I'm so angry

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  • Deetsitmeister
    Deetsitmeister2 dagar sedan

    "Hey guys, we're at a rage room and I'm freaking pissed!" oh yeah? Tell me more Ethan 😂

  • cecily
    cecily10 dagar sedan

    hila's got the force

  • labbeileen
    labbeileen15 dagar sedan

    ethan trying so hard to make damage on the printer is sending me 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Kristen
    Kristen19 dagar sedan

    4:15 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lydia Blackburn
    Lydia Blackburn19 dagar sedan

    i was dying of laughter through the entire video omg

  • Lydia Blackburn
    Lydia Blackburn19 dagar sedan

    the music while ethan was hittin the printer PLSSSS 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Owen Good
    Owen Good26 dagar sedan

    Awesome content, felt like a mix of the podcast and old school h3 videos. Also I don’t know why but I watched Ethans leg lift at 5:28 cracked me up 😂

  • Louise Florence
    Louise Florence27 dagar sedan

    Hah. This was EPIC to watch guys. Honestly, the wholesomeness of you all while still bashing the sh*t out of anything would and was a hundred times more entertaining than if you had taken Trisha along instead because you know she’d just make it alllllk about herself, instead of working with and just having a grand ol’ sweet violent time together like you guys! You guys ROCK without her. Don’t worry a thing about it anymore. :)

  • Rayen Harchay
    Rayen Harchay27 dagar sedan

    This guy is happy as fuck I clicked because I'm raging

  • Rayen Harchay

    Rayen Harchay

    27 dagar sedan

    I'ma enjoy the shit out of disliking your video

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards27 dagar sedan

    Camel toes are for girls and moose knuckles are for guys.. Yay a field trip day to the rage room, get their anger out on from what Queen Toxic did.. love seeing/hearing Ethan laughing while charging around on the Gasby

  • heebz
    heebz27 dagar sedan

    3:34 that ain’t cool at all...disrespectful asf

  • Bakkah Rasheed
    Bakkah Rasheed27 dagar sedan

    Great therapy ❤️ I love this Chanel

  • Chante Dixon
    Chante Dixon29 dagar sedan

    why is this so hilarious lmaaaaooo

  • Eternal progression
    Eternal progressionMånad sedan

    How does Hila look fashionable in everything she wears. I love the dunks

  • buttweiner facehead
    buttweiner faceheadMånad sedan

    replace frenemies with off the rails what re you doing ethan

  • TheLexyisland _
    TheLexyisland _Månad sedan

    Lord only knows why he fought so hard to keep her happy. (Trish)

  • Jesse -
    Jesse -Månad sedan

    I am so happy that cow is gone.

  • pigmemonkey
    pigmemonkeyMånad sedan

    this reminds me of old school h3 hell yeah

  • Nashatar Sidhu
    Nashatar SidhuMånad sedan

    The way they just incourage hila when she hits something has me dying

  • Chicken_tender2G
    Chicken_tender2GMånad sedan

    Make more vids like this please

  • Marcos Manzanares
    Marcos ManzanaresMånad sedan

    Camel Toe - Women Moose Knuckle - Men

  • Dominic Gervasio
    Dominic GervasioMånad sedan

    Afraid of a debate...loser

  • ASKfor a RAISE
    ASKfor a RAISEMånad sedan

    Slipknot in the Old Folks Home

  • Siberius Wolf
    Siberius WolfMånad sedan

    I've had this idea for a long time. Very cool to see it in existence.

  • Layne Doe
    Layne DoeMånad sedan

    "oh SHIT DUDE!!!" 'WHAT?!?!' "... Nuthin, juss tired" Whoever edited this video BAHA A+++ bro xD

  • sin teya
    sin teyaMånad sedan

    i still go back to watch the edit in this it's fucking hilarious 😆

  • D D
    D DMånad sedan

    I wonder how made he will get when he finds out what a mirror is.

  • Amber Griffin
    Amber GriffinMånad sedan

    Hila “I don’t like this thing” SMASH

  • Amber Griffin
    Amber GriffinMånad sedan

    Ab smashing shit is another level of attractive

  • Mike Polewski
    Mike PolewskiMånad sedan

    Yup tried to give H3 another shot used to be a fan back when post was on the show, but nope ain’t about it

  • siix siix
    siix siixMånad sedan

    OMG on God I used to daydream about being able to do something like this and like 3rd and 4th grade lol do I have anger issues? No no I don't?..right?!

  • Jason Waters
    Jason WatersMånad sedan

    So gay and weak

  • DontStealMyFish
    DontStealMyFishMånad sedan

    AB was the only one with the form needed for destruction! He's smashed shit before.

  • Adam
    AdamMånad sedan

    such a cringy, soy ridden man child.

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    Takes one to know one buddy

  • PistolJuice
    PistolJuiceMånad sedan

    This gives me classic H3 vibes. I love this so much.

  • John C
    John CMånad sedan

    Ethan! Your hair looks fantastic at the beginning of the video omg. whatever product you're using is 100, please make a video on your haircare routine, trust me it will go viral. It may even be an asmr hit ;). The color is just so peppery with so many layers and gradients- such a cool look. I wish I could have that kind of natural coloration. Also the chin area is lookin great, your personal trainer hard work is paying off! Love the jaw line

  • Allison Ficsor
    Allison FicsorMånad sedan

    Pissed about what? About the fact that your dad never raised you to be a man and face Crowder?

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    Alison honey beeing this mad is not good for you

  • no one
    no oneMånad sedan

    I kick butt hole and my name is eathan.

  • Auntkornicob
    AuntkornicobMånad sedan

    nooooo, love bot was my fave crew :

  • A.J. Rusinek
    A.J. RusinekMånad sedan

    Man I miss when content like this was uploaded to the OG channel. Will always support your guy's endeavors regardless of what you decide to do.

  • Jason Chamberlain
    Jason ChamberlainMånad sedan

    "Dude, you're wearing a holster bro"

  • Jason Chamberlain

    Jason Chamberlain

    Månad sedan

    @TheDonUrbas How bored are you?

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    Wow 30 same comments? How mad are you?

  • Nate N/A
    Nate N/AMånad sedan

    The left supports Palestinians. Ethan supports the left. Ethan supports the destruction of Israel. Change my mind.

  • Will Tb

    Will Tb

    Månad sedan

    Supporting Palestinianians doesn't mean you support the destruction of Israel bro.

  • hilda beaverhausen
    hilda beaverhausenMånad sedan

    And you eat your anger, don't you?

  • Shaun Oaks
    Shaun OaksMånad sedan

    Ooooh god why did I try watching this. It was boring

  • Alexandra Rodriguez
    Alexandra RodriguezMånad sedan

    Anyone know what kind of scooter that is??

  • Booji Boy
    Booji BoyMånad sedan

    This is Gaye

  • Maggie Bradley
    Maggie BradleyMånad sedan

    This reminds me of the scene from “Office Space” where they beat the printer with baseball bats.

  • Cody
    CodyMånad sedan

    You have a room dedicated to raging? Leave it to the liberals.

  • OliviaM
    OliviaMMånad sedan

    this is hilarious 😭😭😂😂😂

  • OliviaM
    OliviaMMånad sedan

    this is so satisfying i need to break some stuff too 😂

  • OliviaM
    OliviaMMånad sedan

    this was the best video 🤩😂

  • E
    EMånad sedan

    LOL Ian managed to not break something twice in a row

  • K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz
    K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailzMånad sedan

    Omfg the robot! I thought Tina Belcher was the only one allowed to use it lmao

  • LostZombie265 -
    LostZombie265 -Månad sedan

    looks fun

  • John Doe
    John DoeMånad sedan

    i’ve been watching for years and i just want you guys to remember where you come from and realize you could never lose! don’t let those hollywood vampires turn you into one of them!

  • Dillon Qaphsiel
    Dillon QaphsielMånad sedan

    It would have been great if someone took out Love

  • 💜
    💜Månad sedan

    I wanna do that so bad, letting all my anger out. I’m pretty sure it feels relieving

  • cool kid with swag
    cool kid with swagMånad sedan

    0:20 song?

  • kasey Downunda
    kasey DownundaMånad sedan

    put a blonde wigg on that printer!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jenny Lizz Gaming
    Jenny Lizz GamingMånad sedan

    That was my car!! They said they would take care of it!! 😩😩 hahaha love u guys

  • nikita
    nikitaMånad sedan


  • nikita
    nikitaMånad sedan

    when ethan was smashing the big printer with the piano music made me DIE

  • Rosa Martinez
    Rosa MartinezMånad sedan

    Hila: I think I have some rage I just gotta dig it out *also her wearing a little cherry clip* I love how juxtaposing that is

  • bulletinmybeard
    bulletinmybeardMånad sedan

    Those lil nuclear explosions got me crackin' xD I can highly recommend going to those rooms, it's so great!!!!!!

  • Nostalgic Edits
    Nostalgic EditsMånad sedan

    These recent videos are the absolute best advertisement for the gatsby, that thing is in-fucking-destructible. Also I love the editing on this video, it adds so much to the humor without being a distraction, amazing job.

  • Parth kanwat
    Parth kanwatMånad sedan

    these guys are not really in raze otherwise they were not talking ......just DESTRUCTION

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan

    Free Palestine.

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    @Kung Fu Kenny dont think cringe is your best tactic

  • Kung Fu Kenny

    Kung Fu Kenny

    Månad sedan

    @TheDonUrbas it’s enough to bother you and that’s enough for me. Free Palestine.

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    @Kung Fu Kenny but is it supposed to make me cringe?

  • Kung Fu Kenny

    Kung Fu Kenny

    Månad sedan

    @TheDonUrbas it’s not supposed to make you comfortable. Free Palestine.

  • TheDonUrbas


    Månad sedan

    @Kung Fu Kenny They did discuss it. Its just cringe and cringe is kind of bothersome

  • Chris W
    Chris WMånad sedan


  • Lil Miss Kayla
    Lil Miss KaylaMånad sedan

    Is anyone else thinking about the time Unus Annus did a video here, I miss those videos, memento mori😓

  • Casey S
    Casey SMånad sedan

    Hila brought her own printer lmao... personal vendetta

  • Lando 9128
    Lando 9128Månad sedan

    Another compilation of when the doom music kicks in

  • J.M. Butler
    J.M. ButlerMånad sedan


  • Exclusive_timing
    Exclusive_timingMånad sedan

    Look at Ethan holding his belly like he is pregnant lol. Sympathy pains

  • Sams Nothavingit
    Sams NothavingitMånad sedan

    “Hey can I punch this?” *lightly punches window with fist* “ow”

  • E K
    E KMånad sedan

    She’s a little weak haha

  • D. K.
    D. K.Månad sedan

    AB is the only one who knows what he's doing in there

  • Ramen Soap
    Ramen SoapMånad sedan

    Hila looks so cute in her overalls

  • RXIN
    RXINMånad sedan

    Trishas videos all have a lot of dislikes , I disliked snd reported them all, we can’t have crazy bitches making money from actions like that, her voice should be taken

  • [KPG]
    [KPG]Månad sedan

    The producers/editors hit like a gust of wind.

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick HunterMånad sedan

    That joker laugh from ethan!

  • Lopu Designs
    Lopu DesignsMånad sedan

    the timing

  • Matthew Tack
    Matthew TackMånad sedan

    They could have just opened the door from one of the 4 broken windows and popped the hood before absolutely destroying it haha

  • how about no
    how about noMånad sedan

    Howtobasic does that everyday

  • rachael richman-harris
    rachael richman-harrisMånad sedan

    Love participating as a rolling screen is just...next century

  • Snozzle
    SnozzleMånad sedan

    This is absolutely perfect! 😂

  • バナナ
    バナナMånad sedan


  • Fetty Boy
    Fetty BoyMånad sedan


  • Ann Chovies
    Ann ChoviesMånad sedan

    buttered noodles < this

  • Lauren B
    Lauren BMånad sedan

    trisha coming back like AND ANOTHER THING with her videos really shows the deep down guilt she feels knowing this is solely her fault and no one else’s

  • Sarah Kay
    Sarah KayMånad sedan

    4:20 LOL! Get it out! This is healthy expression of being hurt by a friend/ family instead of putting out 100 vids of rambling....

  • trinity4k
    trinity4kMånad sedan

    o7 lovebot

  • Chasity Duncan
    Chasity DuncanMånad sedan

    They need to have Gabbie come on the podcast now👀

  • Larissa Reyes
    Larissa ReyesMånad sedan

    Dan: I’m not angry Also Dan: annihilates the microwave

  • llednerdyob
    llednerdyobMånad sedan

    Every member of H3 > Trish

  • Lachlan Nix
    Lachlan NixMånad sedan

    The like to dislike ratio comparison is wild

  • Loredana-Georgiana Joldea
    Loredana-Georgiana JoldeaMånad sedan

    You guys dont have anger btw... As a person with anger management issues, i declare Dan the strongest!!!

  • Loredana-Georgiana Joldea
    Loredana-Georgiana JoldeaMånad sedan

    Noooo poor printers! Anyway happy to see u 2 okay. Please do not engage in more drama u 2 should relax and be happy for ur pregnancy. Big Hugs to beautiful Hila❤

  • planet niki
    planet nikiMånad sedan

    I love hila sm, she’s so wholesome and cute. Really deserves the world.

  • Skys Beauty
    Skys BeautyMånad sedan

    I'm perfectly fine with her not being in the podcast now. She screwed you two and many more over and over. You putting out all that money while she collects checks and doesn't put a dime into anything is complete bullshit. She is such a GASLIGHTER She was also gas lighting all of you. She's rude disrespectful and has no regards to anyone's privacy! She should have kept her mouth shut instead of going behind your back and posting that she's going to quit the podcast over you wanting 5% to cover costs which definitely isn't enough to fully cover costs and help you out either! She's such a Trolley Tramp for sure! I know you didn't want anyone coming at Trisha but it's hard with all the fucked up things she does!!! I love your channel and you deserve better from a supposed friend!

  • LD
    LDMånad sedan

    Bring back idubbz day