Joe Rogan Trashed Hila On His Podcast - H3 After Dark # 37

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  • Lewi Cifer
    Lewi Cifer22 timmar sedan


  • I Speak 4 the Dead
    I Speak 4 the Dead2 dagar sedan

    25:19 Ethans hand can’t control its excitement

  • begley321
    begley3213 dagar sedan

    God such an anti climax

    KEEZY KOL4 dagar sedan


  • amateurfun
    amateurfun4 dagar sedan

    Joe Rogaine said this while eating a raw elk steak he killed himself with a butter knife while high on DMT and simultaneously shoving his own fist up his own ass for brain science and lobster superiority.

  • Erin Pillar
    Erin Pillar5 dagar sedan

    I realized Joe Rogan is a good interviewer cause he's so passionate about what he believes even if it's a load of horse shit .. if the guest is intelligent enough & opposes him it makes it for great entertainment

  • Frank John
    Frank John6 dagar sedan

    "We have this whole government body that just tells us what to do, you don't have to think about it dude" Not doing yourself any favors with that comment lol

  • renée
    renée7 dagar sedan

    Wikifeed King 👑

  • renée
    renée7 dagar sedan

    I can't stop laughing. Ethan: bass pro shop! dun dun dun dun dun dun I bought me a big bass ! I ain't taking that covid shot boy It's Friday baby, fuck!

  • renée


    7 dagar sedan

    I'm laughing so hard about the White Claws FUCK! WOO. YEAH BABY!

  • Peter Kuhn
    Peter Kuhn7 dagar sedan

    If you produced mayonnaise I would switch from Helmans to yours. Kraft Mayo is fucking nasty btw.

  • Chad Smith
    Chad Smith8 dagar sedan

    "You don't have the body type for it dude...Your fuckin knuckles would scrape on the ground."

  • Tango357
    Tango3578 dagar sedan

    That shit was corny as hell Lol. Lighten up man, damn.

  • Robbie Maynard Creates
    Robbie Maynard Creates8 dagar sedan

    Your knuckles would scrape on the ground! DIEEEED

  • Creative Games
    Creative Games9 dagar sedan

    Hey Ethan and Hila, you should be held accountable for the "health advice" you peddle. Fauci is evil, and you preach to morons who don't have the braincells to research what he did to people with AIDS in the 80's.

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in9 dagar sedan

    I hate to be that guy but what they do with joe rogan is exactly what steven crowder does on his show with fake callers

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in9 dagar sedan

    Toe rogan is a meathead, you dont need to defend your point against him

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in9 dagar sedan

    If you are anti mask, you are pro covid. Dont be on the side of the virus, toe rogan.

  • 24LROD
    24LROD10 dagar sedan

    This podcast has just been steadily declining. Shame

  • ciara rodriguez
    ciara rodriguez11 dagar sedan

    Hila is glowingggggggg

  • lillanami
    lillanami11 dagar sedan

    The Joe Rogan calling in bit with the red sauna picture and the crazy intro made me laugh so hard, and all the rogan stans downvoting the highlight makes it even funnier

  • Mark Delgado
    Mark Delgado12 dagar sedan

    I just saw young Alex Jones and started doing pushups

  • Brian Payton
    Brian Payton12 dagar sedan

    Kinda taking it to seriously

  • George Obama-Biden
    George Obama-Biden13 dagar sedan

    I'll tell you what. Hila's jacket is fucking dope.

  • George Obama-Biden
    George Obama-Biden13 dagar sedan

    Couple one, two fishers.

  • GuitarCharlie S
    GuitarCharlie S16 dagar sedan

    You guys are the voice drowning my racing thoughts thankful for you guys everyday helping me out a lot keep up the good work guys

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo
    JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo18 dagar sedan

    I could never disagree with the wisdom of a man that met his wife in a holocaust museum. Ethan is a shiny beacon of hope.

  • Erik
    Erik18 dagar sedan

    It IS so dumb. I love you guy's but you are and were absolutely paranoid

  • MacLean Dancy
    MacLean Dancy19 dagar sedan

    Good lord everything about the Joe Rogan part was insufferable. Ends around 1:17:30

  • K R
    K R19 dagar sedan

    I STG Bro Jogen is a dog whistle to bring people to Qanon and slowly degrade a person’s disbelief via fake threats against traditional masculinity and white supremacy until they’re suddenly full on sexist bigots. Proud Boys watch Bro Jogen.

  • Jag Girl
    Jag Girl19 dagar sedan

    That's exactly what I expect from someone who sold themself out to Spotify. You're the idiot Joe Rogan...And his buddy Alex Jones is ashamed of him now.

  • Quinn Nit
    Quinn Nit20 dagar sedan

    I'm in buttfuck Winnipeg, MB. Was just on the bus with some hombre with Only Neck and Hand tattoos- a sure sign of a poseur... He was wearing a Bass Fishing hat. I asked him about proper fishing apparatus and which depth the bass were in season right now. We are backwoods fisher ppl here, but this stylish devil's reply was a bunch of Mumble Rap! True story.

  • Quinn Nit

    Quinn Nit

    20 dagar sedan

    Moral of story- fishing is cool, poseurs are weak specimen and H3 is fun.

  • zevvay
    zevvay21 dag sedan

    Joe Rogan sold to spotify at the exact right time. I haven't heard anything good from him since the deal. What an epic fall from grace.

  • Sams Nothavingit

    Sams Nothavingit

    18 dagar sedan


  • SilverWolf Aura26
    SilverWolf Aura2621 dag sedan


    HERNIOL22 dagar sedan

    Wow, well butthurt couple.

  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming22 dagar sedan

    My mom got symptoms of COVID last year. She is over 60. She is alive, and well. My YOUNG co-worker got COVID as well. She survived it. Can ANYONE tell me someone they know that got the COVID shot, and it actually worked for them? On the other side of this, how many people do you know that the vaccine harmed/injured, or killed them? I want details, please.

  • Enumber


    21 dag sedan

    Right so you know 2 people who turned out fine... My mum and step dad got very very very sick for about 8 weeks. My step dad had seriously bad breathing for a long time and could barely go up and down the stairs. A friend who was in his 20s was told by the doctors he may die. He was on a ventilator and is still recovering and going into mini relapses. I know around 10 / 15 others that got sick like the flu. And wtf do you mean who does the vaccine actually work for? Im in the UK the number of deaths is drastically down compared to the same numbers of cases. Im not some 'sheep' im suspicious of a lot of things and really hate the fact i gotta take a vaccine - i dont like wearing masks etc. But where in the fuck are you getting your info? There are a shit ton of people who got really fuckin sick from covid or know those that did - is it that hard to believe. You dont understand numbers. Even if you knew as hundred people that got covid and were alive and well now that still would mean literally nothing OK.

  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming22 dagar sedan

    pandemic? "pandemic" excuse me? lol it's a "plandemic" it was planned af! It's not even debatable. They knew exactly what they were doing. They always do. Aside from that, what does a regular mask even protect you the most it will protect you from dust. Do people not understand how incredibly small viruses are?

  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming22 dagar sedan

    LMAO i love this video i'm laughing so hard!

  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming22 dagar sedan

    Ethan, you can be my footman any day.

  • Michael Tompkins
    Michael Tompkins22 dagar sedan

    I know your youtube little fanbitches might make you feel relevant.. rogan gets few hundred million downloads every monyh for a reason hes a real person.. not an internet troll 😱

  • Jasmine Rogers
    Jasmine Rogers23 dagar sedan

    Y’all, the conservatives and QAnon are watching this video just to hate on it….. do they not know how views work??

  • Mark Obenauer
    Mark Obenauer23 dagar sedan

    Just discovered this show. A couple months after this show we are now experiencing a delta strain Coronavirus surge in southwestern Missouri because of influence of movers and shakers and vaccine doubters like Joe Rogan. Also liked critique on Kenneth Copeland….This is great social commentary.

  • The Truth
    The Truth25 dagar sedan

    Rogan def wasn’t making fun of Hila nor would he if he knew who she was before making that comment. The way you guys lean left-ish, he’s gonna lean right-ish. But you all have more in common than you think. Don’t pull a Trisha and make assumptions and judge before knowing the whole story. People who listen to a few of H3 pods would easily judge one way and same for Rogans. You’re doing what you busting on him for doing. Also satire plays a part ofcourse. Don’t go this hard rogans not as bad or as alpha as you’re making it out to seem. 100% if Ethan went on rogan or vice versa they would get along.

  • yourvirtualdad
    yourvirtualdad25 dagar sedan


  • david lenig
    david lenig26 dagar sedan

    anyone that takes advice from fauci, the godfather of covid, is an idiot...

  • Collegiate American
    Collegiate American26 dagar sedan

    I woke up to this trash podcast playing. Legit no point to this show. I’m now going over to Joe Rogan’s podcast. At least it’s a bit interesting.

  • Gerry Landy
    Gerry Landy26 dagar sedan

    “I ain’t taking no COVID shot boyyyy!!!” 😂

  • slush
    slush27 dagar sedan

    woo baby

  • Ryan Smythe
    Ryan Smythe27 dagar sedan

    Thought my stream crashed at 47:26😅

  • matt hovey
    matt hovey27 dagar sedan

    The only reason you guys are insulated is ? You think you are on the same level as joe.... your not..🤙

  • Solipsist TV
    Solipsist TV27 dagar sedan

    Its the following Monday

  • bbyashh
    bbyashh29 dagar sedan

    maybe it’s just me but i swear hila looks like a bit older billie eilish

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati29 dagar sedan

    I dont know you should try going after joe man that may not be the best move.

  • Neville
    Neville29 dagar sedan

    47:26 why did they just freeze in time?

  • bluespace
    bluespaceMånad sedan

    long beach is the one cool city to rep in LA pasadena is alright

  • essence arielle
    essence arielleMånad sedan

    She’s so hot

  • Ppumpkinhead
    PpumpkinheadMånad sedan

    your looking for a fight don't you?

  • Dani
    DaniMånad sedan

    I bet Ethan feels so stupid after the emails got leaked

  • Howard Huang
    Howard HuangMånad sedan

    Joe Rogan calls in: 00:58:09 01:01:23 01:06:35 01:15:56 02:11:04

  • Apet
    ApetMånad sedan

    "Joe Rogan called me dumb". And gives 2:14:30 moments of proving him right.

  • Apet


    23 dagar sedan

    @Moody Squirrel Sorry, but all these names are far from calling out leftist agenda. Who would you say is fair and reasonable and calls out BS on both sides? Do you see any names on the conservative or libertarian side that you could agree with on certain topics or views? But as mentioned from my initial post. It's not about Jimmy or others. It's about Ethan calling Joe silly names without any substance - just showing that it was actually him and his wife who are the dumb ones.

  • Moody Squirrel

    Moody Squirrel

    29 dagar sedan

    @Apet Literally the majority of the leftist content creators. Hassan, the serfs, vaush, etc. They at one point criticize the left. I watch debates, there is nothing wrong with talking to the right. It’s a good thing. What he does is not helpful at all, and in my opinion turns more people to being conservatives. Have you seen what he said on Fox News? It’s not at all helpful he instead spreads more disinformation about the left and all the while complementing Fox News.

  • Apet


    29 dagar sedan

    @Moody SquirrelSo who would you suggest on the left that criticizes the left? And why is it bad to go speak to the other side? Isn't this the whole point of communicaton - exchange of views and ideas?

  • Moody Squirrel

    Moody Squirrel

    29 dagar sedan

    @Apet I did bring him up. I think it’s ironic all the stuff you’re saying H3 does “ trashing and dunking people” jimmy dore does that same. There are plenty of leftist who criticize other leftist, Jimmy dore criticize leftists but then goes on Fox News complaining how he’s the only good one. Instead of talking to other leftist he just complains and goes to a News station who toxic is for democracy and leftist ideas.

  • Apet


    29 dagar sedan

    @Moody Squirrel First of all, I am not in a Jimmy Dore fan club. I didn't bring him up. You did. As you said it's important to hear all sides. And I do. Honestly he is still one of the more normal people from the left that says it like he sees it. I don't follow and listen to everything he says. But atleast he doesn't talk only one sided, which is a nice change that he's able to criticize his own side too. That was also the problem with this H3 trashing. It was just a cringe listening to both of Kleins dunking on Rogan. Without any substance, just with elementary school type of name calling.

  • Caramia Ditzel
    Caramia DitzelMånad sedan

    Jesus he’s gained weight haven’t watched in years

  • Joe Julian
    Joe JulianMånad sedan

    "They tell us what to do, you don't have to think about it." Rogan is 100% right. This guy is a douche

  • Annie Friedbacher
    Annie FriedbacherMånad sedan

    I hate Joe Rogan

  • Geriatric Pimp
    Geriatric PimpMånad sedan

    ETHAN, you are correct on the general way we all usually refer to pasts and presents of the calling-out of weekdays and weekends! YOU and GABE are on the right track. Lol

  • Geriatric Pimp
    Geriatric PimpMånad sedan

    I don't think ETHAN knows how lucky he is to have a woman like HILA 🤠

  • Lee Robson
    Lee RobsonMånad sedan

    Are you going to debate Rogan next?

  • UnicoRN
    UnicoRNMånad sedan

    Does anyone know the story behind their intro song. Like that’s not really Jay z is it? Lol

  • I have a small penis but
    I have a small penis butMånad sedan


  • Tayler Kendall
    Tayler KendallMånad sedan

    I know this was posted a month ago but, I really wish Mac Miller was here. I'd love to see him on an h3 podcast.

  • Tayler Kendall
    Tayler KendallMånad sedan

    Off the rails baby.

  • Killa Kable
    Killa KableMånad sedan

    Ya whole crew look like street poopin’ Heroine addicts.

  • Alex Kelly
    Alex KellyMånad sedan


  • Max Aggropop
    Max AggropopMånad sedan

    joe lost me when he moved to texas. back in la he had some intelligent people on from time to time and he asked them really good questions or they just had a good time. now hes just inviting these hicks that do the pickme dance around him and he goes full on libertarian larp.

  • Max Aggropop

    Max Aggropop

    Månad sedan

    @The Bread Pill okay apparently you have no idea what a nazi is, thanks for your irrelevant input. have a nice day.

  • The Bread Pill

    The Bread Pill

    Månad sedan

    @Max Aggropop yeah that's the point, jogan rogan should have lost you when he was selling naziism to his millions of fans by platforming nazis.

  • Max Aggropop

    Max Aggropop

    Månad sedan

    @The Bread Pill nah i didn't watch those because i am not interested in what they have to say

  • The Bread Pill

    The Bread Pill

    Månad sedan

    jogan rogan should have lost you when he was having nazis like milo and mcinnnes on constantly

  • Nico Moschella
    Nico MoschellaMånad sedan


  • Hayden
    HaydenMånad sedan

    We shouldn’t listen to professionals guys! No masks, No Seat belts, No safety precautions at all!! Don’t be a pussy guys

  • zip1233
    zip1233Månad sedan

    "just do what the government says" Ok bootlicker

  • Sharon H
    Sharon HMånad sedan

    "Dumb little mind" ironic comment

  • Christy B
    Christy BMånad sedan

    Ethan so bad at virtuous signalling, you can see in earlier podcasts so much of closeted racist he is.

  • I have a small penis but

    I have a small penis but

    Månad sedan

    What did he say? I’m curious

  • Sharon H
    Sharon HMånad sedan

    Your audience voted for Biden. I can hardly take much more.

  • Sharon H
    Sharon HMånad sedan

    Bunch of fools...

  • thecommenter
    thecommenterMånad sedan

    What do you search for to find new things on the internet?

  • MichelleShow Ya Know
    MichelleShow Ya KnowMånad sedan

    You don’t even have to think about it dude ~ A very wise man

  • Tarah Durham
    Tarah DurhamMånad sedan

    “Listen to the government, you don’t even have to think about it, dude.” I’m sure nazi Germany would have totally agreed with you and would’ve loved to have you on their team.

  • Brendan


    Månad sedan

    What a stupid comparison

  • Adam B.

    Adam B.

    Månad sedan

    I think there’s a big difference between the CDC and Nazi Germany, also pretty cool to say that the Nazis would have liked Ethan and Hila, two Jewish people lmao

  • J. Cruise
    J. CruiseMånad sedan

    He's rid the fck out...he ain't listening to no one else but the roids

  • Guy Miller
    Guy MillerMånad sedan

    He didn't trash her specifically. He doesn't even know who she is. He trashed some random faceless double masking idiot as far as he was concerned. I'm not saying she is that, but you get what I mean.

  • TomTom
    TomTomMånad sedan

    More interested in what joe has to say than ethan bashing him

  • Kelli In Texas
    Kelli In TexasMånad sedan

    On October 18, 2019, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, which is described on the group's website as "a high-level pandemic exercise" carried out in New York. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be 'necessary' during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences: "Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global -- a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes 'Event 201', would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions." The group claims they did not 'predict' the coronavirus, despite modeling their pandemic under the same name. However, when examining their documents, striking similarities begin to emerge: "Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen was modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms. There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year." Let's think: The 'real' coronavirus started over a bat in a meat market, transmitted to humans, and shows mild symptoms. The vaccine is also 12-18 months away from being developed. Furthermore, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation funded a research center in England called the Pirbright Institute, which specializes in the study of viruses that affect farm animals, and viruses that transfer from animals to people. They own a very similar patent for a type of coronavirus affecting animals. The world fell for the deception, hook line, and sinker. Now, nations are crying out for a 'solution' to the growing COVID-19 'crisis' and Bill Gates (not surprisingly) has emerged at the head of the pack. GATES TO THE RESCUE Bill Gates is now the talk of the town, and in a recent interview, he told The Daily Show that his foundation was funding the construction of factories for seven coronavirus vaccine 'candidates'. He says the foundation would end up picking only one or two of the seven, meaning billions of dollars spent on manufacturing would be abandoned. However, spending a few billion to capitalize on the growing $35 billion vaccine market seems like a calculated investment. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already committed $100 million to fighting coronavirus, as part of its broader efforts in international health. The group is also reportedly exploring the idea of supplying at-home testing kits for the coronavirus. It also launched a $125 million COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator and gave $5 million to help public health agencies in the Seattle area 'enhance their capacity' to detect the virus. So, a man who has profited largely off vaccine development for years and also held 'simulations' of pandemic outbreaks is now cashing in on the chase to develop a COVID-19 vaccine? How fitting. Gates ultimate influence in this unfolding plan can be found in the instructions given in recent weeks. THE 'ONLY WAY OUT' Bill Gates now has a net worth of $97.8 billion. Yet, being the 'relatable' person that he is, took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything on the COVID-19 pandemic. He would share his thoughts on 'how best to deal' with the outbreak and explored possible long-term effects on the world. Gates said that broad vaccination for COVID-19 will need to become available "before you can be completely safe". Until then, according to his claims, there's a risk that communities could rebound unless they continue to practice strict social distancing and quarantines to see case numbers level off. Gates said he doesn't think large gatherings will be able to resume until widespread vaccination has taken place, as the 'risks would outweigh the benefits' of such events: World leaders also agree with Gates' timeline and perspectives. Shortly after doing the media rounds, the Australian government hinted at the fact society will be in lockdown until a vaccine is developed. This was soon followed by the New South Wales government and others. Furthermore, Gates called for a "national tracking system similar to South Korea", saying that "in Seattle, the University of Washington is providing thousands of tests per day, but no one is connected to a national tracking system". He said that whenever there is a positive test, it should be used to understand where the disease is and whether we need to strengthen the social distancing. In the future, he has floated the idea of 'vaccine certificates' to show proof-of-vaccination following the widespread rollout of COVID-19 products. This would be a new requirement for international and domestic travel, and is tipped to further expand to all facets of life. Given the context detailed in this feature piece, do you trust the intentions of this man? Gates has a rich history of eugenics influence and partakes in activities across the world that further progress the aims of the original movement, albeit in disguise. Such is the story of the Dehumanization of Humanity. The 'death of god' lead to parasites believing they were gods, and this premise serves as the underlying force driving the transhumanist era. Using objectivist logic, we must all exercise the precautionary principle when approaching Gates' claims to 'improve' health through vaccines. If a COVID-19 vaccine uses strains of an actual virus, as many do, in order to encourage the body to build immunization, subjects who receive the vaccine will be carriers of that virus. Bill Gates, and the forces that drive this puppet, are pushing the world towards a choice: Take the COVID-19 vaccine and deal with the health consequences, or refuse and be denied basic services and after being labeled as a 'health threat'. Take the jab or be targeted. I know where I stand. Will you be lining up to receive the newly developed Gates-funded vaccine?

  • up yours

    up yours

    Månad sedan

    You are nuts for such a long response. I bet you are so fun

  • Bam Bam
    Bam BamMånad sedan

    Hila is Gorgeous here! That hair makes her eyes pop. 😍😍

  • Mario Wav
    Mario WavMånad sedan

    22:04 replay this forever

  • Covid19 is COMMUNISM
    Covid19 is COMMUNISMMånad sedan

    H3 is my preferred incest channel

  • user3244
    user3244Månad sedan

    new subscriber. respect to Ethan

  • Adrian
    AdrianMånad sedan

    In my opinion the powerfulJRE is infinitely more interesting than the h3 podcast. Joe discusses all spectrums of ideas with his guests because he isn't forced to regurgitate a politically correct narrative. The difference between the jre and h3 podcast is that Joe runs his podcast, youtube runs yours.

  • Brendan


    Månad sedan

    hAvE yOu eVeR dOnE dMt???????

  • Marc Vaccaro
    Marc VaccaroMånad sedan

    Rogan is tiny. He's likely self conscious of his height and lack of hair.

  • Daniel The Human
    Daniel The HumanMånad sedan

    I agree with ethan and hila here

  • Tom
    TomMånad sedan

    48:00 mins in they start talking about joe rogan

  • poppy j rose

    poppy j rose

    9 dagar sedan

    Thank you!!

  • Tom


    22 dagar sedan

    @Sol ah my bad

  • Sol


    22 dagar sedan

    @Tom I was joking lol

  • Tom


    22 dagar sedan

    @Sol just watch it for like 10 more seconds bro lol they legit say “we’re gonna talk about joe rogan”

  • Sol


    22 dagar sedan


  • Peanut Arbuckle
    Peanut ArbuckleMånad sedan

    God, these two are just awful . Awful to look at, awful to listen to.

  • XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i
    XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX iMånad sedan

    Gain of function research

  • No No
    No NoMånad sedan

    Speaking of calling people out in public for doing the dipstick boy do I have a story for you. So this is years ago I am older but pre teeen so maybe 10/11 and in a supermarket I walk into the toy isle for a look and I see this kid aimlessly walking down the Isle covered in chocolate when I seen him dipstick. Yes that is right this kid wasn't covered in chocolate infact he was having a whale of a time eating his own turd once this realisation hit me I immediately backed out the Isle and took a while to process what the hell I had seen.

  • Samuel Miller
    Samuel MillerMånad sedan

    All the dumb asses who are mad about his government comment, also call America the greatest country in the world loooool

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • Andrea Pacas
    Andrea PacasMånad sedan

    Why didn’t anyone tell Dan to shut up