We're Having Twins Or Triplets! - H3 After Dark # 39

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  • Kayla Bates
    Kayla Bates7 dagar sedan


  • Lloyd Lairemore
    Lloyd Lairemore7 dagar sedan

    You don’t even have to think about it bro.

  • rob b
    rob b17 dagar sedan

    That’s what happens with ivf

  • Who Wants to Know
    Who Wants to Know21 dag sedan

    All the abuse related POVs are just so unsettling

  • Gaia Alexandra
    Gaia Alexandra29 dagar sedan

    26:52 A 3lb baby would look big in Ethan's hands though

  • Epictheking
    EpicthekingMånad sedan

    The idea that all men should be ashames because of 1 mans actions is really stupid

  • Tina
    TinaMånad sedan

    not even one min in and im already stunned by hilas beauty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcworld999
    mcworld999Månad sedan

    Why did Ethan quit the ytube channel H3 Productions?? Last vid 10 mos ago.

  • Bella Téresa
    Bella TéresaMånad sedan

    Congrats ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love u queen hila

  • Daily Llama
    Daily LlamaMånad sedan

    Please God STOP BREEDING! We need intelligence in the future

  • Andy Lord
    Andy LordMånad sedan

    Names don’t matter so long as the parents are people of integrity to be an example… hopefully the kids watch the content and understand that integrity is a dead thing that should never be resurrected because it’s harmful to stand by the beliefs you held before your product “makes it” …. Slam that door behind you

  • Rick
    RickMånad sedan

    What a coward. Contacted Crowder to debate. And then ran like a dog who tore up the morning newspaper. Substituted in some no name SEblackr that no one has heard of. No honor. No self respect.

  • usr 123
    usr 123Månad sedan

    Send my congratulations to Sam Sedder. We know who did all the work ;)

  • Mr. 8:45
    Mr. 8:45Månad sedan

    Flipper babies

  • Jimmy Brock
    Jimmy BrockMånad sedan

    “You don’t even have to think about it bro” Ethan the f’n weasel

  • Kyle Dressel

    Kyle Dressel

    Månad sedan

    Lol stay mad incel

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
    Lorena Andrea Vodniza GonzalezMånad sedan

    this has been the best gabe clip ever lmao

  • J Shug
    J ShugMånad sedan

    I liked you better when you didn't turn into uninformed social justice warriors. If you're reading this, do yourselves a favor and find a quality video to watch and unsubscribe.

  • Looking Glass Fitness
    Looking Glass FitnessMånad sedan

    I love how Love is always on a raised screen showing the camera his drinks 😂

  • jenica
    jenicaMånad sedan

    These TikToks have me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tia Fabi
    Tia FabiMånad sedan

    I was 3.7 lbs

  • Matty Matt
    Matty MattMånad sedan

    38:30 Dan! 😄😂😂

  • Cvas 2044
    Cvas 2044Månad sedan

    White claw gabe on mute was mad funny 😭

  • Super Straight
    Super StraightMånad sedan

    I didn’t watch this so maybe she addressed this but hila has to be on Fertility meds. That produces multiples SO OFTEN. It’s kind of insane that they’re about to be parents to 4 kids. Ethan doesn’t seem fully comfortable with their 1 kid yet… and apparently they don’t spend a lot of time with the kid they have. Well not apparently- Ethan pretty much admitted to that. I worry about 3 kids coming at once for them. I also don’t think Ethan is happy in his marriage anymore. I have a lot of examples and theories on that but I’ll save them. It’s pretty obvious to me that he hasn’t been happy in a long time in his marriage but stays for Theodore. I’m hoping this doesn’t end up as messy as I believe it will.

  • alex


    Månad sedan

    what makes you think that?

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan

    Make their names Free and Palestine.

  • Jade Onyx
    Jade OnyxMånad sedan

    Hey fellow foot soldiers.* Believe me, I KNOW how random this is, but if any of you are inclined to pray or are spiritual... or even believe in sending positive energy/vibes, it would mean the entire world if you could pray for me. My husband & I have been trying to conceive for over 4 years. Within that time I got pregnant once, only to lose our baby to a miscarriage. I'm getting older everyday and starting to lose faith. We are hoping to try IVF, but it is so difficult physically, financially & emotionally. I am just so devastated and lost. 😞 I could go on & on for hours about how badly I want to be a mother, but I'll stop. Any and all thoughts & prayers would be SO incredibly appreciated. ❤💙🙏💛💜 PS: Sending sooooo much love to Ethan & Hila! They're such a wonderful couple and Theodore is going to be the BEST big bro!!!

  • Chris Santora
    Chris SantoraMånad sedan

    Prob gunna come out looking like oliver tree.

  • Emile Mcgee
    Emile McgeeMånad sedan

    This is recycled content again ugh

  • mfsiah
    mfsiahMånad sedan

    that gabe bit was the hardest ive laughed in probably a month

  • Toby Mann
    Toby MannMånad sedan

    The only thing I've gathered from your POV segment is that you lack the ability to put urself into other people's shoes. Of course their face is going to portray different feelings because they arent living in the same time period Ethan. Social norms are forever changing. You of all people should know this since part of your job is following trends.

  • Straw Berry
    Straw BerryMånad sedan

    Ian's excitement opening his birthday present was so precious!

  • Michael Schwantz
    Michael SchwantzMånad sedan

    IM FROM THE FUTURE . I’ve come to warn u Trisha is going to quit frenemies in the next podcast

  • Ibrahim Shawi
    Ibrahim ShawiMånad sedan

    Free Palestine, post about real shit!

  • The Pioneer
    The PioneerMånad sedan

    ITs So sIMple. YoU DoNt EvEn hAVe tO tHiNk abOuT It DuDe.

  • AngryAustrian
    AngryAustrianMånad sedan

    Two babies to go with Ethans two chins and two guts

  • Roger Hinton
    Roger HintonMånad sedan

    let us all know how that VACCINE works out for you! I hear they are baiting you now with free Marijuana! Better jump on board. Don't bother researching the ingredients, just TRUST the CDC

  • Mylaray L
    Mylaray LMånad sedan

    With peace and love HILA is gonna be massive with 3 babies

  • Vex
    VexMånad sedan

    But like H3? lol o love it

  • pooj
    poojMånad sedan

    Crowder fan, and occasional H3 fan.. not really enthused about these two debating.. over what exactly? Whether you should or shouldn't think about things? I dunno, I just think there are much better conducive topics these two can debate about.. just my two cents

  • Aiden Wasowski
    Aiden WasowskiMånad sedan

    I love how everyone did the pov TikToks backwards

  • MontcomHorror
    MontcomHorrorMånad sedan

    OH GOD NO!!!! We didn't need cross breeding of you two for one child let alone two or three . . . Uhhhhhh . . . Now I know we are definitely in the end times.

  • Aiden Wasowski
    Aiden WasowskiMånad sedan

    Dude I got an add for an abortion doctor while watching this

  • moondoggiee_ crystalized
    moondoggiee_ crystalizedMånad sedan

    how u gonna bring up greasers and not mention the outsiders

  • rayz1390
    rayz1390Månad sedan

    Zach is such a good actor

  • Jacqueline Lara
    Jacqueline LaraMånad sedan

    “ So everyone in this office are huge Nickelback fans right!?” “No” “YES WE ARE” 😭😂😭

  • Jum Buxter
    Jum BuxterMånad sedan

    Debate crowder. You don’t even have to think about it. Lmao beta.

  • Jake D
    Jake DMånad sedan

    God bless Love’s background antics

  • Shelbie Capehart
    Shelbie CapehartMånad sedan

    Anyone else realize they re-used a bit from August 13, 2020... the Holocaust POV. Oop. There’s a bit on their Highlights channel. 43:00

  • Tell Me Have You Seen The Marvellous Bread Fish
    Tell Me Have You Seen The Marvellous Bread FishMånad sedan

    Can we start a petition for Ethan to do a birthing simulator after the kids are born?

  • sophie ataya
    sophie atayaMånad sedan

    1:58:19 bless u

  • The Paradox Of Man
    The Paradox Of ManMånad sedan

    The world doesn't need more of you people

  • Alysdaxei
    AlysdaxeiMånad sedan

    I'm older than Ian and AB (29). I DON'T like it. That H3 fanfic section had me in stitches, especially the part about Ethan's shit-brown eyes.

  • ZiegleMaz
    ZiegleMazMånad sedan

    Don’t destroy your reputation among your millions of subscribers. Just debate Crowder because we all know you can blow him out of the water with all of your facts- I mean, you don’t even have to think about it dude.

  • Estelo
    EsteloMånad sedan

    Zach missed a great opportunity, when they were doing the POV of Hila he should’ve merged 3 crying baby sound bites to make it more realistic 😂

  • space.witch.junkie
    space.witch.junkieMånad sedan

    hahahaha zach go home for the day.. hahahah

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon DenischuckMånad sedan

    Dude literally all the new shots and skits and openings are some of my favourite things now!! I’m so glad they are vaxed and can do them in the new office, they should literally make a whole episode screwing around in there!

  • Mj V
    Mj VMånad sedan


  • Jikkity Jek
    Jikkity JekMånad sedan

    I used to actually listen to crowder but then realized bisexuality and kindness don’t exactly go hand in hand with conservatism

  • David Atkinson
    David AtkinsonMånad sedan

    Lmao garbage people

  • Sara Muchnick
    Sara MuchnickMånad sedan

    Cheese & pepperoni ? Sazon & Adobo ? Tooth & nail? Kanye & Jay? Blonde & Grey? After & Dark? Haitch & Three? Sponser & Ship? Sub & Scribe ? You & Tube ? Valid Suggestions You Have More Then HELP!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane DoeMånad sedan

    Update for anyone who hasnt seen the new one: it looked like triplets but it was twins, and the stronger twin absorbed the other one so their only having 1 baby now.

  • ZZBoomslang


    Månad sedan

    Dwight Schrute baby 💪

  • Vestine Angeneye

    Vestine Angeneye

    Månad sedan

    Awhhh wthh that's sad but still happy for the one baby who remained.

  • ZuhaLoveMusic
    ZuhaLoveMusicMånad sedan

    The whole chips argument is hilarious 😂 Dan really ready to fight anyone for it

  • Donald Krajacic
    Donald KrajacicMånad sedan

    I was thinking....shit why did i do that? We have a government to think for us.

  • gelora
    geloraMånad sedan

    1:15:09 is this Jacksepticeye?

  • M P
    M PMånad sedan

    So much love to you guys ❤️

  • • A N G E L A •
    • A N G E L A •Månad sedan

    They’re worried about the alienating the kids but it’s all up to them. If they show there kids that they’re equally loved (a relationship is different with each kids cause there not the same).

  • Lindsey Stein
    Lindsey SteinMånad sedan

    When I was pregnant, I was at my first ultrasound appointment and the technician said “oh wow, you’re having triplets!” And a few seconds later “hehehe just kidding, there’s just the one.” I was so mad. That guy sucked.

  • Latesha Presley
    Latesha PresleyMånad sedan

    The unwritten liver histologically inform because volcano algorithmically blush since a womanly balinese. evasive, bad destruction

  • waxpants
    waxpantsMånad sedan

    sad to see ethan become an establishment shill

  • Throw Away

    Throw Away

    Månad sedan

    Sad to hear about ur brain issues

  • Tommi Aldredge
    Tommi AldredgeMånad sedan

    I freaking love Crowder. He is a sexy ass man. Like "You" he makes fun of people but he also makes fun of himself. He isn't a puss about it. I use to like your show till you started kissing ass. . Sorry but a man doesn't do that. I'd have a little more respect for you if you took him up on his offer. But I have a feeling you won't it's a shame.

  • Tommi Aldredge
    Tommi AldredgeMånad sedan

    You need to debate him... Unless you're a 🐱

  • Rachel Foster
    Rachel FosterMånad sedan

    AB wearing Trisha’s band’s merch after she low key dissed all of them 🥲

  • Eucis93
    Eucis93Månad sedan

    I’m a twin, highly recommend lol. The twin bond is real and I wouldn’t worry too much about the attention aspect, the bond they’ll have as siblings will be enough! My advice though is to let them kind of decide how close they are. My mom had alot of people saying me and my brother should be separated more, study different subjects in school and basically try to separate us as much as possible, but whenever we had a say we always wanted to be together. We went to all the same schools, did most things together and now we even work in the same field. Alot of people will say multiples are held back if their bonds are too strong, but in my opinion it’s the literal opposite.

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoMånad sedan

    God I pray the babies don’t have your genetic abnormalities (your eyebrow situation). I’m assuming Hila must of been stuffed with every possible fertility treatment known to man for there to have twins or triplets.

  • Throw Away

    Throw Away

    Månad sedan

    Trump lost

  • Boop


    Månad sedan

    The "eyebrow situation" is tourette's

  • Royal M
    Royal MMånad sedan

    I was a C section baby. I was frank breech and too fat from them to move lol

  • Sin
    SinMånad sedan

    MySpace? Nahhhh its Friendster thats the 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Billie xxx
    Billie xxxMånad sedan

    Love shocked, raising the bot out of frame sent me tbh

  • YaBoiEddi
    YaBoiEddiMånad sedan

    Zack is that one wierd uncle that knows every conspiracy and owns a disposable phone just in case.

  • Paulwobin
    PaulwobinMånad sedan

    Jordan Peterson is Irish ?

  • Courtney T
    Courtney TMånad sedan

    Hila is such a trendsetter that I am now going to get pregnant

  • Mari Harmon
    Mari HarmonMånad sedan

    Can we just talk about how BEAUTIFUL HILA LOOKS? She was so gorgeous before, with the long dark hair, but this just shows she can pull literally anything off. I love her. I won’t die happy until I receive one hug from her one time in life.

  • Youtubeismy Therapy
    Youtubeismy TherapyMånad sedan

    It would be amazing if they gave Trisha and Moses a baby and this can bring the family closer and squash all the beef. That would be amazing!!

  • Krissie Rose
    Krissie RoseMånad sedan

    Ethan, my friend has 4 other siblings and she voices to me she feels unloved and like she doesn’t get enough time or attention i would put effort into doing things that each of your children like and take time to learn about them as individuals instead of treating them as a group You and Hila are amazing people and aweosme parents I have confidence in you and I know you guys can handle 2 or three little more klein’s sending ☮️ and ❤️

  • danthadragnman99
    danthadragnman99Månad sedan

    cant wait to meet the H3 Triplets

  • chris monte
    chris monteMånad sedan

    Having two or three babies he’s going to raise To be a bigot just like him

  • Sydney Aparicio

    Sydney Aparicio

    Månad sedan

    That’s a strange comment

  • environmentalbuff
    environmentalbuffMånad sedan

    Congratulations! Don’t let this drama with Trisha ruin your moment many blessings to your growing family ❤️

  • SammyHerre
    SammyHerreMånad sedan

    Ppl need to chill with some these comments cuz the babies can see this one day

  • Esteban Santiago
    Esteban SantiagoMånad sedan

    Do Not Breed!!!! It’ll be a mixture of radio and I am Sam!!! Abortion is the correct choice... and I am anti- “abortion for contraception reasons”

  • Music.Soothes.The.Soul.
    Music.Soothes.The.Soul.Månad sedan

    CONGRATULATIONS to Ethan & Hila on their multiples pregnancy 💙 💗 🍾 🥂

  • Dariel Filwood
    Dariel FilwoodMånad sedan

    Be nicer to AB.

  • Lydia Letavish
    Lydia LetavishMånad sedan

    a few things: you guys, the fanfiction on ao3 is amazing !!! like literal books could be published from that site. Wattpad is mostly written by pre-teens, so it's no wonder it's cringe. also love Love's lil messages that he puts up throughout the show lol

  • Andrew Royce
    Andrew RoyceMånad sedan

    You can like more views and likes ....just do the abortion live ....that would be awesome

  • -21- Mods
    -21- ModsMånad sedan

    Is it just me or has Hila become a bitch? She really has this “Karen” vibe these days

  • Connor B
    Connor BMånad sedan

    The skits are fire.

  • LilyCam
    LilyCamMånad sedan

    Twins or Triplets?

  • Olivia T
    Olivia TMånad sedan

    wait isn’t it kinda crazy how during the pregnancy announcement video Ethan was hearing a teddy fresh shirt with three different baby teddies!

  • Crayon Writer
    Crayon WriterMånad sedan

    Triplets and twins are alot more common cause fertility drugs. Multiples are not that rare anymore.

  • Shane Sullivan
    Shane SullivanMånad sedan

    I feel bad for the kids… they gotta deal with these pigs

  • yaya333
    yaya333Månad sedan

    Lol Zach didnt make a POV he wrote a fanfic

  • Missanthropy 1986
    Missanthropy 1986Månad sedan


  • Eddie P
    Eddie PMånad sedan

    That intro was HILARIOUS! LMFAO