  • AugustDreaming
    AugustDreaming3 dagar sedan

    I'm here because I miss Hila

  • MMD-Determinat-ion
    MMD-Determinat-ion3 dagar sedan


  • Mary Theodorou
    Mary Theodorou5 dagar sedan

    So boring omg. Also you need to stay home and do your roots! Smh!

    ZAAAM5 dagar sedan

    1:58:22 this shit gets me every fucking time

  • Gabriella Amaya
    Gabriella Amaya6 dagar sedan

    Def Noodles: “and now… a palate cleanser” Ethan: “here’s a little eye bleach for you” 😂

  • Cory W
    Cory W6 dagar sedan

    Take a note from the Daily Show. Invest in a server that records everything, all the time.

  • Christine Jones
    Christine Jones6 dagar sedan

    Subscribed and commented on Seders most recent "Thanos sent me. ❤" lmao

  • bobsjobisfob
    bobsjobisfob7 dagar sedan


  • Taylor VR
    Taylor VR7 dagar sedan

    Also I feel like Zach has too much "pick me" energy

  • Taylor VR
    Taylor VR7 dagar sedan

    That skit was everything

  • Allison Owens
    Allison Owens8 dagar sedan

    this has to be my favorite podcast i’ve seen other than is trisha smarter than a fifth grader

  • Ash Porter
    Ash Porter8 dagar sedan

    Twitch sucks

  • leta D
    leta D8 dagar sedan

    instagram @ fernmamajewelry 🧚🏻🌿

  • JFK
    JFK8 dagar sedan

    everything that tim pool said was total projection. he literally just described his entire career.

  • Basile
    Basile8 dagar sedan

    you 2 are so cute together!

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV9 dagar sedan

    *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Holley Martinez
    Holley Martinez9 dagar sedan

    I just want to say that I’m so happy you guys are pregnant, I wish you guys nothing but happiness, and I wish hila a safe, healthy, and happy pregnancy!

  • Abigail Del Grosso
    Abigail Del Grosso9 dagar sedan

    Got a taco ad while Ethan was doing the Mexican food dance

  • tenzin chozom
    tenzin chozom9 dagar sedan

    This is just straight up bullying. Seriously u guys make living out of someone else misery. Talking sh*t about others. Please don't.

  • gumshake
    gumshake10 dagar sedan

    1:24:47 thank god he's okay, that sounds so scary WE LOVE DAN

  • m streech
    m streech10 dagar sedan

    Sad watching a man with gray hair act like a gossipy teenager

  • I I
    I I11 dagar sedan

    God i lovethe h3 podcast these days!!! I was gutted when they stopped making h3h3 videos but this is soooo much better

  • Hoodman129
    Hoodman12911 dagar sedan

    Pointing out mrs shithole is racist and sexist is actually hilarious wtf

  • Gabby C
    Gabby C11 dagar sedan

    Are they naming their kid Olive? Oli?

  • mongoose candice
    mongoose candice12 dagar sedan

    Most of James' fans are also 16, so of course they don't see him preying on 16 year olds as weird. But it does groom them to be okay with relationships with adults, which is also beyond messed up.

  • Μιχάλης Αντώνης Ανδρινόπουλος
    Μιχάλης Αντώνης Ανδρινόπουλος12 dagar sedan

    Idky but Hila always looks stunning

  • amy boon
    amy boon12 dagar sedan

    Talk about the passenger family

  • Awash xo
    Awash xo13 dagar sedan

    You guys need to interview someone that is actually a native from the middle east because feels like misinformation is being spread about islam and ksa. I'd be happy to speak on the topic

  • whapy
    whapy13 dagar sedan

    Tim looks like ice age baby

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny14 dagar sedan


  • Micah Garrison
    Micah Garrison14 dagar sedan

    Zach has been great with the sound board recently! Impressed. Timing is great.

  • Geena.
    Geena.15 dagar sedan

    Ethan be doing to much when someone tries to correct him…

  • arseny knyazev
    arseny knyazev15 dagar sedan

    Always a nice night watching the show!

  • Cathrine Lydia
    Cathrine Lydia15 dagar sedan

    I love how goofy cute hila is

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin15 dagar sedan

    Yo triller my thing is flipped

  • Lana Freeman
    Lana Freeman15 dagar sedan


  • That Guy Conner
    That Guy Conner15 dagar sedan

    Zach's laugh at 1:40:11 feels like my dad laughing at something I said and it kinda warms my heart

    JLR JLR16 dagar sedan


  • Cara Leghorn
    Cara Leghorn16 dagar sedan

    LOVE when Hila calls out Ethan 😁😂 'but you wear a beanie' 'well you wear beanies in the desert to' Now there is a woman ain't got time for your bullshit 😂

  • Lara Welch
    Lara Welch16 dagar sedan

    Omg Ethan's Mexican food dance literally made my day!!! I laughed so fucking hard :) Thank you so much!

  • Michelle Ocean
    Michelle Ocean16 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or do most of the people outright calling others manipulative those with more manipulative tendancies?

  • That Guy Conner
    That Guy Conner16 dagar sedan

    Guys, I think Love was writing a word out throughout the pod. The camera cut and I saw the letters E and P and then he would hold up a heart??

  • D Riley
    D Riley16 dagar sedan

    I love Hilas accent

  • Holly
    Holly16 dagar sedan

    Looking for comments on the Heart of the Ocean..

  • anniandro
    anniandro16 dagar sedan

    Who is Gabe?

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S16 dagar sedan

    Dan freaking out about his account being used is me when my parents have my phone

  • kate
    kate17 dagar sedan

    i want hila’s shirt

  • moe b
    moe b17 dagar sedan

    awww the beginning is so cute

  • J923
    J92317 dagar sedan

    47:21 soundbite😂😂

  • Ericka Lee
    Ericka Lee17 dagar sedan

    i watched the whole add

  • Nic De Houwer
    Nic De Houwer17 dagar sedan

    It was fucking core Cuban music

  • Guide Me
    Guide Me17 dagar sedan

    Hila, you love Ethan as much as it looks ? I hope so....he’s a doll

  • Guide Me
    Guide Me17 dagar sedan

    Hila you and Ethan are adorable

  • Emma Matias
    Emma Matias17 dagar sedan

    Dan was right… that’s Salsa more PR music than Mexican.

  • Fail4lfe
    Fail4lfe17 dagar sedan

    The Sithole-shithole debacle would have been the optimal time to drop the D-D-Mega DooDoo

  • Hatsune Misa
    Hatsune Misa17 dagar sedan

    Who's guessing their new baby's name is gonna be Oliver 😳😳

  • Mia Lane
    Mia Lane17 dagar sedan

    Ethans accent at 10:58 haha

  • Alexandra Drelich
    Alexandra Drelich17 dagar sedan

    I don’t always agree with Ethan opinion and POV but I always see myself relating to Hila, love her

  • Haiimax
    Haiimax17 dagar sedan

    loll 'bunch of jedi's' 1:14:40

  • NoBody NoWhere
    NoBody NoWhere18 dagar sedan

    If they do get caught up o. Love oslamd they could have Cody and Noel call in to discuss Or better yet I bet they’d be down to help catch them up Love island is alll tmgs was thing too lol H3 got me into Cody ko ngl

  • klara
    klara18 dagar sedan

    hey internet, stop giving predators platforms challenge!!!

  • A P
    A P18 dagar sedan

    I wish I had a sandwich and chips rn

  • Shelby Barnett
    Shelby Barnett18 dagar sedan

    a day after listening to y’all mention “the band” i was at my friends apartment and two men in masks came knocking on the door saying her name and talking about pulling their “blicky” out 😐 pls never mention the band again

  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia18 dagar sedan

    u can easily hear the chips

  • Lukatron 8
    Lukatron 818 dagar sedan

    19:04 the way he skipped it “my audience that sucks so much” hahahahah

  • MaddyG
    MaddyG18 dagar sedan

    He’s literally the sweetest to her I love them and this show 🥺

  • Missy Elliot
    Missy Elliot18 dagar sedan

    I really hate Zach

  • Marissa Guajardo
    Marissa Guajardo18 dagar sedan

    Lmaooooo that skitttttt 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jessi
    Jessi18 dagar sedan

    Petition to let Dan snack ❤️

  • iiiso
    iiiso18 dagar sedan

    Zach & AB remind me of Drake & Josh IRL, no cap. They are constantly having total !bruh moments, that's on god.

  • iiiso
    iiiso18 dagar sedan

    Get Hila a personal vlog filmer. Somebody should b payed to follow her and showcase her journey! There's more Women business owners to be inspired and made!

  • Shady Makor
    Shady Makor18 dagar sedan

    I definitely heard that loud ass chip bag before Ethan said anything, Dan!

  • Manuela
    Manuela18 dagar sedan

    23:34 ethan messed uuuuup, how much you guys wanna bet the baby will me called olive if it's a girl

  • turquoise_ eye
    turquoise_ eye19 dagar sedan

    2:16:37 *as soon as u said their name u spilled water on yourself, it could get worse but since u didnt say the name right thats all that happened... For now*

  • Atzin Santiago
    Atzin Santiago19 dagar sedan

    I love Dan here ❣ Thank you for always cracking me up lmao

  • Plania
    Plania19 dagar sedan

    Halima Cisse in Mali gave birth to 9 babies in May, so I'm guessing Ms Sithole was trying to compete with her - poor Ms Cisse lost a lot of blood and had to be transferred from Mali to Morocco, and the babies are in intensive care. It's a miracle that they all survived, although they're really super small

  • Tomcat Boi
    Tomcat Boi19 dagar sedan

    The chats opinions are trash

  • Jordyn Brown
    Jordyn Brown19 dagar sedan

    Love yall so much but the "overcorrecting" and trying to not offend anyone is getting annoying. You cant please everyone lol

  • Vinny Contini
    Vinny Contini19 dagar sedan

    2:13:44 yo... are y’all thinking of naming them olive?

  • Benoit Lévesque
    Benoit Lévesque19 dagar sedan

    You guys looked weak when you insulted Tim, you had zero arguments, only personal insult. _If your opponent can't stay on point and only insult you personally, that's when you know you've won the debate._

  • xJustebx


    18 dagar sedan

    "Flaming Turd, bag of turd, flaming turd bag" - Tim's "arguments". I'd insult him too. 50 states for Trump lmfao

  • Katlyn Holden
    Katlyn Holden19 dagar sedan

    Did James delete his holding himself accountable video

  • Hiheyhi
    Hiheyhi19 dagar sedan

    Clearance Cleewater Reborn. That’s just the best

  • Chloe H
    Chloe H19 dagar sedan

    let dan eat the chips

  • Vinny Contini
    Vinny Contini19 dagar sedan

    Not to be mean but to 100% be mean, but I can’t get the thought out of my head of getting railed by Ethan and as he looks you in the eyes his eyebrows go fuckin wild. It wouldn’t even put me off or anything, just funny af to think ab

  • Loopymua
    Loopymua19 dagar sedan

    Ab is right! 😊 Theres lots of us in Detroit 🇲🇽

  • Aurora88
    Aurora8819 dagar sedan

    James Charles should be reflecting in jail

  • austine le
    austine le19 dagar sedan

    Lovebot flashing ‘Hi Jeff’ on the screen while they’re talking about jeff/kat 🤣

  • Okibo
    Okibo19 dagar sedan

    Mega 64 is a live pod.. .Show some respek :/

  • Kordelia Stark
    Kordelia Stark19 dagar sedan

    Feminism is definitely the reason Tim Pool is single. Cuz now women have a choice, and no woman would ever choose him.

  • Reggie Cortez
    Reggie Cortez20 dagar sedan

    2:48 Ethan is def valid in Brooklyn after saying that

  • Eve M
    Eve M20 dagar sedan

    Love is so cute

  • Zander Circuitry
    Zander Circuitry20 dagar sedan

    2:05:46 - Zach missed the perfect opportunity to drop 'I would call that err, false advertising'

  • Itch Piana
    Itch Piana20 dagar sedan

    I didn’t understand wtf the love it thing was cus I quit watching h3h3 for awhile. It’s very weird

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez20 dagar sedan

    Ethans intro was weak… it’s weird he criticized joe Rogan yet edits parts out of his live before uploading

  • Jeffery Lovelace
    Jeffery Lovelace20 dagar sedan

    Putting the Ghb in BBQ sauce since 1982

  • apexlegend14
    apexlegend1420 dagar sedan

    1:58:11 wet style burrito

  • Nolan Berglund
    Nolan Berglund20 dagar sedan

    did anyone bring up the fact that *right* after ethan said clearance clean water he spilled water on himself? the unlucky curse must be true 😂 2:16:39

  • BellaS
    BellaS20 dagar sedan

    I really can't tell if AB and Zack hate each other or love each other