Confronting Adin Ross On Twitch Gambling

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    Just FYI we are NOT becoming a twitch only show. We will have the same regular programming on the podcast. We are using the opportunity with Hila gone to explore how to produce more content for you guys. Peace & Love Peace & Love!

  • Clisare


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    I do like this format where you can see the people talking (as opposed to the other clip on the highlights channel where you only hear the guys shouting over Ethan sitting there) but an intro at the start would be a lot better for those of us who have no idea of twitch streamers. ✌🏻& ❤️

  • g c

    g c

    7 dagar sedan

    h3 podcast = clout chasing rats

  • Austin Cameron

    Austin Cameron

    7 dagar sedan

    Quality > Quantity

  • Ashtin Stewart

    Ashtin Stewart

    7 dagar sedan

    Am I missing something? I thought twitch screwed them over??

  • benjamin k033

    benjamin k033

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    @Ben North you can watch full on twitch vods

  • Captain Danger
    Captain Danger4 timmar sedan

    I totally get what Ethan is saying about having a young audience and them watching people is bad.. but couldn't the same be said for what Ethan does? His channel is jam packed with drama and people talking shit about each other and that's a lot of what he makes his living off of, talking about that stuff. Toxic drama isn't good for young people either and it is unproductive.

  • Sqoun
    Sqoun6 timmar sedan

    Ethan became a drama-driven person. Just like Keemstar. it's pathetic.

  • lolllla
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    this needs more views!!!!!!

  • Vexivero
    Vexivero16 timmar sedan

    Adin Ross looks like icejjfish in the thumbnail

  • Brandon Araujo
    Brandon Araujo18 timmar sedan

    You gotta stop hating on him. Being sus has always been a thing with the boys. It’s like dark humor. Some people get it some people get mad about it, but you shouldn’t force someone to change their personality just because you don’t like it. Just don’t watch them.

  • spyro
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    Crypto is not fucking gambling lmao

  • Tokei999
    Tokei99921 timme sedan

    Ethan seems so detached

  • pierre
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    idgaf if ur young ASF and are offered 2 million dollars , who the fuck is not taking that ???

  • hassan Clips
    hassan ClipsDag sedan

    Why not blame it on bad parenting

  • Callum Starr
    Callum StarrDag sedan

    Bill Burr made you invincible

  • charlie pomerantz
    charlie pomerantzDag sedan

    gotta love people who knock others down to make themselves look better, fuckin disgusting

  • tony reyes
    tony reyesDag sedan

    “I’m 20 bro” If you’re old enough to be aware that your age can be used as an excuse, then your too old to use that as an excuse. God millennials suck

  • abg nbd
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    i think a fair analogy would be is porn... and ethan did a show with a adult star for months... talked about her inappropriate content on twitter often... do you not think that subtly promoting pornography can have similar or even worse addiction issues on children? ethan acting all holier than thou on this is kinda trash.

  • cheesyninja03
    cheesyninja03Dag sedan

    In summary, Ethan: So are you gonna stop promoting gambling to kids? Adin: You're old haha

  • Tony Trujillo
    Tony TrujilloDag sedan

    literally h3 is just a big opinion nothing that comes outta ethans mouth is backed up by anything

  • Tony Trujillo
    Tony TrujilloDag sedan

    no one would care at all not one bit if ethan klein died today! Worst podcast on the face of the internet

  • it’s karaa
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    adin trying to explain how the sus jokes aren’t homophobic is the funniest thing ever

  • Overrated


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    His explanation was prettt valid, it’s honestly just male humor

  • Jorgen Vonstrangle
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    adin literally said hes 100% selling out

  • ZuhaLoveMusic
    ZuhaLoveMusic2 dagar sedan

    "Do u like me now?" haha it was kinda cute, u can tell he's definitely still a kid, he doesn't fully understand how much he's stuck in that swamp and how damaging it can be for audience

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P2 dagar sedan

    Adin doesn't seem to realize that's blood money, legal grey area activity that's morally bankrupt and has now tarnished his reputation. He is enjoying the instant benefits now, but as his audience grows up and he becomes irrelevant what is he left with? Some people can evolve their content, but I don't see that happening with his social sphere as they age and aren't "relatable" to the young demographic anymore. Many of their audiences will grow up to realize how exploitative these people are. He's become accustomed to a lifestyle that he likely won't be able to sustain long term. He's aligned himself with the wrong people. This is what often happens when young people have a lot of money, and aren't mature enough. None of these people realize these companies are also exploiting them, as they know they are young and naïve enough to peddle this garbage, which will likely have negative consequences on them later.

    THAT_ONE_GUY2 dagar sedan

    I was such a huge fan of H3 and the gambling is wrong but honestly Ethan has become such a whiny SJW bitch

  • Sagn Gaming
    Sagn Gaming2 dagar sedan

    Heroin is better comparison than alcohol, except this drug is all over the place, like alcohol lol

  • Erinkelly __
    Erinkelly __2 dagar sedan

    That kid is a 🤡

  • Rohan Blue
    Rohan Blue2 dagar sedan

    bringing mizkif and hasan in this conversation IS CRINGE

  • Nia Daniels

    Nia Daniels

    Dag sedan

    why does he do this? ethan is a puss lol

  • it’s karaa

    it’s karaa

    2 dagar sedan

    mizkif is so annoying

  • Jigar
    Jigar2 dagar sedan

    Ethan and hasan are giving moral lessson to others 😂😂😂 oh irony

  • Gagasaurio
    Gagasaurio2 dagar sedan

    "mexico internet" ahh to be that stupid.

  • Seth Gastineau
    Seth Gastineau2 dagar sedan


  • heikki paasi
    heikki paasi2 dagar sedan

    Nice moves Ethan, keep it up!

  • Zachary Sieve
    Zachary Sieve2 dagar sedan

    It wasn't touched on much, but I really don't think being gay is the butt of the joke when Adin is "acting sus." The joke is the reaction of the other person who finds it gross. I personally think it's unfair to call Adin homophobic for that when the part people actually find funny is the sexual insecurity from the other party because the other party are the actual homophobes/insecure about their sexuality.

  • Love, Selam
    Love, Selam2 dagar sedan

    His friends are capable of having jobs. They’re 20 and able and have all the time to make their bread 🙄 He acts like we should all be happy for their hard come up.

  • apple crumble
    apple crumble3 dagar sedan

    Love you Ethan 😊

  • Lucas Shields
    Lucas Shields3 dagar sedan

    Welcome back to the front page h3h3

  • BOMER 88
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    I can’t believe aiden gave these snowflakes clout by going on thier platform , the kid is earning a living and these clowns are judging everything he does

  • BOMER 88
    BOMER 883 dagar sedan

    Oo ethan shut up . Your wrath is gotten from children to. You wouldn’t turn down millions of dollars stop playing holier then thou . And give Trisha her 5%

  • ATP Synthase
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    If we are being real, online personalities are not going to have the best moral compass. Most will do as much as they can legally to get as much money as possible. One good thing about what he does is at least he says he isn’t using his own money, implying the losses he makes won’t impact him like his viewers. I don’t know if this is any different to loot box or pack opening on mobile games or Fifa etc.

  • Pollo Loco
    Pollo Loco3 dagar sedan

    Okay but you can’t sit here and act high and almighty like ur a cancel king that has done nothing Immorally wrong, u talk as if you’ve never done anything offensive in your entire life

  • Mj F
    Mj F3 dagar sedan

    "I stole my dad's credit card so that makes it ok for me to steal money from kids" wut dood?

  • BucketDwarf
    BucketDwarf3 dagar sedan

    just cause he admits it and "plans" on stopping doesn't make it better... Like would you excuse a serial murderer after they say "Yeah Bruh I know it's not good, but I'm going to mexico to do one last murder for my fam and then I PROMISE i'll stop" LIKE WTF

  • Pabz Roz
    Pabz Roz3 dagar sedan

    Ethan is literally disgusting. He's literally trying to peer pressure a kid into breaking his contract and risk legal trouble. Adin was literally listening to yall and saying he probably won't do it again and knows it's wrong and is done when the contract finishes but of course that's not enough and you take it too far. It's never enough. Adin can do what he wants. Nobody cares how you would feel Ethan. As if Ethan being proud of him if he stops would motivate Adin to stop. Who do you think you are? God? Ethan is legit outa his mind. He obsesses over everyone elses faults and everyone elses issues but completely ignores his own. Legit obsesses over people and targets them over and over and over. It's blatant jealousy. Not a single thing Ethan ever talks about is positive. Just constant negativity acting like his opinion is law and always right. Legit when was the last time Ethan ever had a podcast that was just positive? Biggest hypocrite on the platform. Literally worse then Keemstar. Dude is a shadow of his former self and it's the saddest thing to see how miserable he's become. This channel is nothing but negative vibes.

  • Nia Daniels

    Nia Daniels

    Dag sedan

    im so glad someone realizes how much of drama boy ethan is. him and keem have more in common than he thinks, thats why he considers him his enemy lol

  • Damalman
    Damalman3 dagar sedan

    He's basically saying it might hurt each kid a tiny tiny bit but it helps him immensely

  • RareBreed4246
    RareBreed42463 dagar sedan

    Not a big fan of Hassan but he was absolutely clowning Adin in this holy shit😂😂😂

  • Sign
    Sign3 dagar sedan

    I mean everyone is saying these things but when it comes to them $2m is a lot of money for a young person most of the person would want to finish the job…

  • Blake Malone
    Blake Malone3 dagar sedan

    Since when did this guy become the voice of morality?

  • Jonathan Hestroffer
    Jonathan Hestroffer3 dagar sedan

    I love the way Ethan applies this pressure.

  • Jeremy Rivera
    Jeremy Rivera3 dagar sedan

    lol he is some snotty kid

  • Damalman
    Damalman3 dagar sedan

    So many verified checkmarks in the comments

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez3 dagar sedan

    I don’t understand how I can hate and like hasan so much

  • Morgan R
    Morgan R3 dagar sedan

    “aaaaaaM i A nOrMIE rIgHt NoW?!” Better be a Sound bite

  • TheJohnnySlick
    TheJohnnySlick3 dagar sedan

    Man, Ethan with the "hey, when you pretend to hit on dudes and make the punchline the concept of gayness, can you explain what's funny about that to me?" moment. Love that... you just see folks squirming around trying to say anything but "yep, it's low-key homophobic, that's why I think it's funny".



    3 dagar sedan

    literally had no comeback, I heard that and instantly knew it was gonna be awkward

  • BatBat
    BatBat3 dagar sedan

    Best vid I've seen in a long time, thanks Ethan. This little tool will realize soon enough the joke's on him.

  • Taz
    Taz3 dagar sedan

    Y’all are wack. How is there a proper way to make sus jokes 😂😂

  • Gia Richarte
    Gia Richarte3 dagar sedan

    Whose bone headed ass lil brother is this “bRo” ?

  • DearGhost
    DearGhost3 dagar sedan

    I agree what he is doing is wrong but i also think responsibility does fall heavily on the parents for not monitoring what their children are doing online and where they are spending their money. I really hope we, the next generation will see the dangers of letting young kids have free roam on the internet.

  • Gavin Hernandez
    Gavin Hernandez3 dagar sedan

    Ethan lose the libtards and I’ll watch!

  • Sara Scheibler
    Sara Scheibler4 dagar sedan

    Omg the cringe when he asked if Ethan liked him…the INSECURITY

  • VSVP22
    VSVP224 dagar sedan

    I'm 35 and watch my boi religiously🖤

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green4 dagar sedan

    A 20 yo kid who is incredibly immature and probably not very intelligent is the perfect target for these gambling sites. The website makes a crazy amount of money off of the dollars and clicks generated by this kid who can barely understand what he is being paid for. This guy has very shallow goals and the gambling site is swift to help him meet them. Money being one, clout being another, and it seems he’s cool with whatever for it. He couldn’t care less about, and apparently hasn’t even contemplated any possible harm his actions could cause. He uses his “sense of humor” as a shield during this whole conversation. It’s like he thinks as long as he makes a joke about the bad shxt he’s doing then all is forgiven and everyone will like him. He’s very simple and it’s incredible that it’s people like this that are making these giant checks. It’s kinda sad.

  • MCDEthan
    MCDEthan4 dagar sedan

    all you do is try to set people up and cancel them let people blow up you’re such a hater it’s insane you make me feel ashamed my name is Ethan too.

  • MCDEthan
    MCDEthan4 dagar sedan

    Ethan is a hater. All he does is hate on people and is a jealous little nerd who got bullied. I understand you think your opinions matter but no one really cares all your do is search for drama and make it but say you don’t like it and act above it. You just are a worse version of drama alert. Let people do their thing adin does what he wants and is just having fun. We aren’t all just people that watch somethin and do it we’re all our own people. You say adin makes dangerous habits but you are creating a group of haters and just people that love complain

  • Ange O
    Ange O4 dagar sedan

    This was very bizarre, constantly asking 'do you like me', when Ethan shares, Adin fights back indirectly "are you friends with Keemstar" knowing very well the case, biting back as a result of his insecurity, but in such a childish, nonchalant way... Ethan did so well with it all.

  • Daniël N
    Daniël N4 dagar sedan

    With peace and love, I like Ethan, Adin is a dickhead but it's not his job to police these kids and watch what they do on the internet, that's the job of the parents, and anyone else losing money on the gambling are old enough to know better, the onus is on them.

  • Moe Kwatra
    Moe Kwatra4 dagar sedan

    I am so confused by the things Aiden says.

  • NHjay
    NHjay4 dagar sedan

    but who are you to tell someone that there wrong for gambling first of all gambling is 21 and over so how are u gonna tell a grown adult on how they can spend or use there money I get that gambling is bad and everything but if a grown ass man wants to gamble his whole damn house away let him it’s his money,life, a person can do whatever they want with there OWN MONEY

  • Ephesians2.8
    Ephesians2.84 dagar sedan

    If adin would just straight up say he likes to gamble and do what he wants and doesn’t care who disagrees, he’d get more respect than acting so scared of confrontation. Beta male stuff . Who gives af if he gambles

  • Jackson Holleman
    Jackson Holleman4 dagar sedan


  • cora raelynn
    cora raelynn4 dagar sedan

    This is what frenemies should be. Ethan talks to people he disagrees with. Every episode, new person.

  • cora raelynn

    cora raelynn

    3 dagar sedan

    @Overrated yeah i did, and if you like the idea you should copy and paste it into a new comment on the video so there is a more likely chance the crew will see it

  • Overrated


    4 dagar sedan

    Wow bro You totally didn’t steal that 😲

  • Karla G
    Karla G4 dagar sedan

    Glad you called out the homophobia. I always thought it was so funny how these dude bros make content off this “funny” gay stuff would absolutely be the first ones to feel threatened and act violently when a real prospective male partner comes along and flirts for real. A real man would kindly decline and move along without making the relationship weird or different. It truly bothers me that this straight fuck boy has rocketed to fame off making gayness the butt of all his jokes. And making it funny to make straight men verbally assault another man for his sexuality and ridiculing it. It’s like blackface but for sexuality. I’m so offended at how rich and successful people can be off acting silly and bigoted

  • Darko dd
    Darko dd4 dagar sedan

    you're a hypocrite Ethan. You're all about the money and you're commenting on other people's money

  • cora raelynn
    cora raelynn4 dagar sedan

    chatter thinking SELF REPORT !!!!!! the whole time

  • Patrick Dyer
    Patrick Dyer4 dagar sedan

    This shit wild

  • Nopixel Tea
    Nopixel Tea4 dagar sedan

    3v1 isn’t the way to go about this. If we were truly concerned about this we would have had this conversation behind closed doors. As someone who’s been the 1 in a 3v1 it forces you to go on the defensive but you know that if you bring up any points the 3 ppl will instantly gang up on you so you just gotta be like “yeah, you’re right, I understand”.

  • Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    3 dagar sedan

    @Nopixel Tea I guess you just saw it differently cause I felt like hasan and miz were both extremely important to the conversation like mizkif was definitely less important but I felt that Him being there definitely changed the mood from debate to just a chat, and then hasan he’s been criticizing gambling streams for a long time and he’s also extremely knowledgeable but he’s not aggressive and really good at being calm and sounding kind even if he’s condemning your actions and I feel like if Ethan did it alone it would just be a aggressive debate where both sides become extremely divided and that’s cause Ethan isn’t a smart guy and he doesn’t really understand that to convince someone there wrong you have to be calm and composed

  • Nopixel Tea

    Nopixel Tea

    3 dagar sedan

    He probably did. Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t think H3 should’ve conducted it this way. 1v1 conversation would’ve been much mire productive. This was just a content move, he has clips for days by being able to use their names. I can’t bring myself to believe that he would hold this conversation with adin if it was behind closed doors.

  • Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    4 dagar sedan

    @Nopixel Tea as I said im pretty sure adin wanted to come on so it’s his choice if he wanted to 1v3 or not

  • Nopixel Tea

    Nopixel Tea

    4 dagar sedan

    @Father Pucci mizkif was definitely throwing jabs though as well as repeating things that adin said that didn’t come across right just to get the laughs out of the other 2. If you don’t see this as a 3v1 then idk what is.

  • Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    4 dagar sedan

    First off all Mizkif isn’t doing anything except be entertaining also they didn’t plan this adin just came on randomly I’m pretty sure but Ethan did do a 2v2 and a 1v1 with 2 other gambling streamer so I doubt he’s scared

  • SydneyAlayna : /
    SydneyAlayna : /4 dagar sedan

    Can you PLEASE talk about the MINOR that Adin brought to live with him in his house who he continues to act “SUS” with (rubbing him seductively) and how he basically is breeding more young incel “sussy” children on through his platform!!!!!

  • The Gent
    The Gent4 dagar sedan

    Ethan now is like original Conor McGregor coming back. Zero fucks given again.

  • Xiles IONs
    Xiles IONs4 dagar sedan

    Twitch needs to get their head out of their asses and get on with the adult section of streaming. Oh it is already there? Clearly it doesn't work, so fix it! Besides that, it would show great confidence in humanity if parents keep their credit cards where they belong, and that means, not where the kids can secretly can take it, which enables them to become possibly addicted to gambling.

  • Banyas Beans official
    Banyas Beans official4 dagar sedan

    I think that Aiden is a genuinely nice guy who made a mistake, and seems to want to have a positive effect on other people.

  • Isabellahhhhhhhhh
    Isabellahhhhhhhhh4 dagar sedan

    “Got that Mexico internet” 🤨 as a Mexican that’s kinda rude cause not everywhere in Mexico is poor

  • Bee
    Bee4 dagar sedan

    Adin wanting to clear his name but making things worse. I don't know if it's hilarious or pitiful.

  • SureWould
    SureWould4 dagar sedan

    How do people's douchebag radar not go off when seeing people like this? Why would you get financially involved?

  • emmi
    emmi4 dagar sedan

    what the name of the streamer in the top left corner 👀👀👀 he's rlly hot

  • emmi


    3 dagar sedan

    @Father Pucci thank you for giving his name!!

  • emmi


    3 dagar sedan

    @Father Pucci lmao hasan is good looking but mizkif hits different, i'm definitely gonna go thirst sub to him

  • Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    3 dagar sedan

    @emmi oh I was surprised on why you were calling hasan handsome but now it makes sense you were talking bout the sigma male next to HasanAbi well that guys name is mizkif

  • emmi


    3 dagar sedan

    @Father Pucci no the other side

  • Father Pucci

    Father Pucci

    4 dagar sedan


  • A
    A4 dagar sedan

    This guy sounds like such a douche lmao

  • sarrah
    sarrah4 dagar sedan

    nobody: adin: greed > morals

  • Oswegoma
    Oswegoma5 dagar sedan

    What a tool this kid is, screw influencers

  • oil
    oil5 dagar sedan

    this is literally like a drug addict intervention

  • Alicia J
    Alicia J5 dagar sedan

    "what are you a fed?" killed me😂😂😂

  • Max
    Max5 dagar sedan

    Holy cringe

  • aerialz dayo
    aerialz dayo5 dagar sedan

    h3h3, ethan. you got me again dude. feels like old times. keep doing this kind of content, i love it.

  • DRDOOM313
    DRDOOM3135 dagar sedan

    Adin doesn’t control who gambles

  • Gambling Bull
    Gambling Bull5 dagar sedan

    Worst thing is that most crypto casinos (including Stake and Roobet) don't do a KYC that often. On most normal online casinos with reputable licenses, players have a limit of deposit before KYC. The cryopto casinos don't care about the KYC process and limits of deposit, this shows that they are only after the money and more after people who won't be able to play on other casinos because of their location or age. There is no responsible gambling on crypto casinos, you can't set a limit, you can't automatically exclude yourself, you can just create new accounts even if the old one was closed because of gambling addiction, etc. Promoting these casinos to new players is like someone smoking cigarettes in a school, and show kids it's cool, but when the kids want to try it, they will get a heroin shot instead of a smoke. It's discusting to promote gambling on twitch, I've worked with slot streamers in past and I know how many people fuck up their lives because of it (that's why I stopped working with them). Even people who gamble for years, start to gamble more because of slot streams, not to mention new players who never had contact with gambling and they think it's "normal" to play with big bets so they can get those jackpot wins the streamers always show and have in commands to show everyone. This is the most disgusting way to promote gambling, it's exactly as creating an liquor store next to an alcohol rehab/AA place and just put a banner with "Don't drink"... what do you think it would happen there, a few people with problems will be dragged back... Thinking that 1 human can loose everything and you are the one responsible for that should make you stop if you have morals, but there are more... much more people suffering because of being dragged back in gambling because of these shady crypto sites and streamers.

  • amc stoner
    amc stoner5 dagar sedan

    This was genuinely funny asf to watch

  • bob frink
    bob frink5 dagar sedan

    you don't even have to think about it

  • Infinity
    Infinity5 dagar sedan

    Aiden's gambling isn't setting a good example but people have to take responsibility for their own gambling instead of blaming him

  • sloth pryyjinx
    sloth pryyjinx5 dagar sedan

    THIS IS SO BAD ASS THIS IS WAT H3 NATION WAS DECEND FOR...exposing dummies its been a great run foopa troopas and foot soliders

  • Cassidy Croteau
    Cassidy Croteau5 dagar sedan

    Adin has officially convinced me my generation is brain dead

  • Adam Chambers
    Adam Chambers5 dagar sedan

    Everyone in the comments sitting back here acting like they wouldn't have taken the money like Adin too.

  • Koen B
    Koen B5 dagar sedan

    these two other guys are annoying ngl they arn't really adding to the interview more just adding cringe commentary/jokes

  • Brandon Crawford
    Brandon Crawford5 dagar sedan

    Ethan being annoying as hell in this

  • Londyn Hager
    Londyn Hager5 dagar sedan

    This guy wants to imagine that his fans are taking their leftover spending money and putting it into these gambling sites and that’s the end of it. He’s not willing to see the full picture. Even if that situation plays out, the kid might not end up totally ruined just from spending their week’s allowance that 1 time but putting a kid in that scenario is running the risk of getting them addicted which WILL end in that.

  • Zara Linden
    Zara Linden5 dagar sedan

    Hassan is a 🤴

  • Nick Richard
    Nick Richard5 dagar sedan

    How is this different than bitcoin