Trisha Paytas vs Gabbie Hanna Explained By My Mom - Families # 2

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  • Megan Wright
    Megan Wright3 timmar sedan

    would love to hear Donna talk more about her experiences of celiac disease as it could spread a lot of awareness on your platform. My Mum has celiac disease type 2 which turned into lymphoma cancer and i think other celiac disease sufferers would benefit from awareness being made :) i love Donnas input on things and shes a great co host. We lovee her

  • Emma Cabiran
    Emma Cabiran5 timmar sedan

    who are the pornstars Gary follows on his twitter?

  • Val Mcgee
    Val Mcgee11 timmar sedan

    This is by far the best episode yet. 👏

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera12 timmar sedan

    How do you not get JONI MITCHELL?

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera12 timmar sedan

    I am 19 but only grew up with music and films with from the late 30’s- late 80’s!

  • homie hoe
    homie hoeDag sedan

    Cant wait for Gabbie to have a full video series based on Ethan Klein’s mom

  • Dr Factoid
    Dr FactoidDag sedan


  • Brian kirk
    Brian kirk2 dagar sedan

    Yeah mannnn the parents are a hit

  • Grimseiji
    Grimseiji2 dagar sedan

    I know this is at the beginning of the vid but i think Ethan's dad is valid in following and supporting s*x workers and listening to their voices on twitter. Even if he is just following them for not this purpose he's stilling supporting them and their work by following them and engaging with their content because it helps promote them and helps them make money so 🤷🏻‍♂️ I'm glad to see someone older not ashamed to say they support s*x workers and their opinions.

  • AliceIn Reality
    AliceIn Reality2 dagar sedan

    Ms. Ethans Mom, can you please adopt me🥺 I need your stability in my life

  • taylor lapping
    taylor lapping2 dagar sedan

    I truly enjoy this more than frienemies if I’m honest

  • Rachel Brownell
    Rachel Brownell3 dagar sedan

    “You have to pronunciate it right”

  • Molly Eleanor
    Molly Eleanor3 dagar sedan

    I had no idea Donna had celiac disease! It’s so refreshing to see someone on SEblack have the same disease you have. We love you Donna! ❤️

  • J L
    J L3 dagar sedan

    bro families is boring bring Trisha back

  • L
    L4 dagar sedan

    "WHO? "😂 6:37

  • Tay Charlese
    Tay Charlese4 dagar sedan

    I appreciate Ethan’s advice to young men watching

  • Aishah A
    Aishah A4 dagar sedan

    Mom?!! Sister for sure!

  • Payne McMullen
    Payne McMullen5 dagar sedan

    Donna actually used “On god” correctly. Contextually speaking you can interject with an “On god” if you are affirming someone else’s statement as the truth

  • Namita Sankar
    Namita Sankar5 dagar sedan

    I liked it all up until they mentioned how gabbie was justified with her tantrum on escape the, she wasn't. they asked her diet preferences, she didn't fill out her forms until the day filming started, there were healthy food/snacks everywhere, and daniel went out of his JD and got Gabbie her requested salad that she didn't even eat.

  • Timo15
    Timo155 dagar sedan

    Dude Ethans Dad is just a badass Savage, period!

  • GigiChoko
    GigiChoko5 dagar sedan

    That advice part was actually really nice, those are some great advice!

  • Monica H
    Monica H5 dagar sedan

    Your mom is adorable!

  • Vanessa Dominguez
    Vanessa Dominguez6 dagar sedan

    Just found out I was pregnant and it’s been a rough time but this podcast really truly does calm all my nerves and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate this 🥺

  • love


    Dag sedan

    congrats on your pregnancy!!

  • SarahGHilton
    SarahGHilton6 dagar sedan

    I love Families so much I’m already rewatching episodes :)

  • Kitsune Sage
    Kitsune Sage7 dagar sedan

    On God Bro Moment!

  • Nunsince
    Nunsince7 dagar sedan

    this new podcast is so much better thank you trisha

  • Stefanie Danchak
    Stefanie Danchak7 dagar sedan

    I thought I would hate this podcast after the changeover but it’s somehow better now.

  • Valerie Provence
    Valerie Provence7 dagar sedan

    Ethan has really good advice

  • Sophia Kotsariadis
    Sophia Kotsariadis7 dagar sedan

    Owls be like: 6:38

  • Hannah
    Hannah8 dagar sedan

    I loved hearing your parents’ perspectives on the drama but if you do this again please have someone else give corrections because dear me the inaccuracies 🥲

  • Arjela Hamiti
    Arjela Hamiti8 dagar sedan

    Ethans mom is sooo pretty💕💕💕🥺🥺🥺

  • Sophia Kotsariadis
    Sophia Kotsariadis8 dagar sedan

    Somebody should tell Donna about the "did it feel good tho" relating to Grilled Cheese

  • Lpscynthia
    Lpscynthia8 dagar sedan

    saying "R-word" instead of "sexually assaulted" is still triggering to those who have been sexually assaulted...

  • beep beep to therapy

    beep beep to therapy

    7 dagar sedan

    yes but they beeped it out.

  • Jenny Barrera
    Jenny Barrera8 dagar sedan

    omgg 139:00 was soo funny how ethan was like u built a whole world that's not real LOLLLLLLL

  • Morgan 🦋
    Morgan 🦋8 dagar sedan

    Dear the person with the shitting mother problem, At least your parents don’t walk around the house naked and or have intimacies with the door open

  • E
    E8 dagar sedan

    Ethans dad is hilarious

  • A Alex
    A Alex9 dagar sedan

    I love a lot of this conversation. But bleeping the R word and the P word is a little weird. But idk how to run two successful podcasts and a clothing line. Let alone a family. You can’t want to acknowledge and change something without saying the word.

  • Drew Graham
    Drew Graham9 dagar sedan

    8:50 his mom just threw him under the bus saying people make videos about the drama for the money

  • Hi
    Hi9 dagar sedan

    I would die for Donna ….

  • JFK
    JFK9 dagar sedan

    donna- libra, pisces or cancer gary- gemini, scorpio or aquarius this could be their sun moon or rising, who can help me on this update: gary is a september libra, don’t have his birth year tho

  • beep beep to therapy

    beep beep to therapy

    7 dagar sedan

    i think donnas chart def has pisces in it

  • Makayla Brown
    Makayla Brown9 dagar sedan

    I love that she's fresh to everything so it a new perspective and I love thissss

  • Aria Ivy
    Aria Ivy10 dagar sedan

    If that was from a baby to adult the stepdad would have to be a really scummy guy

  • ciruzzo
    ciruzzo10 dagar sedan

    the way Donna looks at Ethan when he gives advice... that shows how much she’s proud of him as a mom

  • Kerri McMahon
    Kerri McMahon10 dagar sedan

    WOW I feel stupid. You're clearly way ahead of me lol

  • Kerri McMahon
    Kerri McMahon10 dagar sedan

    Love your mom. She is such a Beautiful Soul and real person. RARE! Hila, totally resembles her. AWWWWW haha...made my day!!! You should host, "Mom Talk Time". Q & A. Great time after Covid and this crazy political world and what the next 50 or 25 years will look like? I think people will fall in love with her as I'm sure they already do. She probably has great advise also?!!! Luv Kerri from Vancouver Island, British Columbia xo

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light10 dagar sedan

    With peace and love to your mother but we don’t “stael” each other’s spouses STOP taking blame and responsibility off stûpid cheating men it’s so sexist 🤡

  • Shelby McCaw
    Shelby McCaw10 dagar sedan

    It would be cool to have people call in the ask questions since Ethan elaborates so much! Would be really cool!

  • grey h
    grey h10 dagar sedan

    With the upmost respect, peace, and love, no more boomer advice please.

  • Angellea Burgos
    Angellea Burgos10 dagar sedan

    It’s one thing to watch porn because there is absolutely nothing wrong with it depending on if your significant other is okay with it but Donna clearly doesn’t want her husband taking the extra step by following and talking to the people he watches online to fulfill his needs, she deserves better.

  • Alex


    3 dagar sedan

    Right? He’s literally so proud of disrespecting their marriage. I really enjoy Donna, but I can’t stand him.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness11 dagar sedan

    Donna explaining SEblack drama is my favourite thing.

  • Charitizzle
    Charitizzle11 dagar sedan

    I love this podcast! Donna is beautiful and I want that shirt! 💕

  • Chain5'9s
    Chain5'9s11 dagar sedan

    1:04:52 - she is remembering a Chris Rock concert (bring the pain, or bigger and blacker) Men be like: Man he got a nice girl, i gotta get a nice girl too. Women be like: she got a nice man in her life... I want HIM

  • Ali Sha
    Ali Sha11 dagar sedan

    Calm and together Trisha is sweet

  • Ali Sha
    Ali Sha11 dagar sedan

    That guy who rword her wasn't her boyfriend

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley11 dagar sedan

    Love this

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S11 dagar sedan

    I love these podcasts a great comeback to the channel

  • Apple Jaxx
    Apple Jaxx12 dagar sedan

    What a cool mom. Lol! This is awesome!

  • Gavin Orbit
    Gavin Orbit12 dagar sedan

    I think that Ethans mom is wrong on the food part for gabbie Hanna and the shows because Daniel(one of the producers) got everything she asked for but she didn’t eat any of the things he got. He showed Receipts of physical receipts and pictures of the food that he got her. And all of the text messages

  • Anna M
    Anna M13 dagar sedan

    I don't like that your dad fat-shamed trisha. not cool

  • esfjjk fifhgi
    esfjjk fifhgi13 dagar sedan

    ethan, ur 110% right for telling these (nasty) guys TO KEEP THEIR APARTMENTS CLEAN! when a guys apartment or room is just gross and filthy i’m instantly turned off

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith13 dagar sedan

    Why does it matter who his father follows on Twitter? Its not that big of a deal like Ethan is acting as if he's the spokes person for Disney or some shot

  • Ben Rossignol
    Ben Rossignol13 dagar sedan

    Please play Risk or any board game

  • Sheridan Fitzgerald
    Sheridan Fitzgerald13 dagar sedan

    LMFAO “thank youuu momm ☺️☺️☺️”

  • David Howell
    David Howell13 dagar sedan

    Donna is making good point after good point

  • Suzi Anderson
    Suzi Anderson13 dagar sedan

    Donna knows what’s up 🦄

  • ChristinaMoore
    ChristinaMoore14 dagar sedan

    Donna is a Queen. And we need to give her a new set up! The new background for families should be an old family pic with an artistic touch!

  • King Hoshioka
    King Hoshioka14 dagar sedan

    His mom reminds me of hila

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny14 dagar sedan


  • Grace Morua
    Grace Morua14 dagar sedan

    I love you parents and what they bring to the show. Great choice 🤍 happy for y’all

  • b tr
    b tr14 dagar sedan

    Pretty new to h3, but I definitely won't be missing an episode of FAMILIES from now on out. Ethan's folks breaking down youtube drama had me absolutely howling. 🤣

  • Kristi & Jeff Gillis
    Kristi & Jeff Gillis14 dagar sedan

    I hope I look this good at 65 she looks amazing, shes got that glow!! Shes also so sweet her voice is calming to me!! Didnt think I was going to like the new show but I love it!

  • Anthony Figueroa
    Anthony Figueroa14 dagar sedan

    Offers her 5 % she says yes... Changes the subject... Sus

  • Martim Cunha Rocha
    Martim Cunha Rocha14 dagar sedan

    I don't like how Donna seemed to insinuate that discrimination against women overshadows homophobia. Or maybe I misunderstood her idk

  • Han nah
    Han nah15 dagar sedan

    I love that his dad is familiar with wikifeet

  • Gabriel Cloutier
    Gabriel Cloutier15 dagar sedan

    Would love to have donna talk more about her celiac disease and how serious it is.

  • Sonja Fade
    Sonja Fade15 dagar sedan

    I would give 5% to hit a blunt with Donna, Ethan and Gary

  • Alexia Hutsell
    Alexia Hutsell15 dagar sedan

    I wish they would get the facts correct about the drama because they mess up crucial facts

  • Lightskin baby Hookrt
    Lightskin baby Hookrt15 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry but this is way better than the other frenemies

  • Maris Lox
    Maris Lox15 dagar sedan

    What's the P word?

  • K M
    K M15 dagar sedan

    I got chills when you said "Ashley" cause that's my bf's friend from work 😅

  • Heather Bonelli
    Heather Bonelli15 dagar sedan

    OK, I officially love Gary! He's great.

  • hannahcrackin
    hannahcrackin16 dagar sedan

    Yo, I feel like all the Frenemies bullshit was worth it just to finally get us to Families. I'm living for Donna.

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey16 dagar sedan

    Gary's background commentary is so funny

  • Kenny Andrews
    Kenny Andrews16 dagar sedan

    Ethan your mother looks younger than you?

  • Laly GTR
    Laly GTR16 dagar sedan

    I also have celiac so i understand Mamas

  • M Mac
    M Mac16 dagar sedan

    YOU came from HER? must be adopted

  • kaay dan
    kaay dan16 dagar sedan

    It’s so true that men marry their mums because Donna reminds me of Hila so much

  • 𖤐 annarkiii 𖤐
    𖤐 annarkiii 𖤐16 dagar sedan

    the vibes are ✨immaculate✨

  • Elliott Bork
    Elliott Bork16 dagar sedan

    Ethan looks like a dad now

  • 𖤐 annarkiii 𖤐
    𖤐 annarkiii 𖤐16 dagar sedan

    families >>>>>> frenemies

  • Elliott Bork
    Elliott Bork16 dagar sedan

    I like this show so much better than Trisha

  • momcharisma88
    momcharisma8816 dagar sedan

    To be fair... The first time I heard my mom and my step dad .. I thought he was beating her and I was screaming and bawling ... So ..... Your story is much more innocent sounding and your mom can take conciliation in that 🤣

  • Luna Roja
    Luna Roja16 dagar sedan

    ~smack smack~ TAKE THAT!!! Lol Gary is hilarious

  • Julia Sharp
    Julia Sharp16 dagar sedan

    20:19 I have ADHD. No it does not explain her behavior.

  • Keisha James
    Keisha James16 dagar sedan

    Y'all it's really important to get facts right. Jessi Smiles was NOT part of the Vlog Squad. And she wasn't drunk (not that it would matter) - she had a concussion and when she passed out Curtis did that. They also weren't together anymore at that point they had just broken up. Please pleaaaase get the facts correct when it comes to something so important as sexual trauma.

  • Austin Butler
    Austin Butler16 dagar sedan

    You need to pronunciate it right

  • Gh0ulyy
    Gh0ulyy16 dagar sedan

    Someone said she deserves a yellow background & to get rid of the pink. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales16 dagar sedan

    The fact Ethan let his parents talk bad about Trisha on the podcast is a true show of his colors. He likes drama as much as anyone else

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales16 dagar sedan

    This show is in poor taste and very ironic because Ethan is in about as much drama as anyone else named

  • Karlie Kohmetscher
    Karlie Kohmetscher16 dagar sedan

    Eh the vibes are just kind of off