Dream, Keemstar, All Gas No Breaks Interview with Andrew Callaghan - Off The Rails # 2

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  • gru von
    gru von14 timmar sedan

    ok buttered noodles suck but bread and butter is dinner if you want it to be

  • Thainá Guimarães
    Thainá Guimarães2 dagar sedan

    100% agree with Ian, daylight saving gets me a little thrilled. Too bad dumb ass Bolsonaro has abolished it in Brazil. :(

  • JamieJME2o2 ,
    JamieJME2o2 ,2 dagar sedan

    Thanks H3 I would of never known he moved to channel five. Well so have I the 1 viewer

  • Shootie
    Shootie5 dagar sedan

    I'm so ready for bach3lor 3

  • Art yom
    Art yom5 dagar sedan

    Comparing Dream to Billy Mitchell in the way that Ethan does is really unfair to dream. Dream is 21 and making dumb mistakes in the wake of his almost instant fame. Billy Mitchell is a actually sociopath who has obvious malicious intent. Believe what you will but it's really not fair to assume intent based on nothing. We know the facts and everything else should be taken at face value. Karl Jobst made a great video from the most neutral perspective possible. I recommend watching it.

  • RushZone
    RushZone6 dagar sedan


  • Cubby Things
    Cubby Things6 dagar sedan

    Watching this again for a second time and ordering pasta again for a second time.

  • Camryn j
    Camryn j7 dagar sedan


  • Gabriella Perez
    Gabriella Perez11 dagar sedan

    Ian’s kacey shirt is giving me life. What good taste in music.

  • anna p.
    anna p.11 dagar sedan

    not ethan pronouncing NASA as N-A-SEH

  • Tim Mobley
    Tim Mobley16 dagar sedan

    H3 +crew= homophobic. FYI

  • Kailey B
    Kailey B16 dagar sedan

    I’ve never laughed so hard ….this is my favorite skit 😭😭😭😭😂

  • 94JAVS
    94JAVS17 dagar sedan

    What a fucking sweet guy is Andrew

  • Who Wants to Know
    Who Wants to Know17 dagar sedan

    Hell yea Andrew, excited for what's to come :)

  • Stale Bread
    Stale Bread17 dagar sedan

    I feel ethan on pasta, alot of pasta from restaurants are dog shit

  • Who Wants to Know
    Who Wants to Know17 dagar sedan

    Poor Love, they never acknowledged his question. *NickleWHO?*

  • Who Wants to Know
    Who Wants to Know17 dagar sedan

    56:34 yea my husband kinda agrees... Which is hilarious because I was basically raised on spaghetti lol

  • BeakerInShortShorts
    BeakerInShortShorts19 dagar sedan

    Good for you Andrew. I did a similar thing recently but with a lucrative government job that would not replace any of the people/positions that used to be in my department and they kept telling me I wasn’t important enough to help at this time so I bailed after more than a decade. Everyone needs to believe in their own worth. 👏🏼

  • Katlyn Anderson
    Katlyn Anderson19 dagar sedan

    Every single time he uses the trump “I’m gonna come” sound bite my soul transcends my body 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra Wolf20 dagar sedan

    Yes! Dan saying we shouldn’t eat pigs is something I SO AGREE WITH. If you wouldn’t eat your dog you shouldn’t eat pigs!

  • gumshake
    gumshake21 dag sedan

    1:18:32 so you have to be drunk to enjoy Nickelback?

  • lamarASMR
    lamarASMR21 dag sedan

    13:45 😳😳

  • Mackenzie Moon
    Mackenzie Moon22 dagar sedan

    I agree with Dan on pigs

  • Mackenzie Moon
    Mackenzie Moon22 dagar sedan

    I agree with Ethan on pasta

  • Procur3
    Procur322 dagar sedan

    eating animals? come on. heres one as an american: classic rock isnt good

  • casio tone
    casio tone22 dagar sedan


  • 7YK0
    7YK022 dagar sedan

    "wElL hAssAn sAid" Yea because hassan is someone who never says dishonest things..

  • Animalz BLC

    Animalz BLC

    18 dagar sedan

  • 7YK0
    7YK022 dagar sedan

    Zach lost any chance of having my respect when he said nickelback writes GOOD music. Its okay if you like it. But its not GOOD music. FFS.

  • 7YK0
    7YK022 dagar sedan

    Zach is a moron. Gnocchi isnt pasta. Its a dumpling. Its made from potatoes.

  • cass


    17 dagar sedan

    that’s a little harsh 💀

  • chad
    chad23 dagar sedan

    Dream be like :thats wat the point of the cheat is"

  • chad
    chad23 dagar sedan

    You guys should talk about how corpse husband got popular because mamamax featured him in a video. Then when corpse husband blew up(also copied mamamaxs old video format) corpse husband was cancelled for saying retarded or faggot in a mamamax video. Corpse wrote his own script and said itnhimself. Max was doing a collab with him and posted it. When corspe was getting cancelled he told everyone mamamax made him say it. Like fucj corpse husband cos jow ppl dont like max cos of tht

  • Simen
    Simen23 dagar sedan

    Love Andrew

  • Danielle Sellers
    Danielle Sellers23 dagar sedan

    Love is so cute. More of him please 💖

  • Ratoki
    Ratoki23 dagar sedan

    Man, I really hope Andrew doesn't start bleeping out stuff. I feel like that kinda works against his "brand". If it's not about the money like he says, then I really don't see the point. He's earning more than enough to keep the show going from patreon.

  • Josh Ramos
    Josh Ramos24 dagar sedan

    We love Joe Biden as a friend of the show. I hope he calls in more often to weigh in on topics.

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf24 dagar sedan

    Super glad I saw this episode... I didn't know Andrew had a different channel for the past 2 months. I did know about his podcast channel, but also only just recently.

  • Cora Vee
    Cora Vee24 dagar sedan

    Ethan is really just Andrew's big brother. So sweet. Thanks for the update on All gas no breaks, I was wondering what was going on. Now I just subscribed to the new channel.

  • baby bila
    baby bila24 dagar sedan

    came to this channel from frenemies and now i am binge watching every video and enjoying each and every single one it i love the podcast so much thank u for making me less lonely when i do my work

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius Wolf24 dagar sedan

    As far as Dream goes, I recommend people check out the youtube channel of "Karl Jobst". He is essentially the guy to go to for this shit, and he knows more about this than anyone else, evidently. His quite interesting youtube video on this is titled: "Dream's Cheating Confession: Uncovering The Truth"

  • QuantiX
    QuantiX25 dagar sedan

    the biden segment was hilarious

  • Writers Room
    Writers Room25 dagar sedan

    1:15:14 this high-five (presumably with AB) is one of this podcast's greatest moments.

  • Dominick Bryant
    Dominick Bryant26 dagar sedan

    Watch Karl jobst video on dream

  • sloth pryyjinx
    sloth pryyjinx27 dagar sedan

    i love joe biden bring him back pls

  • sloth pryyjinx
    sloth pryyjinx27 dagar sedan


  • Greta
    Greta27 dagar sedan

    I laughed wayyyyyy too much at the intro, it was amazing!

  • BlueRhino23
    BlueRhino2329 dagar sedan

    That Joe Biden impersonator I'd the best one yet

  • Johan L
    Johan L29 dagar sedan


  • chad


    22 dagar sedan

    Thats the 1st thing i hear wen ppl say nicklwback

  • sabrina
    sabrina29 dagar sedan


  • jmacyourlife
    jmacyourlife29 dagar sedan

    13:52 to be energetically aligned

  • Khaleesi Wolfe
    Khaleesi WolfeMånad sedan

    3.54 - 4.00 is fkkin killing me,LoveDobby rolling back n forth has me wheezing xD

  • Daniel
    DanielMånad sedan

    The fucking INTRO

  • Omar Hamadi
    Omar HamadiMånad sedan

    i agree with ethans pasta opinion!!

  • Mohammed Alaam
    Mohammed AlaamMånad sedan

    Cows are almost as smart as pigs

  • PinkSniperz
    PinkSniperzMånad sedan

    Okay but ethans interviewing skills are immaculate

  • Mira Aljarrah
    Mira AljarrahMånad sedan

    Rip to them headphone users

  • Hellion Shark
    Hellion SharkMånad sedan

    pigs are smarter than dogs. they do eat anything, but if they can avoid eating their shit - they will. if they can avoid shitting close to where they sleep they will.

  • Bridget Budgets
    Bridget BudgetsMånad sedan

    Petition for Zach to soundbite Ian saying “hell yeah” at 1:13:02

    HEDGE HUNTERMånad sedan

    Lose my shit everytime Ethan makes Ian stand up 🤣🤣🤣

  • thermo dynamics
    thermo dynamicsMånad sedan

    White Lives Matter Rally. ROFL. Right wangers are unwitting comic geniuses. Gotta love that.

  • Georgia Kate
    Georgia KateMånad sedan

    i think dan might be my soulmate like everything he says is on point

  • ehr
    ehrMånad sedan

    Wow I can't believe he shifted into real Hogwarts

  • Hayden A. O'Leary
    Hayden A. O'LearyMånad sedan

    Ethan coming down HARD on pasta

  • kqpetanios *
    kqpetanios *Månad sedan

    This is some A tier content

  • John Doe
    John DoeMånad sedan

    where can i get this shirt??

  • Alia Over The Years
    Alia Over The YearsMånad sedan

    But Andrew has such a sasha baron cohen vibe

  • Ignorance is a choice
    Ignorance is a choiceMånad sedan

    Upstart: pay for your debt by getting a loan. What kind of BS is that? lmao.

  • Julian Prokop
    Julian ProkopMånad sedan


  • iluvtotoke420
    iluvtotoke420Månad sedan

    I like the biden impression lol 😂

  • Rick
    RickMånad sedan

    What a coward. Contacted Crowder to debate. And then ran like a dog who tore up the morning newspaper. Substituted in some no name SEblackr that no one has heard of. No honor. No self respect.

  • Dimento
    DimentoMånad sedan

    fucking when has nickelback ever made a good song like what the fuck

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • no one
    no oneMånad sedan


  • no one
    no oneMånad sedan

    My heros are dead

  • azhurelwarrior
    azhurelwarriorMånad sedan

    Zach liking Nickelback explains why he thinks AC/DC made the greatest classic rock album ever. Big cringe.

  • Quick Brick Films
    Quick Brick FilmsMånad sedan


  • Optizy
    OptizyMånad sedan

    1:24:25 Interview with All Gas No Brakes

  • Katie Hansbury
    Katie HansburyMånad sedan

    What about tortellini with meat and cheese in it its more than just pasta lol

  • Mr Fox
    Mr FoxMånad sedan

    Tbh idk if dream cheated i mean look what barbie said. "Nothing is impossible ooooooo" jk idk byt i mean nothing is really impossible.

  • Mr Fox

    Mr Fox

    Månad sedan

    Oh wait i got it wrong its "anythings is possible oooooo"

  • SpikeTVin1080i
    SpikeTVin1080iMånad sedan

    Andrew Callaghan thinking he's gaslighting himself? Fuck that, dude. You're all gas, no lights.

  • Emma Collins
    Emma CollinsMånad sedan

    I love Zach's red nails

  • 17 pink sugar elephants
    17 pink sugar elephantsMånad sedan

    Goddamn i wish i was 18 so i could apply for that bachelor

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
    Lorena Andrea Vodniza GonzalezMånad sedan

    Lmao! The beginning skit was hilarious!

  • Jo Neff Draws
    Jo Neff DrawsMånad sedan

    Seeing Ethan watch and laugh at a Dunkey video warms my heart so much. I love both of you guys so much.

  • Harry Roberts
    Harry RobertsMånad sedan

    "Suree, sure thing fatso, fats.." 🤣🤣

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle DresselMånad sedan


  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle DresselMånad sedan

    I agree with Ethan on the pasta, ESPECIALLY as a type 1 diabetic. Like it's so much carbs, I would much rather eat something meat based instead. Hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

  • Keem Ibarra
    Keem IbarraMånad sedan

    This is what Ethan decides to do with his 5%

  • Erica Sucksss
    Erica SucksssMånad sedan


  • trevor gueller
    trevor guellerMånad sedan

    Why y’all forget about Love with his unpopular take maybe i would of connected with him

  • kairos elven
    kairos elvenMånad sedan

    Poor ethan i think the joe impersonator calling him fat threw him

  • Hi Im Spy
    Hi Im SpyMånad sedan

    AB hangin off the back off the Hogwarts Express screamin makes me laugh so hard. 💀😂

  • Kenneth Ray
    Kenneth RayMånad sedan

    Thank you for defending nickleback

  • Nicholas Nadeau
    Nicholas NadeauMånad sedan

    56:43 bruh me too☠️

  • Matty Matt
    Matty MattMånad sedan

    1:01:16 Lmao Luv

  • misswhiskersntails
    misswhiskersntailsMånad sedan

    Pasta is not a big favourite of mine either!

  • Pmoney
    PmoneyMånad sedan

    the dream sequence was sooo worth coming from the audio pod!!

  • Anita
    AnitaMånad sedan

    I AM NOT EATING PORK, it’s nasty like when u think about it. I like bacon but I’m switching to turkey. Pork grosses me out

  • yamsnhams
    yamsnhamsMånad sedan

    You keep deleting my comments on the recent Frenemies H3 episode and I’m kind of confused. You’re not deleting comments threatening Trisha or her family. So I’m going to post it here. If I post something nasty about Trisha will you keep my comment up? You’re okay with people sending Moses and Trisha’s MOTHER death threats but I cant express my opinion? Why are you so scared of what I’m saying? I’m not saying anything false or inappropriate. So please stop. Let your foot soldiers harass me on your behalf. Trisha is Ethan’s soon to be sister-in-law who has been harassed incessantly by GH and recently diagnosed as SUFFERING from schizophrenia. Mental illness is not an excuse but, y’all make me feel like a saint. Because I know dang well that if that was MY sister-in-law, I would have the minuscule amount of empathy and understanding to SIMPLY CUT THE BLOW UP OUT OF THE PODCAST. It added no depth to the episode and was incredibly irresponsible. Trisha should keep private things private but daddy Ethan gets a pass because? He had the opportunity to edit the entire PRIVATE altercation out and could have chosen to handled it offline. Trisha even asked him to in the episode. Instead HE posted it, started texting Trisha with lies regarding the crew being upset AND his crew member (Dan) got the H3 discord followers raged up on that hate BEFORE Trisha even released her first video.

  • Golden Coast
    Golden CoastMånad sedan

    The chemistry that Andrew can have with anybody, fucking blessed this man is!

  • Joseph BD
    Joseph BDMånad sedan

    I normally listen to the podcast on Spotify, but after hearing this I had to watch what was happening. Lets just say I wasnt disappointed.