Trisha & Ethan Got Bullied & Are Fighting Back - Frenemies # 36

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  • Queensrecognise Queens
    Queensrecognise QueensDag sedan

    If you are vaccinated you can still catch and transmit covid 🙄

  • perise wallwork
    perise wallwork4 dagar sedan

    I miss this so much

  • anonymous
    anonymous4 dagar sedan

    Ethan: Abraham Lincoln didnt free slaves where he had power to. The Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to enslaved people in the border states of Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, and Maryland, which practiced slavery but had not seceded. ... Lincoln did not free any enslaved people where he had the power to free them.

  • Emma Fritchley
    Emma Fritchley4 dagar sedan

    i miss frenemies :(

  • Connor Brannan
    Connor Brannan5 dagar sedan

    calling people dumb, you didnt know a french fry was made from potatoes

  • Nikki Stanton
    Nikki Stanton7 dagar sedan


  • Andrew Fox
    Andrew Fox10 dagar sedan

    I effing Miss this show!!!

  • -_——gnar
    -_——gnar13 dagar sedan

    Trisha does this weird thing where she’ll say something absolutely ridiculous, Ethan will call her out on it, and then she’ll transform her entire tone to act like she doesn’t care.

  • Lunar Madz
    Lunar Madz13 dagar sedan

    I miss them making vids tbh haha

  • ThirstyCartoon
    ThirstyCartoon15 dagar sedan

    lmao of all people, trisha is cool with adam22?

  • Pool Boy
    Pool Boy15 dagar sedan

    I survived my favorite thing ever and all I got was a sweatshirt 😂😩😒

  • Sillybree
    Sillybree17 dagar sedan

    Never getting the vaccine...

  • Sillybree


    11 dagar sedan

    @d ah you obviously do if you commented back to me😂

  • d ah

    d ah

    11 dagar sedan

    We don’t care

  • Momo Giles
    Momo Giles18 dagar sedan

    I miss Frenemies so bad it hurts😭

  • Zelda King
    Zelda King19 dagar sedan

    23:29-24:00 is an underrated clip that I demand an animation for

  • Elena Cabrera
    Elena Cabrera19 dagar sedan

    Woke slave owner 😭

  • Guadalupe Ramirez
    Guadalupe Ramirez20 dagar sedan

    justc cus i lovbe trish does not mean i dont love ethan. ily ethab nan

  • Guadalupe Ramirez
    Guadalupe Ramirez20 dagar sedan

    oi miss u trish

  • Myname
    Myname20 dagar sedan

    I wish Ethan didn't cut Trisha off so much :( faaaak I miss this show.

  • Edward Jimenez
    Edward Jimenez21 dag sedan

    Coming back to watch them shit on Jason Nash after their own dumpster fire is the funniest/feel good thing EVER LMFAO 😂💀 that’s what they get for being such negative people talking down on everyone else acting like they are any better….. everyone saw the fall out coming I’m sure even they did idk why they thought talking shit was a good idea 🥴

  • ZabrinaBlack
    ZabrinaBlack25 dagar sedan

    This is one of the best frenemies episodes

  • Carolyn H
    Carolyn H27 dagar sedan

    "do you think all this would fit into a locker??" Is the "jnj guess that recipe: grool" of frenemies. It will never not make me laugh

  • ZostalesZarazony
    ZostalesZarazony27 dagar sedan

    Ngl... I do get annoyed at how Ethan constantly interrupts Trisha xd so I get why she would grt frustrated its kinda disrespectful

  • jord loves danny

    jord loves danny

    6 dagar sedan

    @ZostalesZarazony this is just me personally but i have anxiety and sometimes i interrupt people because im worried i won't be able to state my opinion lol, that's just me though

  • ZostalesZarazony


    6 dagar sedan

    @jord loves danny true, they're both disrespectful to each other, but its just something ive noticed ethan do a lot and it gets me frustrated sometimes,so i can imagine how she felt when he did it to her

  • jord loves danny

    jord loves danny

    7 dagar sedan

    i agree but something trisha does is everytime ethan does something she'll be like "oh that was tourettes" , that's pretty disrespectful lmao

  • victoria ramirez

    victoria ramirez

    26 dagar sedan

    I agreee

  • Jazmin Moreno Ganuza
    Jazmin Moreno Ganuza27 dagar sedan

    It seemed like Trisha was invalidating ethans argument about keemstar so frustrating that she never backed him up no wonder it ended the way It did

  • Jemma Sager
    Jemma Sager27 dagar sedan

    "Do you accept the post as my right-hand man?" the Hamilton bit is so hard to watch now :(

  • imbicthboi
    imbicthboi28 dagar sedan

    19:22 she'll go to war with you but only if shes not at risk lol

  • imbicthboi
    imbicthboi28 dagar sedan

    its so close I can smell the breakup

  • Dany
    Dany28 dagar sedan

    Flesh popsicles almost made me choke on air, Ethan went the FUCK in😂😂

  • Chelsea A
    Chelsea A29 dagar sedan

    Trish's intense reactions occurred following a several weeks long deep discussion of The Vlog Squad. Trish stated that it was one of the hardest times of her life, repeatedly said “oh I forgot about that”, had to re-watch a bunch of people that hurt her, and talk to some of them. I'm not surprised that she began struggling a lot following that. While it was helpful to spread the word on their platform. I think it was done despite having harmful effects on Trisha. Originally, she wanted to stop talking about them, but it just kept being the topic over and over. I feel like it was not a safe way or place (outside of therapy) for her to revisit all of those events and people. I don't think that Trish is blameless in her overall reaction following the final episode. However, I do think it should have come as no surprise that something like this would happen involving her mental health. I feel like the real reason Trish brought up wanting more money and topic choice was out of frustration and resentment that her past and her traumas were used as the most interesting topics that they ever covered. Her past pain, mental health, and connection to harmful people was constantly repeatedly asked about and she was pushed repeatedly to share about it on the spot. I think she felt used. Additionally, Ethan would say she was tmi or that she was "gross" things that could have been said very differently (i would never say gross to someone’s naked body, i would just say of i dont feel comfortable looking at you like that or hearing about your sex life like that). Ethan’s put downs were not okay, women often act like it doesn’t bother them, so they don’t get looked at as emotional or not tough enough . And you could see over time Trish got more and more rude to Ethan about his stuff i'm not surprised he put her down all the time I would feel defensive too. (Aside from the Jewish topics which i did feel he was completely entitled to reject and discuss their problematic nature although he later played into them with the Jewish quiz they did which I felt really undermined the point her comments about Jewish culture are problematic regardless of how well intentioned she is). Fallowing this I went to watch H3AfterDark something I’d never watched before to see the video about their side of things. Ethan and his wife as well as staff have started making jokes on their podcast about Trish and it really mad me sad. They all knew in depth about Trisha's struggles. While they can be hurt or angry it’s very immature and lacking in empathy to put that into the public instead of handing their emotions responsibly. It really disappointed me to see their care and understanding of Trish and mental health stop as soon as they actually saw it happening in full force. Setting a boundary and cutting ties with her because you don’t feel she is a safe person in their life is totally reasonable. People with mental health issues don’t have the right to hurt people endlessly and no one is required to put up with harmful people because it is mental health related. But they are not entitled to bring in negative comments to their show about someone having an episode, it’s like kicking someone when they are down. I started with no bias for either creator. In the end, Ethan and his wife really disappointed me more than anyone, including Trish. I hope whatever is going on Trish can get better for her no one films that much and acts that way because they enjoy it there is clearly pain and struggles there. Best Wishes Trish

  • Sheila Irick

    Sheila Irick

    20 dagar sedan

    she's one that brings them up . watching every thing they do . Just revenge she brings up . some of the stories isn't even the way she tells it. Clips she sends in is out of context to what's said or how it happened entirely.

  • Thomas Butterworth
    Thomas ButterworthMånad sedan

    Wait, that Faze guy thinks hes alpha? The skinny crack head looking one who plays video games all day? ....okay

  • Sara Osterhaus
    Sara OsterhausMånad sedan

    i miss this

  • Kush Master
    Kush MasterMånad sedan

    Texas is freee no mask

  • Ya girl Soph
    Ya girl SophMånad sedan


  • Phantom Flock
    Phantom FlockMånad sedan


  • FamousStephen
    FamousStephenMånad sedan


  • The Real Unicorn Sofia
    The Real Unicorn SofiaMånad sedan

    Watch this video I just randomly burst in to tears hearing Trisha say pizza gate I don't know anything about it though it was about pizza 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    1:55:15 the transition into arguing into resolution is heartwarming. Like you can see where they both are coming from then the moment they realize or ethan realized trisha point there was a resolution and i liked how they went onto bitch hall as theu did

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    The pink and black kind of reminds me of covid quarrentiine like they are in different spaces

  • Javen.mccloud


    Månad sedan

    Like different houses how many people were

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    This needs to be animated

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    That first elblow was smooth af then they messed it up

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    Im stoned rn and ethan saying he thinks his brain is made out of hotdog im fucking died 52:15

  • Javen.mccloud
    Javen.mccloudMånad sedan

    George washington and abraham lincoln were both still racists 🤓

  • Nicole Boudrot
    Nicole BoudrotMånad sedan

    Ortho means straight lol not bones

  • Xian Tree
    Xian TreeMånad sedan

    I'm just saying... Pizza gate is real.

  • jord loves danny

    jord loves danny

    7 dagar sedan

    @Madzin it's hard to explain lol, look it up

  • Madzin


    Månad sedan

    What’s pizza gate

  • Name Here
    Name HereMånad sedan

    I can’t believe this is over :((

  • tahmina hassan
    tahmina hassanMånad sedan

    I love her fit and just her natural beauty

  • J H
    J HMånad sedan

    Anyone else rewatching old Frenemies episodes since it has ended? 😔💔

  • Parlato
    ParlatoMånad sedan

    This is the best episode I've seen, they got on so well and were on the same page, this was fun to watch.

  • Zombie Gaming
    Zombie GamingMånad sedan

    The dashing sleep isely arrive because submarine accordantly stamp but a zany news. tangy, opposite deposit

  • Donut Warry
    Donut WarryMånad sedan

    Trisha always says how rich Ethan is and then she says she makes “a couple hundred a month” off of her video with Lena and adam22 I’m dying to know how much money Ethan actually makes.

  • Justin McKay
    Justin McKayMånad sedan


  • jake


    Månad sedan

    then don’t watch it. tf?

  • Truth


    Månad sedan

    ✌ & ❤ take it down a bit.

  • Katherine Kosh
    Katherine KoshMånad sedan


  • Dean Lacrosse
    Dean LacrosseMånad sedan

    I love how keemstar said ethans name like a WWE fight. “and in this corner, ethannnnn “the h3h3” kllllleeeiiinnnn”

  • Cami Rodríguez
    Cami RodríguezMånad sedan

    I feel like I'm part of your friendship, like we literally all watched the development of their friendship. It's so sad to see them now :((((

  • DoThatCrazyShiz
    DoThatCrazyShizMånad sedan

    If someone bullies you on the internet and your response is to bullie them back, what have you really achieved? This is why you ignore your haters

  • natalie


    Månad sedan

    u achieve getting revenge

  • DoThatCrazyShiz
    DoThatCrazyShizMånad sedan

    Ethan lingers on the subject to long and the podcast loses it's momentum and Trish loses her energy. Not super professional, I expect more out of him

  • Bob Zimmerman
    Bob ZimmermanMånad sedan

    23:25 got me a little 🥺😢

  • samantha da cat
    samantha da catMånad sedan

    just looking at jason makes me lose my appetite....

  • Bianca Rangel
    Bianca RangelMånad sedan

    Come back together as friends Trisha and Ethan! We need you guys 🥺

  • Josh Smith
    Josh SmithMånad sedan

    2:53 bro when Trisha said she’d be sad and doesn’t wanna waste that much money on a flight, that’s extremely hypocritical coming from someone that spends thousands on a fuckin sweater!!

  • Inlovewithlorde
    InlovewithlordeMånad sedan

    Imy guys already

  • Kari Rose
    Kari RoseMånad sedan

    Trisha is always gorgeous, but she looks EXTRA STUNNINGGG in this episode. I also LOVEDDD episode 37, its not quite as conventional, but that blue color of her hair is HER COLOR 1000%!! 👏👏 She's always beautiful, but this episode and episode 37 are my absolute faves. They're both so flattering on her 😊🤍

  • ilovehotmoms
    ilovehotmomsMånad sedan

    Mike and h3h3 r the same age

  • ilovehotmoms
    ilovehotmomsMånad sedan

    How is Mike a dumbass Trisha Paytus didn't even know fries came from potatoes I knew that since kindergarten her iq level is probably 3

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra WolfMånad sedan

    It’s important the death to all Jews thing isn’t dropped. This is a slippery slope and esp the climate were in right now. Asian hate, Jewish hate- they need to be held accountable same as James Charles and Chrissy Tiegan. Trisha should have had ethans back like he does her. I just watched him in an episode say “any Of your enemies are mine Trisha” and she’s like “am I going to get sued for talking about Triller?” TRISHA HE HAS YOUR BACK WHEN YOU literally abuse him. Have rage black outs and he still forgave you. And now accusing him of making you feel uncomfortable sexually??? You talk about sex while everyone’s uncomfortable at the fitness competition, said you’d bang Ethan made hila uncomfortable. Cmon.

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra WolfMånad sedan

    Keemstars beard is just the worst. Does he shape it DAILY!?!

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra WolfMånad sedan

    Beta banks is amazing.

  • Alexandra Wolf
    Alexandra WolfMånad sedan

    Robin Williams is king.

  • mega yeti
    mega yetiMånad sedan

    watching old videos and ignoring them splitting ways

  • k8


    Månad sedan


  • B Rhymes
    B RhymesMånad sedan


  • ♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡
    ♡ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ☾ ZORA ☽ ⋆ ˚。⋆ ♡Månad sedan

    12:00 what made Trisha uncomfortable

  • Amyjoyxo
    AmyjoyxoMånad sedan

    Who's hear after the breakup ?

  • Meme thingz
    Meme thingzMånad sedan

    1:32:57 when a man asks u for a 3way just say yes ofc bring the other guy 😉

  • Meme thingz
    Meme thingzMånad sedan

    53:30 PREACH

  • Meme thingz
    Meme thingzMånad sedan

    52:50 CLEANING UP? hes literally everything I hate about male species

  • Meme thingz
    Meme thingzMånad sedan


  • Meme thingz
    Meme thingzMånad sedan

    I like how their merch is the same as blackpink merch 😂

  • Ash Walkerthisway
    Ash WalkerthiswayMånad sedan

    If it's still available, I am 100% buying that beanie...I don't care if they're done its everything plus good memories

  • Ya girl Soph

    Ya girl Soph

    Månad sedan

    I dont believe its even been released yet babe

  • Rob A
    Rob AMånad sedan

    I cant believe Frenemies is really done with. So heartbreaking. I never expected to fall in love let alone even like a podcast and the first episode of Frenemies i was instantly hooked. To better things i guess!

  • Justin N
    Justin NMånad sedan


  • Erin Cadwell
    Erin CadwellMånad sedan

    I'm so sad. I'm binge watching this literally crying. Every Tuesday I work as an RN in my local hospital and so look forward to my lunch break to watch the new frenemies. I'm so freaking sad. I hope they come back together ❤🙏😢

  • Myname


    20 dagar sedan

    It really felt like a bad bad breakup that we were all involved in. Tuesdays were rough there for the first few weeks :( I'm in the denial stage currently.

  • Erin Cadwell

    Erin Cadwell

    Månad sedan

    @Samantha it depends on if it's your dream or not. Any profession will be eventually but the good thing about nursing is there are soooooo many different types you can go into. If you get burnt out in one area you can move to a different specialty.

  • Samantha


    Månad sedan

    @Erin Cadwell people say it so depressing and anxious to work in that profession

  • Erin Cadwell

    Erin Cadwell

    Månad sedan

    @Samantha it's actually amazing!!!! You make great money and literally change lives everyday. I ALWAYS recommend it as a profession if you have a caring soul.

  • Samantha


    Månad sedan

    Hi !! How’s working as an RN I’ve been thinking about doing that. I’m going into college and so stressed on what I’m going to do with my life. Any advice helps 🙏🏼

  • :o
    :oMånad sedan

    1:02:38 whenever trisha goes awf and rants is when i thumbs up the video. she speaks facts on facts >:))))))

  • Grakeus
    GrakeusMånad sedan

    Decided to watch old fun episodes 'cause it's better than paying attention to the present.

  • Grakeus


    Månad sedan

    @Britney Cruz If I hadn't already seen it I would totally go that route. No one wants this mess.

  • Britney Cruz

    Britney Cruz

    Månad sedan

    I decided to not even watch any TikToks or read anything or even watch the most recent vid of their fight and ethans explanation. I was on a social media hiatus & came back to all this so now I’m catching up but I dont want this happiness to end 🥺I love them

  • Mary Poppins-Dèm-Pills
    Mary Poppins-Dèm-PillsMånad sedan

    Thank you so much Trisha for supporting the Trans community 💜💛❤💗 We LOVE YOU GIRL 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Vanessa B
    Vanessa BMånad sedan

    Do you think he will haunt you as flubber? lmfao omg this episode is great

  • Ariana Guerrero
    Ariana GuerreroMånad sedan

    Just reminiscing on better times 🥲 This was peak frenemies in my opinion

  • Jason Beck

    Jason Beck

    Månad sedan

    Frenemies was just almost at the peak....this could've been BIG if they stayed together

  • Merlyn Groan

    Merlyn Groan

    Månad sedan

    Agreed, this was as good as it got. The energy, the mania, the camaraderie. The absolute crucifixion of Mike. Shame it ended the way it did

  • KissSimina
    KissSiminaMånad sedan

    Keemstar is a psycho.

  • Amber Swain
    Amber SwainMånad sedan

    Do you consider someone who doesn't trust a baby vaccine an Anti vaxer

  • Smell my feet Becky

    Smell my feet Becky

    Månad sedan

    He absolutely does.

  • Em
    EmMånad sedan

    I miss this 😞 ✌️♥️

  • Awa Mbaye
    Awa MbayeMånad sedan

    im crying

  • Emma Dubos
    Emma DubosMånad sedan

    This is so sad to watch after seeing today’s episode. This is the Trisha we all know and love 💔

  • KMS


    10 dagar sedan

    @Nacol Sims I have watched them. She would tell him to hold her accountable with her eating so he was just doing what she told him to do. She's manipulative. I honestly wouldn't put it past her to tell him to hold her accountable knowing she had a plan to pull the "he called me fat" card down the road. Jason was nothing but supportive of every part of her until she gave him a reason not to be... and that reason was that she drove INTO his house high on meth when his kids were home. She even said it herself on Frenemies. He never even exposed her for that because he's a good guy.

  • Nacol Sims

    Nacol Sims

    18 dagar sedan

    @KMS he’s literally said it in his videos with her. Joking or not she probably thought he really felt that way if he’d say it regardless. Go watch some of their vacation videos.

  • TK


    Månad sedan

    Every time she talks, shut up Meg.

  • Amy Pfleeger

    Amy Pfleeger

    Månad sedan

    @ilovehotmoms hey man her body is the least of her problems

  • ilovehotmoms


    Månad sedan

    @KMS she built like a whale though

  • Cassy Okuda
    Cassy OkudaMånad sedan

    unfortunately JAKE PAUL does not own Thriller

  • Zombie Gaming
    Zombie GamingMånad sedan

    The defiant shell technically irritate because romanian observationally welcome above a righteous beret. tired, brawny cuban

  • The Beige Sheep
    The Beige SheepMånad sedan

    wow trisha looks so glam here

  • Denise Tapia
    Denise TapiaMånad sedan

    Call them pdf files

  • Olivia Van Slyck
    Olivia Van SlyckMånad sedan

    if anyone was jesus among us it would be moses

  • Jestrday
    JestrdayMånad sedan

    omg trisha went off at 1:02:38

  • Joe Allen
    Joe AllenMånad sedan

    What a bunch of tools “Don’t even have to think about it..” LMAO 😂🤣😂

  • Charlotte MacDowell
    Charlotte MacDowellMånad sedan


  • Olivia Van Slyck
    Olivia Van SlyckMånad sedan

    you know bryce was only that offended because you called him a bitch and threatened his fragile masculinity

  • Olivia Van Slyck
    Olivia Van SlyckMånad sedan

    trisha: i got excited because he looks bad also trisha: i don’t want him to be bad, like i hope he’s doing good huh