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  • missbrowniejay
    missbrowniejay2 dagar sedan

    "if dudes wanna touch tips" lmaoooo

  • Fullsun Fanboy
    Fullsun Fanboy3 dagar sedan

    I dont really get why she's being bashed in the comments for not knowing the history of pride. You're not required to pass a history exam to identify as lgbtq lol

  • Reno
    Reno3 dagar sedan

    as a gay ily trish

  • Grace Motl
    Grace Motl5 dagar sedan

    dan, ethan, and trisha having a 50 minute on and off argument about the hank brothers- "hank green is the author" "no thats john green" "the one with the cancer?" "that's john green" "yea that's john green he's the author" me, only realizing now "ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT THE FAULT IN OUR STARS?!?!?!?"

  • Sid Biz
    Sid Biz5 dagar sedan

    Ethan: this ones for uncle joe *spills water*

  • Ruth Willmer
    Ruth Willmer8 dagar sedan

    I love secret window. And Trish is right. Corn makes sense. If you know, you know. Sorry Ethan.

  • Eden Danielle.
    Eden Danielle.9 dagar sedan

    Gypsy isn't a derogatory term. They openly call themselves that. There are shows all about it.

  • theeblackequestrian 1
    theeblackequestrian 19 dagar sedan

    lol. watching old episodes because i miss them

  • ciruzzo
    ciruzzo12 dagar sedan

    1:07:00 bo burnham said it not long ago

  • ema.
    ema.15 dagar sedan

    I’m rewatching this and I love how Trisha completely ignores that Eugenia Cooney VERY clearly has an eating disorder, and is way too skinny for her height. She’s comparing herself eating, to Eugenia? No way. Trisha you aren’t 1000lbs waiting to burst, this girl looks close to death.

  • Stephen
    Stephen15 dagar sedan

    Well this hasn’t aged well

  • Kristen
    Kristen17 dagar sedan

    I came back to read the comments after all that went down. I'm pretty sure this episode is what sparked their down fall

  • Lily Elizabeth
    Lily Elizabeth18 dagar sedan

    The fact that I knew more about the superhero’s and characters than Trisha upset me 😂

  • Logan
    Logan22 dagar sedan

    why did i actually like the music’s video of trishas they watched

  • shiona
    shiona25 dagar sedan


  • Nancy Aguilar
    Nancy Aguilar25 dagar sedan

    Wow so here she says she loved the title. And than the last episode she's mad that was the title.

  • Xelapapa15 Xela
    Xelapapa15 Xela25 dagar sedan

    Y’all ,have you heard of google ? You have a podcast! It’s simple fact checking .

  • Dr ShEdu
    Dr ShEdu25 dagar sedan

    Ethan calling his wife bro is weird.

  • Joshua noyola

    Joshua noyola

    13 dagar sedan

    She trans

  • Jazmin Moreno Ganuza
    Jazmin Moreno Ganuza26 dagar sedan

    Anyone notice how she didn’t even let him set up his own way to announcing the pregnancy here she just kinda blurts it out as if it’s a passing thought

  • Tayler Kendall

    Tayler Kendall

    14 dagar sedan

    I noticed that as well.

    BLYTHE26 dagar sedan

    It's great to see trisha's real form

  • chad
    chad26 dagar sedan

    i love rhett ank link lmfaooo

  • chad
    chad26 dagar sedan

    dan is the only one with braincells

  • Alan Vance
    Alan Vance27 dagar sedan

    Michael Jackson was framed

  • J J
    J J28 dagar sedan

    Trish and I are the same age (for reference) and I relate to her struggle with romanticizing thinness. Around the mid 2000's (2004 ish) "pro-ana" was a big thing online. Pro- ana stands for pro-anorexia. It was a website that had galleries full of glamorized photos of girls like Eugenia and forums where girls traded tips on how to starve and lose weight. I used to look at a girl as thin as Eugenia and wish that I could look like her. I remember wishing that my bones would show. Eugenia films these videos because receiving comments of concern and frustration assure her that she is so thin that people cannot help but be amazed. I think it is almost like telling her that she is beautiful. It is sad that there have been and still are so many people striving to look and feel ill.

  • Amber; michelle
    Amber; michelle29 dagar sedan

    Religion and Christian phobic right here! Trisha is not a Jew if she says stuff like that.

  • Alice Jade Norris
    Alice Jade NorrisMånad sedan

    She is so annoying. 🙄

  • Via
    ViaMånad sedan

    "the gays" anyways 🤦🏾‍♀️🥱

  • Logan Jiness
    Logan JinessMånad sedan

    I thought it was John green not hank green?

  • Reptile 101
    Reptile 101Månad sedan

    Hank green got me through school

  • R3sponsum-EX L18R0
    R3sponsum-EX L18R0Månad sedan

    if you play Trisha in 0.5 speed she speaks in a normal pace

  • Phades
    PhadesMånad sedan

    "We're better together" 😭😭😭

  • Melanie Wolf
    Melanie WolfMånad sedan

    "corn garden" lmfaoooooooo

  • Melissa Nunez
    Melissa NunezMånad sedan

    Thank God Ethan is finished with Trisha her whole view on EVERYTHING in life is so fu@king warped it’s almost scary. “You can’t be Broadway and super hero” like WTF he’s an actor THATS THE POINT to play DIFFERENT roles. She said Hugh Jackman is over rated I cant thats comical. She thinks Marvel / DC is stupid. As she sits there with a rainbow necklace and a HUGE multi colored wig and cosplays all day but thinks the highest grossing movie EVER is stupid. Then she does a song called “We love you Moses” but then makes Christmas songs as well. According to her you have to stay in one lane, so how can she do both. She is a full fledge walking contradiction and hypocrite. I’ll never forget her saying “I went out and voted, I never voted before this election but I saw everyone on TikTok voting so I went out and voted” like OMG WTF. Pick the leader of the free world based off a TikTok post. Fu@king MORON

  • Ariel Brero
    Ariel BreroMånad sedan

    She said ‘ Freddie Mercury’ I fucking live Trisha dude.

  • Wiener man.
    Wiener man.Månad sedan

    ban trisha

  • Hollie Eastman
    Hollie EastmanMånad sedan

    someone help me pls which episode does trisha say she has a list of stuff she wrote down to talk about that bugged her and one thing was “pringles can”

  • Dominic Gervasio
    Dominic GervasioMånad sedan

    Poors kids growing up with loser parents

  • Chelsey Sexson
    Chelsey SexsonMånad sedan

    The first 9 minutes of this episode is just exposing trishas ignorance. Yikes. Her whole opinion on lgbtq just sounds like she's pandering to them. Like she doesn't even seem educated on WHY she is dressed head to toe in rainbow. other than the fact that gay people boost her when she does.

  • Hello It's K

    Hello It's K

    16 dagar sedan

    I’m pretty sure that she is that person that looks the other way if either a gay person or black person gets harassed. Like most people on Instagram it’s just getting praise for saying you an ally without being one

  • Sky


    29 dagar sedan

    Congrats, you just figured out her entire shtick.

  • Husam Alhalal
    Husam AlhalalMånad sedan


  • Joy Georgina
    Joy GeorginaMånad sedan

    Did no one notice that the fact she chose Secret Window to feature it's just more mocking and a slap in the face to the DID community continued? That movie is about DID

  • Genesis V.
    Genesis V.Månad sedan

    I look back at this and I remember how annoying Trisha was. She is the stereotype of a dumb blonde who actually doesn’t know anything about other people of color and the LGBTQ+ community but likes to profit off of it. She thinks it gives her social points by participating but really she just wants to act like there’s actually people out there (“the gays”) who support her antics. She really is a troll. She doesn’t even realize when she’s too caught up in her own lies.

  • Via


    Månad sedan

    Fr the way they talk about us is dehumanizing. I don't believed they changed as much they try to portay. The white and privelage of them is honestly showing. Shit, they literally refused to acknowledge Shawn Dawson. 💀

  • Tommie
    TommieMånad sedan

    There goes them attractive hands of Trisha's😏... Lookin like Mr. Krabs claws, Orange and everything! Then have the nerve to talk about Ethan's being "Baby hands".🤣 I still don't hate the music video. Her lyrics are actually decent... I just wish she could be just as original as her SEblack personality is in her music video's. On another note, The 600 lbs sister's don't get as much hate as Eugenia Cooney because they're supposed to be on a health journey. Eugenia Cooney has no concerns about giving a young audiences the wrong idea about being healthy. I still think Eugenia should be able to make videos.

  • Phades
    PhadesMånad sedan

    I was behind when shit hit the fan, and haven't been able to catch up because I don't want it to end😭

  • Kathryn Leacock
    Kathryn LeacockMånad sedan

    Yeah there's nothing wrong with saying I like gay people, Ethan always making a big deal out of every detail

  • Enikő Csaba
    Enikő CsabaMånad sedan

    Exuse me she's hungarian??

  • Merp


    Månad sedan


  • Ashley
    AshleyMånad sedan


  • Juliette Guzzo
    Juliette GuzzoMånad sedan

    Dude Crash Course is a LEGENDARY SEblack channel - you have disgraced the Green brothers name.

  • kauru11
    kauru11Månad sedan

    If Trisha's pregnant I think itll create noise on the internet XD

  • Ciaobella
    CiaobellaMånad sedan

    Congrats on the pregnancy Ethan and Hila!

  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tahMånad sedan

    It's not even just that people are coming out and saying that's not cool, but a lot of older women are coming out about their experiences BEING the 18 yr old in a relationship with a 40 or 50 year old person and have had the time to see understand how it affected them and shaped their lives and they also now have the chance to interact with other people who have gone through the same thing and realize that a lot of the stories are similar. So it's ridiculous to me whenever someone says that women against that kind of involvement between an older man and a teenager say that older women are simply "jealous".

  • Wabam wabisca ip pit tah
    Wabam wabisca ip pit tahMånad sedan

    Lmao she actually got someone with Ray Toro hair wow

  • Dank420
    Dank420Månad sedan

    Does anyone who isn't 12 watch this? 🤔

  • Logan
    LoganMånad sedan

    Just puked

  • Adalenna Allo
    Adalenna AlloMånad sedan

    Your gonna have 4 kids Can i have one lmao i died

  • Spoopy Noopers
    Spoopy NoopersMånad sedan

    Trish speaks like her sentences have no spaces. Ethan: "what's your take on that?" Trish: "welllll IGUESSITDEPENDSWHOYOU'RETALKINGTO"

  • Chochy Vlogs
    Chochy VlogsMånad sedan

    Wtf did I just watch and how do these people have so many views?!?

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • no one
    no oneMånad sedan

    Something that is going to become a gun is a gun but something that is going to become a baby isn't a baby. Hmmmmmmm

  • Olivia Welly
    Olivia WellyMånad sedan

    Ugh, the dynamic of Ethan & Trisha in this video is wonderful.

  • daniel
    danielMånad sedan

    Wow, wtf. Is America uneducated af or something? How does no one know about the stonewall riots! Especially LGBTQ+ people like Trisha. Crazy.

  • Chris I

    Chris I

    Månad sedan


  • 찰떡파이


    Månad sedan

    Shes faking the lgbtq personality

  • L C
    L CMånad sedan

    ethan- im anti-war *literally in the next 15 seconds fanboys over biden*

  • L C

    L C

    Månad sedan

    @azhurelwarrior did he vote for him?

  • azhurelwarrior


    Månad sedan

    He trashes Biden all the time, he just prefers one to the other.

  • Breakfast King
    Breakfast KingMånad sedan

    If Trisha had a baby it would live as an accessory and only be cared for by Moses because Trisha is self-centered and unstable

  • Mr. MAgoo

    Mr. MAgoo

    Månad sedan

    Her sister and mom would probably take care of it honestly

  • Christy Ariniello
    Christy ArinielloMånad sedan

    Her voice is just nails down a chalkboard OMG 😬😬

  • Breakfast King
    Breakfast KingMånad sedan

    Trisha: *talks about being bi and non-binary (even though she doesn’t know what that means) for clout, has no idea what pride month is about, tries to cancel Chick-fil-A*

  • Kelli In Texas
    Kelli In TexasMånad sedan


  • Stranded Lullaby

    Stranded Lullaby

    Månad sedan

    trump didnt do shit for POC LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • mariann
    mariannMånad sedan

    you know the target blazer for pride month? i feel like that is the vibe trisha is giving in this...

  • Julia Jarvis
    Julia JarvisMånad sedan

    not mystic... thats raven. mystic doesnt die the same way as ravem :p (spelling may be wrong)

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle DresselMånad sedan

    As a T1 diabetic, diabetic jokes are funny as fuck. Y'all are losers if u get offended, even if u type 2

  • Percifany Cotto
    Percifany CottoMånad sedan

    The tooth brush add was so nice…they were so good together as a team :/

  • Eve Rose

    Eve Rose

    Månad sedan

    I know ☹

  • A. Э.
    A. Э.Månad sedan

    11:26 “you can hit pretty hard” oof

  • Siddsux
    SiddsuxMånad sedan

    Trisha talks about the LGBTQ+ community like she doesn’t identify as apart of the community. I’m not sure what she said she is because I don’t really pay attention to her but... I think almost everyone except homophobes knows what pride is really about. She/they use the they/her pronouns but... idk, I think that was all for clout and it’s really disappointing because I think we all wish she was a genuine better person because we all want to like her but she ruins it for herself...

  • PekinWoof _

    PekinWoof _

    Månad sedan


  • PekinWoof _

    PekinWoof _

    Månad sedan


  • PekinWoof _

    PekinWoof _

    Månad sedan

    This comment literally just seems like your trying to invalidate her, not everyone is as educated as you?

  • Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood

    Månad sedan

    Shes ignorant on alot of issues. She just jumps on popular trends and then does no research on the actual topic. Its actually annoying because it's like she pretend to care about things just to get public support

  • William Knight
    William KnightMånad sedan

    “You’re just eating corn, bro” LMAO

  • snoop doggg
    snoop dogggMånad sedan

    we should’ve known that hank is always right

  • Rick Flxmes
    Rick FlxmesMånad sedan

    My old boss used to say being gay was a choice and I knew he was on the spectrum at that point.... way to out yourself Rodney! Peace and Love

  • M
    MMånad sedan

    Trisha having 0 knowledge about pride month is... problematic. Especially considering she wants to be taken seriously as non binary. Kinda made my heart hurt as a bisexual woman to listen to that garbage bc this is the idea everyone has of us. That we don't really count either bc we're "straight passing" or bc we're considered ignorant. You suck Trish:l

  • Bianca de Oliveira
    Bianca de OliveiraMånad sedan

    After everything that's happening, watching Trisha reacting to the pregnancy is so cringe. She's always making it about herself, how she wouldn't let Ethan inject her with a needle (shouldn't she be saying that about Moses?), or how she's going to surprise Ethan when she's pregnant.... just weird. I also get the vibe that she's overreacting, the "hms" and "aws". Awkward.

  • Abbi games Gaming
    Abbi games GamingMånad sedan

    Trisha the lgbt don’t want you

  • Marilyn's Girl
    Marilyn's GirlMånad sedan

    Ethan I suggest a My Tot Clock for Teddy to teach him when it’s time to get out of bed. Saved my life

  • Vickie Banda
    Vickie BandaMånad sedan

    2 hours!?!? Y’all seriously watch this

  • Eureka


    Månad sedan

    I usually listen to half of it on my hour long bus rides.

  • JKWongFuCommunityHiga


    Månad sedan

    I just listen to it, have it in the background while working erc

  • Lauren Rose

    Lauren Rose

    Månad sedan

    It’s a podcast, sweets 😐

  • LonelySpaceman
    LonelySpacemanMånad sedan

    The calm before the storm

  • Brad Alward
    Brad AlwardMånad sedan

    Both are dumb and annoying

  • JKWongFuCommunityHiga


    Månad sedan


  • Sioux D
    Sioux DMånad sedan

    Here’s Trisha stealing Ethan & Hila’s triplet announcement!! She envelopes everyone and then takes on their personalities. She even admitted she does this!!

  • Ben Grieve
    Ben GrieveMånad sedan

    Didn't Trisha say she didn't like Shallow Hal?

  • Villain Cage
    Villain CageMånad sedan

    Ethan: I want 3 or 5 now....(rethinking) 5 is a lot The universe: 4 it is ✅✅✅✅

  • Kait


    Månad sedan

    2 it is*

  • Johnny Gonzalez
    Johnny GonzalezMånad sedan

    “That explains why she’s never getting pregnant” LMAO

  • Hannah McLaren
    Hannah McLarenMånad sedan

    I would be so exhausted being that emotional and passionate about stuff all the time.

  • Percifany Cotto

    Percifany Cotto

    Månad sedan

    Especially when Hila and Ethan has kids and another on the way. Just everything prolly is exhausting

  • Zoe
    ZoeMånad sedan

    actually so so sad that frenemies is over :(

  • Nicolás Enríquez
    Nicolás EnríquezMånad sedan

    "Tinkie Winkie is illuminati" I died

  • This is Our Journey
    This is Our JourneyMånad sedan

    So I guess antphrodite was right! Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marissa Randall
    Marissa RandallMånad sedan


  • J S
    J SMånad sedan


  • Kayla Dye
    Kayla DyeMånad sedan

    Expose the pedo ‘celebs’. With peace and love tho

  • Kayla Dye
    Kayla DyeMånad sedan

    I respect trish because she does what she does and is who she is.

  • Csaba Lakatos
    Csaba LakatosMånad sedan

    Guys, the line in the middle, my brain can‘t handle it… i meant the pink n black background and the table😅😅

  • Hannah LaFray
    Hannah LaFrayMånad sedan

    1:05:48 they are actually BOTH authors and they BOTH make SEblack videos and they BOTH founded VidCon “Poor hank” just seemed to throw out all of his own success and that’s TRASH

  • Mariella Serrano
    Mariella SerranoMånad sedan

    She deceived ya’ll idiots

  • Marilyn's Girl

    Marilyn's Girl

    Månad sedan

    She sure did. But you and I knew it wouldn’t last forever. She can only keep the mask on for brief periods

  • Chain5'9s
    Chain5'9sMånad sedan

    Bring Back Frenemies... but just use a robot of sound bites for Trisha

  • MrLittleJa


    Månad sedan

    Ai trish💀💀

  • nadia
    nadiaMånad sedan

    she never deserved a spot on this show to begin w . i cannot believe she's supporting pride and doesnt even know what its about LMAO WHAAT

  • Luke Petersen

    Luke Petersen

    27 dagar sedan

    A lot of idiots don’t know

  • Marilyn's Girl

    Marilyn's Girl

    Månad sedan

    @puffpastry oh no you’re completely fine. I felt dumb for having misspelled it. You’re right anyway. Fake pride all the way and it’s awful.

  • puffpastry


    Månad sedan

    @Marilyn's Girl no I’m not correcting your spelling!!!! Sorry it came off that way!! They do eat there a lot I was just surprised if they still ate there during June bc they were making a big deal over pride, that’s all I meant w my comment!! sorry again b ❤️✨

  • Marilyn's Girl

    Marilyn's Girl

    Månad sedan

    @puffpastry Lol sorry. We don’t have them here so I was wrong on the spelling. Trisha eats there a lot. Multiple muk bangs and she asked to go during the bus vlog. I don’t know if she eats there during Pride, though. I’m gonna guess yes.

  • puffpastry


    Månad sedan

    @Marilyn's Girl i hope you don’t mean chick fil a 💀 she can’t eat there during this month omg if she really is I am blown away

  • catchifyoucan232
    catchifyoucan232Månad sedan

    Triangles were used in Nazi concentration camps. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, so I know VERY WELL that JWs were forced to wear purple triangles.

  • beowulf
    beowulfMånad sedan

    i accidently skipped over this episode because i was so busy, but now that the show is canceled i feel like i have 1 last episode :')

  • puffpastry


    Månad sedan

    same 🥲