Taking Trisha To Meme School - Frenemies # 37

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  • Kristy
    KristyDag sedan

    Homegirl took waaaayy too much Adderall before filming this ep 😂

  • Care
    Care6 dagar sedan

    The little comments about Ethans hat is the exact reason why nobody should be friends with her. So narcissistic and never has anything nice to say . The little passive aggressive comments from her are too much… it’s so sad he’s so sweet to her

  • Kateydid It
    Kateydid It7 dagar sedan

    Trisha is soooooo insufferable. I could barely make it through this episode.

  • Megan Chiovitti
    Megan Chiovitti7 dagar sedan

    This episode makes me miss frenemies so much

  • Ruth Willmer
    Ruth Willmer8 dagar sedan

    How the heck does Ethan not know who the wiggles are?!?

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma10 dagar sedan

    Damn tbh no wonder the show ended after this she was having a whole manic episode

  • Seperate Way
    Seperate Way12 dagar sedan

    I miss this :(

  • Savannah Kubic
    Savannah Kubic13 dagar sedan

    Trisha is sucking the life out of these memes lol 😂

  • Julianne Roxas
    Julianne Roxas13 dagar sedan

    jesus why y’all analyzing her manic episodes

  • Electra Art
    Electra Art13 dagar sedan

    trisha could rap as fast as eminem

  • Thomas Parra
    Thomas Parra14 dagar sedan

    I wanna eat at Trisha's pad...

  • Nacol Sims
    Nacol Sims16 dagar sedan

    She did coke idc what anyone says lol

  • Jessica
    Jessica17 dagar sedan

    Watching because I miss my parents

  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Jazmine Hernandez17 dagar sedan

    He slaps the shit out of his sister 💀

  • Poesy Taylor
    Poesy Taylor18 dagar sedan

    I’m sad these are over.

  • Jessie Joyner
    Jessie Joyner19 dagar sedan

    With the drake meme: podcast without dr drew, podcast with dr drew

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf19 dagar sedan


  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf19 dagar sedan

    Chris D’elia bothered me from when I was 19 to 24 and I still have the messages. I never came forward and he continued to message me throughout my marriage. He was always trying to get me out to his house in the hills and it was only by my own dumb luck I didn’t go out there that I wasn’t assaulted.

  • Nikhil Wadhwa
    Nikhil Wadhwa20 dagar sedan

    The zanaxxxxxxxx is working overtime here and we are here for it

  • Ben Gaffney
    Ben Gaffney20 dagar sedan

    Bro.... I thought this was a new frenemies episode

  • Xochi Gonzalez-fritz
    Xochi Gonzalez-fritz20 dagar sedan

    Trisha your gonna die from a heart attack. You need to stop with your diet. Take it from a girl that was 250 lbs. At one time in my life and had a stroke at age 25 because of my weight. I am 5’9 which makes me taller than you. and I was that fat I was also a fat child because I had intestinal problems all of my life. I’m not fat shaming I’m just saying it’s for your health and mental health. You know that saying “you are what you eat” it’s so true it also effects your mental illness. I know that’s why you’re so depressed because you’re not happy with yourself.

  • Desireé Driver
    Desireé Driver23 dagar sedan

    trisha: arthur ethan: what’s the deepest someones been in you? i laughed so hard when he asked that😭

  • Emily Foss
    Emily Foss23 dagar sedan

    Bisexual ppl can love nonbinary ppl too

  • Salomé Jelke
    Salomé Jelke23 dagar sedan

    “everyone should be held accountable for their actions” -trisha

  • Grace
    Grace23 dagar sedan

    1:42:18 Swol Doggo: James Charles “My lawyers will see you” Sad doggo: James Charels’ lawyers

  • Jessica Polowczuk
    Jessica Polowczuk24 dagar sedan

    The amount of energy trish has is a little concerning lol

  • ewitsaugust
    ewitsaugust25 dagar sedan

    I wanna know what she got ethan for his bday 😔

  • Bonnie Isabel
    Bonnie Isabel25 dagar sedan


  • 🗯🗯🗯🗯
    🗯🗯🗯🗯26 dagar sedan

    Trisha is so manic in this💀

  • Lexsey Nikole
    Lexsey Nikole27 dagar sedan

    ethan DEFINITELY rehearsed these memes before

  • ireland
    ireland27 dagar sedan

    well well look who's inside again

  • The Amazing Alex
    The Amazing Alex28 dagar sedan

    this is where trisha first mentioned that 5% 🥲

  • Pebble Boy

    Pebble Boy

    27 dagar sedan

    She was also ranting about it in the beginning of Frenemies

  • Mallory Minckler
    Mallory Minckler29 dagar sedan

    “I’m so angry”😂😂😂

  • Mallory Minckler
    Mallory Minckler29 dagar sedan

    The Arthur video sent me

  • Cake Batter
    Cake BatterMånad sedan

    Trisha is at their most manic this episode compared with the entirety of the podcast. Knowing what happens in a few episodes it’s such a sad contrast.

  • Edward Jarvis

    Edward Jarvis

    13 dagar sedan

    At her most

  • 2xLexi
    2xLexiMånad sedan

    this came on my recommended and now im sad lol

  • Casey Sedgwick
    Casey SedgwickMånad sedan

    Also hugh Jackmans wife is not big.. at all!

  • Casey Sedgwick
    Casey SedgwickMånad sedan

    Why is no one commenting on the way Ethan took the piss out of how trisha said ‘flag’?!?! ‘Fleg’ Like how everyone mocks her for saying beyyygggg instead of bag

  • Natalie Reyes
    Natalie ReyesMånad sedan

    Does anyone else rewatch these old episodes? Just me

  • Sprinkleoflovee
    SprinkleofloveeMånad sedan

    Watching this after the break up and she mentions the 5% here… it seems like it was already brewing in her mind. She was already pissed about it and was just waiting for the right moment to explode.

  • Summer Rose

    Summer Rose

    Månad sedan

    Yeah. It seems that way.

  • Randi Mullins
    Randi MullinsMånad sedan

    Lmao.... Ethan... what did Trisha give you for your birthday? Your 5% back?

  • cole chapman
    cole chapmanMånad sedan

    3:56 “L Jcu pus a” lmao ma’am

  • Casey Sedgwick
    Casey SedgwickMånad sedan

    She threw this all away because of ‘fun money’ - wish I had 50k every week of ‘fun money’ - that would pay my mortgage off within like 2 months

  • Justin Caviness
    Justin CavinessMånad sedan

    Dude in comparison to the h3 podcast, Ethan really comes out of his shell in the frenemies podcast. Like it's old Ethan here but not on the main podcast.

  • KobY
    KobYMånad sedan

    28:10 im not a snake, how things change...

  • Natali Tsalikis
    Natali TsalikisMånad sedan

    Damn they never got to celebrate ethans bday 😭

  • Trevor Welsh
    Trevor WelshMånad sedan

    Oh no! Frenemies ended right before they celebrated Ethan's birthday!

  • Trevor Welsh
    Trevor WelshMånad sedan

    With peace & love I don't like when Ethan compares food addiction with any other addiction, especially drugs. It's not that simple. &, you can die from withdrawal if you quit cold turkey b/c your body ends up needing it.

  • Brayant Luis
    Brayant LuisMånad sedan

    Awe happy belated birthday Ethan

  • Kate Rojas
    Kate RojasMånad sedan

    Can't wait for "Hamburger of the Dead" to come out

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • Brayant Luis
    Brayant LuisMånad sedan

    Woah Trisha predicted David and Jason coming back in June with vlogs

  • Bethany D
    Bethany DMånad sedan

    The vape nation meme is actually so fucking funny I can’t believe that wasn’t a slam dunk win

  • Ciaobella
    CiaobellaMånad sedan

    Damn Ethans funny and Trish is beautiful!

  • The Groomer
    The GroomerMånad sedan

    The Groomer

    JIAMIN CHANMånad sedan


  • Allika Chambers
    Allika ChambersMånad sedan

    It isnt high school to us brits it was secondary school and back in 2000s they brought out the horrid school uniform! Some schools were full on long skirts blazers ties, where mine was skirt or trousers and ties with white shirts and their labeled jumpers hahaa littelry we had 1 day a year which was called non uniform and we would have to pay 1 pound for it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • k8
    k8Månad sedan

    Why does Trisha laugh so weirdly throughout this episode

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
    Lorena Andrea Vodniza GonzalezMånad sedan

    So none of the H3 team is going to Maui?

  • Xo Xo
    Xo XoMånad sedan

    While I was watching this ep when it came out..I was thinking she's about to have a big breakdown soon... 😑

  • Ella Kilmartin
    Ella KilmartinMånad sedan

    This got old.

  • Zombie Gaming
    Zombie GamingMånad sedan

    The discreet police commercially explain because latex algorithmically blot upon a foregoing spleen. crowded, idiotic result

  • Lucy Mullen
    Lucy MullenMånad sedan

    Trisha talking about other pedos: 😣🤬😒😡😤😫 Trisha talking about Drake: 🥰😘😍🤪😉😏

  • Clove Coast
    Clove CoastMånad sedan

    Moses is so corny

  • Destiny M
    Destiny MMånad sedan

    Not Trisha thinking Arthur was a beaver🤣🤣🤣

  • raquel cervantes
    raquel cervantesMånad sedan

    I’m watching this after all the drama & I feel so sad for Ethan. He really did care about Trisha and his close friendship with her was causing him to start believing that he can ween off his anti depressant meds but now that she made a public spectacle of herself attacking Ethan, I bet what little improvement of his mental health has plummeted now 😔

  • Eve Rose

    Eve Rose

    Månad sedan

    Trisha is clearly having an episode. I think that they might be able to reconcile. Idk about the show. Might not be good for either of them, but I do feel like their friendship was good for both of them. I hope their friendship can recover.

  • Jordyn Schmit
    Jordyn SchmitMånad sedan

    Watching this again after the fall out is so sad

  • softmatter
    softmatterMånad sedan

    This is my favorite episode omg

  • chelsea
    chelseaMånad sedan

    the first part with ben plant and the other guy has me DYINGGG

  • Anon
    AnonMånad sedan

    i know ethan would love berlin currywurst and berlin döner its worth traveling here dude.. just sayin

  • Lynn V.
    Lynn V.Månad sedan

    Damn she pushes her clothing and now Ethan is sitting on all that frenemies merch. That's so fucked up.

  • Michele Bergman
    Michele BergmanMånad sedan

    Ethan is actually Enjoying himself!!! He just needed to stand up to Trish by making boundaries … But she’s like too different than him & he doesn’t get it???

  • Michele Bergman
    Michele BergmanMånad sedan

    She’s totally doing the Holly Madison Laugh!!! Before she was doing the Jason laugh!! She’s just FAKE af

  • Christine Green
    Christine GreenMånad sedan

    Army of the Dead was surprising. It was a good movie. I didn't know Zach Schneider directed it. I started off with it on in the background, and then I couldn't stop watching it.

  • Marilyn's Girl
    Marilyn's GirlMånad sedan

    Tradio. I love Ethan 😂

  • dior awesomeness
    dior awesomenessMånad sedan

    Watching old episodes because I miss this 😪

  • Jo Marzipan

    Jo Marzipan

    Månad sedan

    Same, buddy. I can't let go of the good parts of this show :c

  • linz p
    linz pMånad sedan

    She is so toxic in heignsight. I probably can't spell

  • Kelsie Richins
    Kelsie RichinsMånad sedan

    Hugh Jackmans wife is thin lol

  • antihistamineache
    antihistamineacheMånad sedan

    1:26:36 28:32 45:50

  • Cradio
    CradioMånad sedan

    Lmao not Trish saying she does nothing but lay by the pool and order food all weekend, while Ethan and the production crew are busting their asses working on producing the upcoming episode. Then she has the audacity to whine about 5%. Yikes!

  • Via


    Månad sedan


  • Jes Davies

    Jes Davies

    Månad sedan

    This needs more likes

  • Alanoud Alkhalifa

    Alanoud Alkhalifa

    Månad sedan

    She was clearly going through a manic episode here and no good time comes after a manic episode

  • Carrie Heron
    Carrie HeronMånad sedan

    Main stream white Christian culture is the only reason there are only 2 genders. Other cultures have always had more than 2. For instance Native Americans have 4 or 5 depending on the tribe.

  • dior awesomeness

    dior awesomeness

    Månad sedan

    Good for them

  • sᴜɢᴀsɪᴛᴏ ඞ
    sᴜɢᴀsɪᴛᴏ ඞMånad sedan

    going back to older videos and reminisce 😩

  • jacc lawrence
    jacc lawrenceMånad sedan


  • Pixie Reed
    Pixie ReedMånad sedan

    That Palestine Israel meme was brilliant. Perfect. Cuz America is like "wtf Izzy?" But still holding his hand.

  • clairede. uzn
    clairede. uznMånad sedan


  • Pedro Xeta
    Pedro XetaMånad sedan

    the most life like Ms Piggy I’ve ever seen.

  • Playboi Gramsci
    Playboi GramsciMånad sedan

    of course trisha would support snitching classic white woman moment

  • Raheem Mian
    Raheem MianMånad sedan

    Whats with her laugh in this goodness

  • Via


    Månad sedan


  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tahMånad sedan

    Imagine first frenemies episode back is at the wedding lol

  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tahMånad sedan

    "Like a dead horse" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tahMånad sedan

    I honestly love Ethan for being so understanding of like, issues.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose TorresMånad sedan

    Me getting caught up even tho it’s over 😭

  • Caitlin Daley
    Caitlin DaleyMånad sedan

    Trisha....... You're so manic 😂😂😂😂😂😂 She is talking so freaking fast .

  • Kayla Dye
    Kayla DyeMånad sedan

    “One week is so Long in frenemies time” I felt that

  • Ms.Martie Gallego
    Ms.Martie GallegoMånad sedan

    Who is paying for this crap that she is ," buying " ? What kind of nut spends 50 thousand for a dress you only wear once ?? That in it's self is crazy, I don't care how much money you may have !! It's just insane !! Feed the poor, help bury some one that died without burial insurance, do something kind for someone that needs help !! For me, I would feel so much better helping someone then wearing such a rediculous priced garment !!

  • Chinchilla hats

    Chinchilla hats

    Månad sedan

    I agree, it’s a complete waste of money.

  • DeerGoat


    Månad sedan

    a wedding is probably one of the most memorable moments Trisha would experience, I'm defending her with buying a wedding dress because its HER money, she isn't harming anyone in any technicality.

  • Madison Jaye
    Madison JayeMånad sedan

    Pretty sure Trish just got off of this meth binge again like she was doing this time last year and just got toxic from it

  • Eve Rose

    Eve Rose

    Månad sedan

    @Madison Jaye Personally, I don't feel it's fair to speculate about if she was on drugs. So I don't want to anymore. That's all.

  • Madison Jaye

    Madison Jaye

    Månad sedan

    How is it not fair it is a choice? She was a year sober i mean

  • Eve Rose

    Eve Rose

    Månad sedan

    @Madison Jaye I don't want to speculate too much more. Idk if it's fair.

  • Madison Jaye

    Madison Jaye

    Månad sedan

    I JUST REALLLLY hope that she didnt relapse. The chemical imbalance that crap creates inside of the brain is no joke when it comes to having the mental conditions that she struggles with😪🥺

  • Eve Rose

    Eve Rose

    Månad sedan

    I know everyone is saying she was manic or hyper but I was wondering if this was drug induced. She did mention starting a new medication.

  • Anna Louise
    Anna LouiseMånad sedan

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. . . How would you know Trisha you have always been faaaaaatttt.

  • jord loves danny

    jord loves danny

    2 dagar sedan

    as someone who's been skinny and now im a little heavier, food tastes a hell of a lot better than a tiny waist 😏

  • elizabeth chess

    elizabeth chess

    Månad sedan

    As much as I dislike Trisha calling someone fat doesn’t help anyone

  • toast
    toastMånad sedan

    watching this feels sad since its over

  • Tarot Discombe
    Tarot DiscombeMånad sedan

    Oof, this podcast has a few little jabs that have come up in the drama lately

  • Rachel Deschaine
    Rachel DeschaineMånad sedan

    Trisha is like an AI Bot creating memes