Ethan Destroys The New Office - Off The Rails # 1

Folks we are fully off the rails!!!!
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  • abbie hotaling
    abbie hotalingDag sedan


  • Hugh FlapJacks
    Hugh FlapJacks2 dagar sedan

    57:37 is amazing

  • Alexander
    Alexander10 dagar sedan

    45:10 lmao

  • Erin O
    Erin O19 dagar sedan

    So weird to see the screen not shattered

  • William Adamsen
    William Adamsen19 dagar sedan

    I think that McDonalds didn't know what you were talking about is because it is "Cactus Jack" not "Captain Jack"

  • Kaitlyn Harrison
    Kaitlyn Harrison19 dagar sedan

    I wanna see you do the haircut on a mannequin again

  • cannibal bf
    cannibal bf21 dag sedan


  • Emily Wells
    Emily Wells22 dagar sedan

    ethan 3 is so much worse they are scary as fuck

  • Emily Wells
    Emily Wells22 dagar sedan

    i am so unbelievably happy that trisha brought me to this channel… she sucks but i’m grateful for her lol

  • Carianne Manning
    Carianne Manning22 dagar sedan

    FUCK RANCH YOURE SO RIGHT DAN AND AB same with blue cheese

  • BTS Obsessed
    BTS Obsessed24 dagar sedan

    I'm so sad to hear Theodore is hurting Shredder :(

  • Wolfgang Lunar
    Wolfgang Lunar25 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who is questioning why there are two furry heads? 55:56

  • QuantiX
    QuantiX25 dagar sedan

    bruh do you really think you need a fucking speedometer to check how fast the gatsby is going? 😕

  • Ray
    RayMånad sedan

    Hellman's mayo is better anyway

  • BlueRhino23


    29 dagar sedan

    Blue plate the best

  • Ray
    RayMånad sedan

    i love the off the rails segment tbh

  • Meownsn
    MeownsnMånad sedan

    Lmfaoo the captions on the love bot make the pod so much better 😭😭

  • Cody Hofmans
    Cody HofmansMånad sedan

    Zack please sample dan saying “I’m gonna cum” at 13:35 to play with the trump one!!

  • Anabel Aguilar
    Anabel AguilarMånad sedan

    Stand up, A.B. !👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Anniken Williams
    Anniken WilliamsMånad sedan

    Was this the first and last off the rails?! lmao pls bring it back

  • Bryce Goodson
    Bryce GoodsonMånad sedan

    This is too good 😂

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • deecyful
    deecyfulMånad sedan

    There is something about this video that reminds me of the vlog squad ... chaos .. not so keen .. it’s not you ✌️❤️

  • CeeJ
    CeeJMånad sedan

    Teddy got CrAnE

  • Emily Pruitt
    Emily PruittMånad sedan

    Love-bots captions are killing me

  • christina zhuk
    christina zhukMånad sedan

    I turned this on to help me sleep, then I hear Bts, bitch woke up like 👁️👄👁️ wot

  • Alia Over The Years
    Alia Over The YearsMånad sedan

    Don’t know if I’m a big fan of AB…. The comments about his wife being high and it being so casual is a little uncomfortable

  • Kayce Jeanbaptiste
    Kayce JeanbaptisteMånad sedan

    I’m literally crying 36:48. “You think I’d let that touch my fucking skin”

  • Missy Elliot
    Missy ElliotMånad sedan

    I love Love’s comments that he puts on the LoveBot

  • Missy Elliot
    Missy ElliotMånad sedan

    I don’t like Dan...

  • Missy Elliot

    Missy Elliot

    Månad sedan

    @Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez idk why I don’t ! Seems like an alright dude. I’m sure he will grow on me lol

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

    Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

    Månad sedan

    I love Dan

  • Erin McVay
    Erin McVayMånad sedan


  • Eagles Fan 09
    Eagles Fan 09Månad sedan

    More h3 podcast food reviews plz

  • Melissa Jade
    Melissa JadeMånad sedan

    I love hearing about Theodore 😊 what a cutie !

  • Dominic Gervasio
    Dominic GervasioMånad sedan

    Show sucks

  • Rory Mag
    Rory MagMånad sedan

    Best episode, off the rails is such a good format

  • desireej41
    desireej41Månad sedan


  • Emily Crim
    Emily CrimMånad sedan

    Dans disgust with Ethan and his McDonald’s meal had me dying 🤣🤣

  • berserkingyadis
    berserkingyadisMånad sedan

    Who are all the peeps in the beginning? Are they working for Teddy Fresh?

  • Paige Luening
    Paige LueningMånad sedan

    “Wait I was on low this whole time” *speeds into the wall* 😂😂😂😂

  • Liz Hermann
    Liz HermannMånad sedan

    Ethan describing Teddy as being chaotic is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Bianca Delarosa
    Bianca DelarosaMånad sedan

    Ranch is trash 🗑️ I'm so glad to hear Dan and AB don't like it either

  • Megan Colasono
    Megan ColasonoMånad sedan

    So humble you guys. I swear...did you ever think that maybe Kraft doesn’t view you as anyone special? I mean I’m just saying what makes Zack think he is entitled to being in the top 8 or winning? With peace and love of course and I hate Kraft. It’s a shady company that owns way too much. Corruption for sure.

  • Megan Colasono
    Megan ColasonoMånad sedan

    I hate when Ethan ignores people. I wanted to hear what Zack puts on everything since he hates ranch.

  • Megan Colasono
    Megan ColasonoMånad sedan

    Not all McDonald’s charge for the sauces. They are franchised so some do and some don’t. They are supposed to be free. The way to get around paying if they charge is to ask for the sauces you want right after they hand you your bag of food. Then they just hand em over and don’t charge. Your welcome!

  • Ella Doesburg
    Ella DoesburgMånad sedan

    Ab recording the gatsby segment sounds like such a dad in a background

  • Karyn Mannion
    Karyn MannionMånad sedan

    *Influenced to buy McDonalds for lunch now* 👁👄👁

  • Sophie Jackson
    Sophie JacksonMånad sedan

    I love this more off the rails!! 🥰

  • Koda Duffin
    Koda DuffinMånad sedan

    i bet that vape could sell for 10,000

  • krista dwyer
    krista dwyerMånad sedan

    McDonald's nuggets are way more expensive in Canada for a 20 piece is almost 10 bucks and its 5 dollars in the US lol this is sad... I didn't know btk had a meal at McDonald's lmao ahahaha oh god.

  • Morgan Schooley

    Morgan Schooley

    Månad sedan

    I was thinking the same thing!!!! It’s crazy to me

  • Cartier K
    Cartier KMånad sedan

    the love bot bit is genius. reminds me of the office

  • Sophie Jackson
    Sophie JacksonMånad sedan

    “WHAT YEAR IS IT?!” Idk why that made me laugh so fucking hard rip man

  • Tina
    TinaMånad sedan

    love you guys

  • Abstrctmnd
    AbstrctmndMånad sedan

    OMG I'm crying at the gatsby action HAHAH

  • Elle Rose
    Elle RoseMånad sedan

    Is there an episode where they introduced Love? I feel like he came out of nowhere

  • Ruby Giirl
    Ruby GiirlMånad sedan

    Ethan’s laugh makes me laugh even more

  • ribbit
    ribbitMånad sedan

    Ngl the Mayo thing kinda pisses me off. It would be so unfair for them to win or even be put in the finalists. Zach acts like a brat like he deserves to win just bc he’s a part of the podcast. Bathing in Mayo really isn’t that creative

  • VeryCoolAlan
    VeryCoolAlanMånad sedan

    Funny as fuk

  • abenshnegalboff
    abenshnegalboffMånad sedan

    Ngl it makes me sad knowing Ethan’s out there scraping curbs in his Rolls

  • Matt Harris
    Matt HarrisMånad sedan

    10:28 extreme close up! Party on Garth🤣

  • Rolando Pastrana
    Rolando PastranaMånad sedan

    Your whole show is garbage..."Bro,Like you don't even have to think about it" 😂🖕

  • Carl Ivinger
    Carl IvingerMånad sedan

    If you are in Sweden and you have the option between McDonald's and Max Hamburgare så choose the rätt restaurang!

  • MercuryMonroe💋
    MercuryMonroe💋Månad sedan

    No one asked but my McDonald's meal would be a McChicken with lettuce ranch and buffalo sauce with a Large Fry that comes w/ Sweet and Sour sauce and a large Hazelnut Iced coffee with 2 shots of espresso added

  • Shaymus McIntyre
    Shaymus McIntyreMånad sedan

    1:57 wholesome

  • AFullIgloo
    AFullIglooMånad sedan

    Ethan, you should be a guest on louder with crowder. Would love to see more of you acting like an idiot on SEblack bro.

  • j7hope
    j7hopeMånad sedan

    100% agree with Dan. Ranch is everything wrong with America in a sauce!!

  • jahir Martinez
    jahir MartinezMånad sedan

    Destroyed the office more like destroyed his career (this is a joke)

  • Elyce Lilleberg
    Elyce LillebergMånad sedan

    I don’t buy Kraft Mayo, but I definitely never will

  • Ry Til I Die
    Ry Til I DieMånad sedan

    Clean the dog hair off your shirt Ethan. Or Is it horse hair from Hila you bum.

  • Brayden Harbaugh
    Brayden HarbaughMånad sedan

    Trip friendly podcast

  • Eugenia Keeton
    Eugenia KeetonMånad sedan

    Watch out this Christmas aunt trish and momo will be stealing a baby off you guys for a remix I love you jesus video the Christmas edition!🎄👼🤰🤱✝️🍕🍗🍔🍟🧀🍢🥢♟

  • Eugenia Keeton
    Eugenia KeetonMånad sedan

    My favorite podcast is Friday! But off the rails is 2nd fav! I love frenemies! I love trish ! Back in the day SEblack recommended h3 podcast after her vlogs! Well auto played and I fell in love ! @ 1st I didn't get all the internet memes and stuff . Then I got invested and loved it! I know it's funny ! A trish fan not understanding memes gifs and internet humor it's not a coincidence😅🤣🙃✌❤

  • L D
    L DMånad sedan


  • Mare Night
    Mare NightMånad sedan

    Ab .looked like my bf when he was right about the nuggies price like when I’m wrong about anything Hahahahah

  • Mare Night
    Mare NightMånad sedan

    Lmao when Ethan hit the table

  • Trooper676
    Trooper676Månad sedan

    “You don’t even have to think about it bro.” “They do it for you.”

  • Bubbijs
    BubbijsMånad sedan

    A year supply of Mayo has got to be like 5 bottles ?? I feel like I buy 2 or 3 bottles of Mayo in a year span

  • Cody
    CodyMånad sedan

    Don't worry about it man, the people that build this know what to do. Do my even think about it dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gary Miller
    Gary MillerMånad sedan

    So stupid you don’t even have to THINK about it bro. 👎

  • Beyond Seattle Eats
    Beyond Seattle EatsMånad sedan

    I will never buy Kraft mayo

  • Skinnie McFats
    Skinnie McFatsMånad sedan

    imagine thinking Ethan could 'destroy' anything.

  • Tyler Pistachio
    Tyler PistachioMånad sedan

    Love is awesome

  • Alex
    AlexMånad sedan

    LMAO please PLEASE tell me you guys got the soundbite of love "Put me between your legs"

  • cannibal bf

    cannibal bf

    21 dag sedan


  • Michael Frith
    Michael FrithMånad sedan

    Had to witness guy with my own eyes and crowder was correct!!😂😂

  • Aimo Koivunen
    Aimo KoivunenMånad sedan


  • 〈3Alyssa〈3
    〈3Alyssa〈3Månad sedan

    I’ve watched this episode so many times I never laughed so hard

  • 〈3Alyssa〈3


    21 dag sedan

    @cannibal bf lol ty

  • cannibal bf

    cannibal bf

    21 dag sedan

    i love ur pfp

  • Patrick Logue
    Patrick LogueMånad sedan

    1:16:50 what a sound

  • 健音テイ
    健音テイMånad sedan

    1:05:27 I thought that was my charger for a sec 😭

  • Josephine Leyva
    Josephine LeyvaMånad sedan

    The story AB told about messing with his wife sounds fucked up but honestly when I’m high I love fucking with my boyfriend and pranking him too because for some reason when I’m high I feel like I’m a good actor😂 and in the moment I think it’s the funniest thing ever so I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it with bad intentions lmao

  • Andrea Bakanu
    Andrea BakanuMånad sedan

    As someone already mentioned in another comment, @13:32 is a soundbite. Please.

  • Icheb M
    Icheb MMånad sedan

    holy shit that nugget thing? 50 cents for 10 more??! thats dystopian bro. i think europe doesn't allow that because that just blows my mind

  • Blastoyse Bulk
    Blastoyse BulkMånad sedan

    I just can't get over how awesome it is to have the H3 crew back together in a office irl, I love their interactions and how much fin it is to watch all them do stuff like this.

  • gooz0mbie
    gooz0mbieMånad sedan

    Dude Ab is such a snake. Why do I get such sketchy vibes from the dude?

  • Brandy C
    Brandy CMånad sedan

    The part about the terrible twos hits different now knowing he might have 3 kids hitting the terrible twos at the same time

  • tiffy
    tiffyMånad sedan

    Love do be pullin that phuckboy face

  • incognitorat 805
    incognitorat 805Månad sedan

    why don´t you try putitng plastic toy poop in the bath and make him see it and then take it out in front of him? just an idea, it may traumatize theodore even more tho

  • Anatol
    AnatolMånad sedan

    I miss Ethan hating on bts

  • Whatever Dude
    Whatever DudeMånad sedan

    I love the Ian standing up gag 😂😂

  • Molly Stilling
    Molly StillingMånad sedan

    damn the bts Stans got him

  • Adil Sikder
    Adil SikderMånad sedan

    Please react to "Ethan Klein Is A Privileged Corporate Shill | A CRP video" SEblack.!!

  • Harry Owens
    Harry OwensMånad sedan

    13:40 do we not remember the joe salad facade. Fuck ranch

  • L E X I.
    L E X I.Månad sedan

    LOVE always looks like he’s smelling something bad lol