The Biggest Cancellation In YouTube History - Families # 3

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  • Honey Moon
    Honey Moon10 timmar sedan

    Absolutely agree with Donna! I’ve had cystic acne since I was 13, I’m 30 now. Once I started to use a clean washcloth on my face with a gentle exfoliating cleanser (I used to use my hands or a silicon scrubber) my face cleared up 100%. I’ve found out that for my face specifically, I need the daily light exfoliation. Literally, I wake up with the clearest most glowing skin since I began doing this. Silk pillow case (change your pillow case and bedding regularly!!!), muslin material wash cloth to wash and also muslin cloth to pat my face dry, along with a quality serum and moisturizer to follow up. Good luck anyone else struggling xoxo it can get better♥️

  • Moggo
    MoggoDag sedan

    Ethan's parents are amazing lol

  • Nicolle Montoya
    Nicolle MontoyaDag sedan

    Monarch butterfly background for Donna please!!!

  • BlazedCherry
    BlazedCherryDag sedan

    The part where they went over his dad's responses to comments had me cry laughing. It's usually really hard to get me to laugh I don't know why that got to me so badly. SO FUNNY

  • Savannah McMuffin
    Savannah McMuffin2 dagar sedan

    Yellow or a prettt green would look really good with the black and she Defiently give off those kinda vibes

  • Gloria Gonzalez
    Gloria Gonzalez2 dagar sedan

    Donna got the hair cut while ethan’s cut looks like skrillex on meth

  • Megan Stickles
    Megan Stickles2 dagar sedan

    Where can I get this Jean jacket

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl2 dagar sedan

    All that Frenemies drama was worth it. This podcast rocks.

  • Alina Wawrzonek
    Alina Wawrzonek2 dagar sedan

    I think purple or blue would look nice for Donna’s background. I’m also all for the red

    CORBO CORBO2 dagar sedan

    Bringing your mom on is the best thing youve done

  • Roygbiv
    Roygbiv2 dagar sedan

    Love to see Donna just smile and refresh her smiles after she’s already been smiling. So sweet. Just happy to be with her son And helping.

  • Mj V
    Mj V2 dagar sedan


  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    2 dagar sedan

    I knew about Molly Brown but TBF I've literally been to her house in Denver so.

  • Anna O
    Anna O2 dagar sedan


  • elizabeth catalan
    elizabeth catalan2 dagar sedan

    Gary’s commentary makes the show 😂

  • Tori Conigliaro
    Tori Conigliaro3 dagar sedan

    i love donna so much she’s so sweet and when she was worried abt how long she was taking to explain it i could listen to her for hours explaining drama 💕

  • 1prettygirl87
    1prettygirl873 dagar sedan

    D&G over here lookin fly af boiii Meanwhile I’ve transformed into an animorph sea lion in its third trimester 😩 *Explain this*

  • MMD-Determinat-ion
    MMD-Determinat-ion3 dagar sedan

    i feel like ethan knows what the topic is and knows everything that happens, but wants to have his parents understand the internet that he experiences so he has them do their own research and kinda guides them along. its so wholesome and i love it😊

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    3 dagar sedan

    I would have liked to see 10 mins of your mum cutting hair I would of loved to see what she can do ♥️

  • Fishy tuna
    Fishy tuna3 dagar sedan

    Sorry Ethan but Gary is a dilf

  • J. Marie
    J. Marie4 dagar sedan

    We stand on Gary’s team. ✊🏼 Forget the negative comments! We love all three of you! 🤍

  • aiyana
    aiyana4 dagar sedan

    For the background I think since Donna wears a lot of color it needs to compliment that, so a solid color for sure!

  • aiyana
    aiyana4 dagar sedan

    Can we actually get a full demo of your mom showing us how to get that Karen look? :D

  • granddaddyfunk
    granddaddyfunk4 dagar sedan

    I don't like the face towel at the barber shop

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt4 dagar sedan

    So many meaningful quotes from Hamilton and Gary chose “I’m not stupid” this man is truly built different

  • Simone Albo-Bolivar
    Simone Albo-Bolivar4 dagar sedan

    OK, so sell our souls to satan, Donna?

  • Luke Stevens
    Luke Stevens5 dagar sedan

    I knew about Molly Brown but TBF I've literally been to her house in Denver so.

  • Lexie Gilbert
    Lexie Gilbert5 dagar sedan

    I literally could watch Donna cut hair all day

  • anon
    anon6 dagar sedan

    Tbh both of your parents are so iconic

  • Jazmine Lee
    Jazmine Lee6 dagar sedan

    I think lavender or like a baby blue would look good for Donna's color(:

  • Sana Mograbi
    Sana Mograbi6 dagar sedan

    I love you Donna so much ❤

  • Fishes 002
    Fishes 0027 dagar sedan

    You guys should do teddyfresh curtains. Thats a whole new market 💋

  • Emily Mello
    Emily Mello7 dagar sedan

    Ethan’s mannequin is like the hottest chick ever lol

  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans7 dagar sedan

    It's Donna and Hila being so much alike for me

  • Sophie
    Sophie7 dagar sedan

    I would have liked to see 10 mins of your mum cutting hair I would of loved to see what she can do ♥️

  • TheKhannunisT
    TheKhannunisT7 dagar sedan

    Glad to see Ethan and Donna ready to introduce white people to wash clothes 🙏

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B7 dagar sedan

    Love Families!

  • Tori
    Tori8 dagar sedan

    I just love when we get to see the dog in shots 😫💖💖

  • Emily Rhynes
    Emily Rhynes8 dagar sedan

    The show is way better with your parents

  • Emily Rhynes
    Emily Rhynes8 dagar sedan

    Need that jacket your mom has lol

  • Angelina O
    Angelina O8 dagar sedan

    I want donna to start her own SEblack channel where she does haircutting tutorials

  • RothwellBrown Productions
    RothwellBrown Productions8 dagar sedan

    *Momma Donna looks like Susan Meyers from desperate housewives and kind of has her personality a little bit, does anyone else agree?* 😭

  • Ash Porter
    Ash Porter8 dagar sedan

    Twitch sucks

  • gwen gioconda
    gwen gioconda8 dagar sedan

    Ur parents are so drippy

  • Strazz923
    Strazz9238 dagar sedan

    Make a T-shirt with all the comment replies from your dad please

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu9 dagar sedan

    Please do Donna’s background a lavender color. She radiates that kind of peaceful energy ☮️ 💜

  • Alia Over The Years
    Alia Over The Years9 dagar sedan

    Love Donna, love Gary , they are so cute and we should marvel at how happy they seem together

  • Taylor Boutilier
    Taylor Boutilier9 dagar sedan

    I love how she is always wanting to show off teddy fresh, we love a supportive mother in law

  • high tunnel
    high tunnel10 dagar sedan

    I am very grateful for Donna’s research but oh my god it was so painful trying to follow along to this creep show story. Not entirely all Donna’s fault either, Ethan kept interfering and cutting in. It was making me so angry lol

  • high tunnel

    high tunnel

    8 dagar sedan

    @oiuet souiu er.. my mom isn’t part of this earth anymore but thank you????

  • oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    9 dagar sedan

    Molly Brown has a house in Denver, CO and is available for tours! I went 2 years ago, it was really cool to see. Maybe you can surprise your mom with a trip there!!

  • Kerri McMahon
    Kerri McMahon10 dagar sedan

    wash cloth is the secret. I just turned 40 and i get just 30 or 28 ish. My mom will be 68 she has used a washcloth all her like and looks young like your mom also and was a smoker all her life. Get at the wash cloth ladies. You are amazing Donna. Luv your presence :-)

  • Victoria Aunger
    Victoria Aunger10 dagar sedan

    more Donna haircutting please!

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    10 dagar sedan

    We love you dad, haters gon hate !

  • Hannah LaFave
    Hannah LaFave10 dagar sedan

    The only Creepshow Art explanation I can sit through!! Love you guys

  • Hallie G
    Hallie G10 dagar sedan

    ethan's parents r the same ages as my parents

  • Angeles Nunez
    Angeles Nunez10 dagar sedan

    I need to see more videos of ur mom cutting hair so satisfyinnnnggg

  • MCspeedy22
    MCspeedy2210 dagar sedan

    Ethan's dad has such a great radio voice.

  • anthony kotsop
    anthony kotsop10 dagar sedan

    wall to wall twatery ..

  • kareen Dakdouk
    kareen Dakdouk10 dagar sedan


  • kareen Dakdouk
    kareen Dakdouk10 dagar sedan


  • Randi Wolfe
    Randi Wolfe10 dagar sedan

    I love the parents on this! So entertaining and funny! Donna defining internet words is PEAK ❤️

  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Jazmine Hernandez11 dagar sedan

    Donnas energy is everything ❤️

  • nusha
    nusha11 dagar sedan

    should’ve given her more time to cut the hair

  • Kevin Mendez
    Kevin Mendez11 dagar sedan

    I never want Ethan to do my hair😦

  • Warm & Cozy ASMR
    Warm & Cozy ASMR11 dagar sedan

    Molly Brown has a house in Denver, CO and is available for tours! I went 2 years ago, it was really cool to see. Maybe you can surprise your mom with a trip there!!

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans11 dagar sedan

    If anyone is wondering I have been trying Donna's skin routine with the face cloth and my skin is GLOWING. ⭐

  • Sophia Kotsariadis

    Sophia Kotsariadis

    7 dagar sedan


  • Retro_Dystopian
    Retro_Dystopian11 dagar sedan

    These ppl are missing the whole point about the olympics and marijuana

  • Laura Segura
    Laura Segura11 dagar sedan

    We love you dad, haters gon hate !

  • InLikeSin
    InLikeSin11 dagar sedan

    Donna should start her own ASMR channel

  • Ashley Denney
    Ashley Denney11 dagar sedan

    Donna and Gary are great!!

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu11 dagar sedan

    Please do Donna’s background a lavender color. She radiates that kind of peaceful energy ☮️ 💜

  • Solar Oddity
    Solar Oddity11 dagar sedan

    one punch man wasnt born with strength, he was just very consistant and did it everyday even when he was breaking from the pain

  • Solar Oddity
    Solar Oddity11 dagar sedan

    hes like a really old teenager, the snarky comebacks and merch.

  • T
    T11 dagar sedan

    Please don’t do purple. I like the red idea a lot!

  • Kaila W
    Kaila W11 dagar sedan

    I’m scaring my pups with how loud my laughing is. Gary is a fucking hoot.

  • Nicole Hernandez
    Nicole Hernandez12 dagar sedan

    I also don’t think Ethan looks anything like his parents, like at all 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Lainey Sneddon
    Lainey Sneddon12 dagar sedan

    Okay wait but I would actually buy these freaking washcloths

  • MahsterC
    MahsterC12 dagar sedan

    Thank you for the story Donna.

  • Oli Ski
    Oli Ski12 dagar sedan

    Why not rebrand altogether and do the two colors of the logo?

  • Tori Watford
    Tori Watford12 dagar sedan

    I literally need someone to break things down like Donna does so this is perfect for me! So much easier to follow 😩❤️

  • J M
    J M12 dagar sedan

    Donna: aww Gary you’re so cute Gary: you too Awwww that was so sweet! I want love like that in my life.

  • Collin Michael
    Collin Michael12 dagar sedan

    Are there less outrageous moments where I explode with laughter based on the pure insanity of what was said? Yes. Is this a better show? Yes.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty12 dagar sedan

    So many meaningful quotes from Hamilton and Gary chose “I’m not stupid” this man is truly built different

  • amy boon
    amy boon12 dagar sedan

    Talk about the passenger family

  • sadcr0wley
    sadcr0wley12 dagar sedan

    I think they should put like a hippie 60s flower power vibe for donnas curtain and then maybe Ethan can put together like a teddy fresh art mashup on his curtain

  • esketit ravioli
    esketit ravioli12 dagar sedan

    I imagined Gary to look like John Malkovich

  • Nicole Ay
    Nicole Ay12 dagar sedan

    DONNA! Have you ever tried Face halo? You should be their sponsor ‼️

  • babykrul
    babykrul12 dagar sedan

    Ethan calling his mum ‘dude’ is giving me life

  • Ice
    Ice12 dagar sedan

    I call rematch on the hair styling….. should’ve at least given 10-20 minutes….. a perfectionist like Donna needs more time (Could be off base with the perfectionist comment but Ik as a perfectionist myself. I would need more time lol)

  • queen explosionmurder
    queen explosionmurder12 dagar sedan

    Your parents need their own drama channel! They're so cool!!

  • domjh
    domjh12 dagar sedan

    Ethans parents are too cool, that’s the only way to describe them

  • Sar J
    Sar J12 dagar sedan

    I think red and black would look phenomenal ❤️🖤

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee12 dagar sedan

    LOVE Donna and Gary so much! They're the BEST replacement I could ever wish and hope for. Thanks for the raw and REAL deal!❤

  • Angeliz
    Angeliz12 dagar sedan

    with the utmost peace and love this is hurting my brain 😂 but this is how I’m trying to absorb this information

  • Jak Ban
    Jak Ban12 dagar sedan

    24:24 Ethan U'v been ..."enemy" when u set those colours, guess You could change colour too. Fuck me dead but You are not black guy xD

  • Jak Ban

    Jak Ban

    12 dagar sedan

    And bolt those new courtains to the ground so they d fit perfectly from main camera

  • chanel #5
    chanel #513 dagar sedan


  • Audrey
    Audrey13 dagar sedan

    It’s so sweet how everyone reps teddy fresh in their circle :,)

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml13 dagar sedan

    I’m a hair dresser and I’m mad you didn’t let your mom finish! She could have NAILED that cut! Justice for Donna!!!

  • Camryn j
    Camryn j13 dagar sedan

    gary talking about his twitter followers is so wholesome

  • gabbie doe
    gabbie doe13 dagar sedan

    I'm a therapist and thought I would comment on the whole "get angry" thing. I think the first thing to say is that anger is such an important and often cathartic emotion, especially when we have been wronged. Our bodies feel anger for a reason - such as the example Ethan's mom talked about - like after someone deeply attacks and hurts us. In the cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse, I always, always discuss anger with my clients. Not only is anger a valid emotion for them so feel, it is a more helpful emotion than shame or guilt, which are commonly felt by survivors of trauma. If we can take what happened to them and turn it into anger, hopefully they can place the guilt and shame on the person it deserves to be on: their perpetrator, freeing them from those undeserved emotions on themselves. Their anger can push them to set kickass boundaries like "stay the f away from me forever" or pursue justice, and fight for themselves. They should be angry after what someone did to them. They deserve to be angry. How dare that person hurt them. Hopefully the anger can be transformative and healing, and help them move through the process of trauma healing. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share that :) loving families!

  • Maria J
    Maria J13 dagar sedan

    Can Donna give someone a whole new haircut on the show, while she talks to Ethan?

  • Maria J
    Maria J13 dagar sedan

    I would've actually loved to see Donna do the haircut properly with as much time as she needs, while they talked

  • Moody Morgan
    Moody Morgan13 dagar sedan

    My mom died a couple of years ago, so I really enjoy mom, son, family banter!!!!!

  • Lizabelle Ruiz
    Lizabelle Ruiz13 dagar sedan

    Love your mom and dad they are super funny and nice people 💖💖💖