Ethan Klein Debates Steven Crowder (Ft. Sam Seder) - H3 Podcast # 248

Thank you to Steven Crowder for coming on the show :D
And a big thanks to Sam Seder of @The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder for dropping in!
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  • AlertedCoyote
    AlertedCoyoteTimme sedan

    Same as Shapiro, Crowder only wants to face down people who won't resist his Gish Gallop technique. Someone informed, concise and intelligent can usually run rings around their arguments, and they prefer to keep up their pseudo-intellectual bullshit act rather than have any integrity

  • DIY Mods
    DIY ModsTimme sedan

    Sam who?

  • Aditya Sachdev
    Aditya Sachdev2 timmar sedan

    What a loser, Ethan is.

  • BadSpartan251
    BadSpartan2512 timmar sedan

    I like how the title says he debated crowder.

  • Verihim The Red
    Verihim The Red5 timmar sedan

    Can we get the full video?

  • Michael Demiurga
    Michael Demiurga16 timmar sedan

    Damn, Sam Seder scared Crowder so much that Steven ended up hospitalized and in need of surgery.

  • William Reiner
    William Reiner17 timmar sedan

    Ngl it’s already out that H3 (Ethan) is a liar🤥 there’s screenshots from the private conversations with Crowder which shows Ethan agreed that the debate was just going to be Steven and Ethan. No one else and Ethan still brought Seder on anyway. Also Steven doesn’t force college kids to do his show, they do it willingly and independently. He’s sat down with teachers, adults, as well as anyone else and it’s not a debate. So I don’t know what Sam is talking about 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Wooster H
    Wooster H17 timmar sedan

    Can’t believe I used to watch louder with crowder, my advice to any teenagers out there don’t watch any political media until you’re an adult, you can easily get brainwashed by any side, I found myself becoming racist and homophobic as well as misogynistic, I was told to believe that black people hate white people, that women want all men killed and the lgbtq community wants to ruin your life if you’re straight, and then I started socializing with people and realized the real world isn’t anything like what’s portrayed by the right, yeah sure there’s a few people like this but the overwhelming majority of people are normal people going on with their day😂 according to these cringe right wing yourubers if one black person is bad they’re all bad if one women says kill all men all women believe that if one lgbtq member says fuck straight people they all say that, buttt if one white republican is racist they’re the only one if one white republican is homophobic they’re the only one if one white republican is misogynistic they’re the only one, moral of the story most white people are decent humans most black people are decent humans most straight, gay, men, women, police officers, blm protestors are all decent human beings don’t let any political side brainwash and manipulate you into thinking otherwise. Glad I was able to see through all the bs I was being told

  • StarLight Bliss
    StarLight Bliss23 timmar sedan

    If Steven Crowder is afraid of Sam Seder then he is a looser. Sam is not an a+ debate Specialist. I wonder what happens if Ricky Gervais & Richard Dawkins shows up to him!!

  • Emerald Pixel Gaming

    Emerald Pixel Gaming

    22 timmar sedan

    He is not.

  • Nico John
    Nico JohnDag sedan

    Lol I love how Ethan hit him up first to do the debate and now he getting all butthurt

  • Emerald Pixel Gaming

    Emerald Pixel Gaming

    22 timmar sedan

    Who is?

  • BehindYour House
    BehindYour HouseDag sedan


  • Craig Wyatt
    Craig WyattDag sedan

    Lies, deceives, baits and expects to get an apology, wtf? This guy is entirely dishonest and dishonorable but attempts to take the high ground and act all indignant when Steven wouldn't give him the time of day.. who tf are these guys anyway?!

  • Craig Wyatt
    Craig WyattDag sedan

    Either this guy is dumb af or he thinks his viewers are, "I got an email.. was super professional" oh well then it must be completely legit dude! Theres no chance you could send yourself an email and claim it as evidence.. What complete horseshit!!

  • Brian H.
    Brian H.Dag sedan

    Who’s this sam dude?

  • Fernando Castillo
    Fernando CastilloDag sedan

    Change my mind? More like change my diaper...

  • Michelle Chambers
    Michelle ChambersDag sedan

    So cringe

  • Isabella Greene
    Isabella GreeneDag sedan


  • Isabella Greene
    Isabella GreeneDag sedan

    This is so fucked what the hell

    MEDIA THINGDag sedan

    The sad thing is, Ethan thinks he won. Just because you have two people on the same side ambush a single individual with an opposing point of view, that does not make you the "winner" of this "debate". The second they teamed up to drown him out and laugh, it was just a circus. Ethan is a coward. But it's worse that he's a smug coward.

  • Michael Demiurga

    Michael Demiurga

    16 timmar sedan

    No, the sad thing is Crowder stans like you are still in denial even a month later. Conservatives truly are snowflakes. Your boy got exposed as a grifting fraud of a coward. Deal with it.

  • Humble Sentiments
    Humble SentimentsDag sedan

    This is amazing!

  • Gunn Wrights
    Gunn WrightsDag sedan

    I've seen the h3h3 name somewhere, but never knew what you stood for. After wasting 45 of my life (35 of those were just your complaints and how butt-hurt you were over Crowder not debating a 'stand-in') I still don't know what your channel is all about? I get it, you hate Crowder, hell - there's many beliefs he has that I don't agree with, but at least I am able to understand his points... You 2 sat around claiming victory for how "we really got Steven today" because "he watched our show"! Really, that's a win? I have no alliance to Crowder, but what you guys did was WRONG! You agree to a meeting, and then at the last minute, you switch up to this Sam guy? It's no different than having a meeting scheduled with the CEO of a company, and his secretary shows up??? I wouldn't talk with his secretary either. >> BOTTOM LINE: I see a scheduled meeting that turned out to be 'CLICK BAIT'... also, I've seen more intelligence in the 3 Jackass movies than I saw here today by h3. WOW!

  • Faith Wooley
    Faith WooleyDag sedan

    It’s funny how you have to pick bits and pieces to try to manipulate your audience. Steven shows the whole interview and actually shows proof of messages between you and him of YOU ASKING TO DEBATE STEVEN. While you make up messages to some random person that can easily say that they work for crowder. Doesn’t seem legitimate enough for me to believe. Steven was actually wanting to have a conversation. I just don’t understand how people can believe the side that’s being less transparent. Calling him racist and sexist?! What proof do you have. People like you infuriate me. Your channel is toxic.

  • Arturo Medina Jr
    Arturo Medina JrDag sedan

    Dude your awsome!!!!!!!!! Well done to both of you guys lol

  • Arturo Medina Jr
    Arturo Medina JrDag sedan

    WOW Steve Coward? So sad man, he sounds scared LOL LMBO

  • Arturo Medina Jr
    Arturo Medina JrDag sedan

    WOW Steve Chowder is wet kitty hiding from the camera

  • Dref Opist
    Dref OpistDag sedan

    Damn. Is the great Ethan Klein such a brainlet that he needs someone else to fight his battles for him?

  • Dref Opist

    Dref Opist

    Dag sedan

    @R Tendo Lmao my point still stands.

  • R Tendo

    R Tendo

    Dag sedan

    Ethan never wanted to debate him he knew he couldn’t so he got someone that could and Steven ran away scared because he’s afraid of debating someone who knows what they are talking about

  • TsWn_Manimal5847
    TsWn_Manimal5847Dag sedan

    Ethan tried to clown Crowder but ended up clowning himself

  • Jeroen J
    Jeroen JDag sedan

    Ethan, this it what causes me to lose my last shred of respect for you

  • Calvin Hobbes
    Calvin HobbesDag sedan

    Please provide evidence of him being racist lmao

  • A. E. Richardson

    A. E. Richardson

    18 timmar sedan

    Have you heard Steven crowder? He's said a lot of racist shit

  • -_-naab-_-
    -_-naab-_-Dag sedan

    Ethan stick to the old goofs you did this is an embarrassment 🤣

  • wire


    17 timmar sedan

    nah this was funny as fuck i dunno what youre on

  • Christian Music

    Christian Music

    Dag sedan

    @damasviews I agree.

  • damasviews


    Dag sedan

    Yep....he embarrassed the hell out of Crowder. 😹

  • Timothy
    TimothyDag sedan

    By the way Ethan, as of now you have 57 thousand dislikes and 160 thousand dislikes on your own channel. More than a third of the viewers dislike this and its on your own channel. You lost dude



    Dag sedan

    I'm not a fan of either person, but i will call out the bait and switch coward who can't fight his own battles.

  • Timothy


    Dag sedan

    @Manel Paulino either way, I was right. I was just putting in a dissenting comment in a sea of conformity and douche speak

  • Timothy


    Dag sedan

    @Manel Paulino seriously great job and keep doing your thing doucher

  • Timothy


    Dag sedan

    @Manel Paulino you got me man!!! Damn you straight up schooled me

  • Manel Paulino

    Manel Paulino

    Dag sedan

    You got 1 like so congratulations yt commenter: You won!

  • Teen Laqueefa
    Teen LaqueefaDag sedan

    Let's be honest with ourselves, it was pretty pathetic of Ethan to at the last second claim he's not a good debater and rely on someone else. Leftists live in their own reality though.

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel SanchezDag sedan

    I'm a fan of H3 and Lowder with Crowder. And I can tell that Steven was afraid to debate Sam, and that he does use easy pray for his rise to fame.

  • Ram Iba
    Ram IbaDag sedan

    lol bum central

  • XO Leangelo
    XO Leangelo2 dagar sedan

    Lmao you are reaching so hard the whole video.

  • Evan Griffin
    Evan Griffin2 dagar sedan

    Ethan is a coward for not debating Stephan himself

  • damasviews


    Dag sedan

    Yeah sure that's the conclusion. Lol wtf.

  • Robert Harbaugh
    Robert Harbaugh2 dagar sedan

    I'm def gunna subscribe to sam now so we can see this debate 😆😆

  • WinterS0lstice
    WinterS0lstice2 dagar sedan

    *FIGHT LIKE HELL* shirt *Runs Away Chowder is a joke.

  • The word on the Street
    The word on the Street2 dagar sedan

    You did a bait an switch......lmao that is a pussy move bro.

  • David Mcdougall
    David Mcdougall2 dagar sedan

    This is click bait. Crowder hands down is a smart dude. You, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen you don’t appear to be smart, you play a good victim though.

  • Evan Griffin

    Evan Griffin

    2 dagar sedan

    Spot on, Ethan is a coward for not debating Stephan himself with his human shield

  • Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson

    2 dagar sedan

    He always plays the victim, then he’ll hit em with the insults and low blows after the fact. Ethan is such a bitch sometimes lbs.

  • Dislexiuh
    Dislexiuh2 dagar sedan

    is it just me or is the h3 podcast just a degenerative excuse of a podcast

  • relms140
    relms1402 dagar sedan

    Had 2 skip past the bits with Crowder ( fk that guy ) - Love you H3H3 & Sam Seader , never stop being awesome :D

  • D H
    D H2 dagar sedan

    Never heard of Ethan Klein or Sam Seder till now. Has a lot of subscribers. Didn’t realize so many people would lower their standards. Go figure.

  • Wooster H

    Wooster H

    18 timmar sedan

    gawk gawk

  • john McCurdey
    john McCurdey2 dagar sedan

    "I'm not politically savvy, and I'm not a debater" Then why did you agree to do a debate one-on-one if you know you cant? You're just setting yourself up for failure. 25:05



    2 dagar sedan

    Yep, what did Ethan think was going to happen, Crowder came to a easy debate and then was surprirsed.

  • D H
    D H2 dagar sedan

    Can guarantee there will be no Ethan Klein in heaven. 😎

  • GuardianAngle93
    GuardianAngle932 dagar sedan

    Ethan can't even string an intelligent thought together. Yikes.

  • roddy PROF.E.T.
    roddy PROF.E.T.2 dagar sedan

    Everyone involved here is a loser

  • roddy PROF.E.T.
    roddy PROF.E.T.2 dagar sedan

    Lmao Steven Crowder is heinous and offensive? He’s as tame and milquetoast as it gets

  • A. E. Richardson

    A. E. Richardson

    18 timmar sedan

    @Jack Anderson Steven is more politically active than h3h3 is. Ethan Klein knew his limits and got someone who is politically active to be his voice

  • Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson

    18 timmar sedan

    @Christian Music I h8 them both lol

  • roddy PROF.E.T.

    roddy PROF.E.T.

    22 timmar sedan

    @Christian Music good one bro

  • Christian Music

    Christian Music

    Dag sedan

    @Jack Anderson Is that why Steven’s in the hospital now with a collapsed lung? 😂

  • Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson

    2 dagar sedan

    Ethan can’t handle getting rektd. He has to go for the low blows and insults.

  • Josh Bunch
    Josh Bunch2 dagar sedan

    How does this guy have a following??



    Dag sedan

    You'd be surprised at how many idiots exist

  • Erinski
    Erinski2 dagar sedan

    11:25 Oh my God, the painful joker laugh, right before he lets slip that he watched The Majority Report to make sure this wouldn't happen.

  • gregorius
    gregorius2 dagar sedan

    Steven's the man

  • XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i
    XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i2 dagar sedan

    Steven Crowder should have put on Sam Hyde for the debate as well.

  • Daryl Livingstone
    Daryl Livingstone2 dagar sedan

    Ethan you couldn't even debate yourself crowder would destroy you.

  • Zack Goodsell
    Zack Goodsell2 dagar sedan

    Shit sounded like a cod lobby

  • Señor Bob
    Señor Bob3 dagar sedan

    lmao he literally erupted in anger and hysteria. Actual maniacal laughter at 11:30

  • Ciaran


    22 timmar sedan

    Can you prove it cabròn

  • John Doe
    John Doe3 dagar sedan


  • Saul Teanuts
    Saul Teanuts3 dagar sedan

    You knew who he was, Crowder. You are just used to debating drunken college kids and Sam Seder scares the crap out of you. Fight like hell, with guns cuz I'm a pu$$y. COWARD HAHA

  • ya whatever
    ya whatever3 dagar sedan

    Crowder is awesome . Unlike this dude .

  • Cringey Gacha Kid That Also Does Harry Potter
    Cringey Gacha Kid That Also Does Harry Potter3 dagar sedan

    you went from being an anti-sjw to this

  • Christian Stordahl
    Christian Stordahl3 dagar sedan

    Its hilarious how Ethan calls Steven a coward because he "doesn't want to debate", when Ethan literally brought another dude on to debate for him. All Steven wanted to do was debate with Ethan and yet Ethan was the coward hiding behind someone else. Huge loss of respect.

  • Banyas Beans official

    Banyas Beans official

    2 dagar sedan

    But Steven knew that he was going to win. Ethan doesn’t do politics. It’s like asking a professional swimmer to go up against a professional soccer player. The two don’t match. Steven came into the debate looking to get a slam dunk for easy political points. Unfortunately he got clowned on, so it doesnt really matter. Also, Steven crowder has crashed other people too, so in a sense it’s poetic justice.

  • Blake Byrnes
    Blake Byrnes3 dagar sedan

    Oh, ffs... I thought this was actually going to be worth something. I've never heard of Sam (which I'm sure Crowder would love) but it just turned to shit and absolutely not conversation was had. Oh my fucking gawd...

  • damasviews


    Dag sedan

    @Blake Byrnes Sam went in with full intention to debate- it's what he loves to do the most. Ethan has a comedy show even though he is on the left so combining both carried the risk that something like this would happen. Lookup Sam Seder debates libertarian.

  • Blake Byrnes

    Blake Byrnes

    Dag sedan

    @damasviews Quieter with Schmowder?

  • damasviews


    Dag sedan

    Only one person cried the whole time.

  • Eupo
    Eupo3 dagar sedan

    H3 truly is pathetic for trying something like this. Props to crowder for being a man and not debating a coward who goes against their word.

  • Eupo


    2 dagar sedan

    @Komodo Well I’m about to destroy you 😂 he never WENT to politicon. If mike tyson challenges me to a fight, and I don’t accept it, I’m not dodging. Steven crowder never agreed to do shit with this Sam Seder moron. “Dodging” is when you accept to certain terms, and then run away from it even though the terms were maintained. H3 is a sad excuse of a man and went back on his word of a one on one debate. Steven crowder need not debate lying cowards.

  • Komodo


    2 dagar sedan

    Bruh Crowder dodged San Seder back in politicon, he basically deserves this

  • asher cabral
    asher cabral3 dagar sedan

    So let’s get this right. About 75percent of what you said just left out tons and tons of ceontext. And you just lied. You’re the coward.

  • Zachary Entz
    Zachary Entz3 dagar sedan

    How Crowder responded was unprofessional. But you were far lower.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout3 dagar sedan

    I wonder how many outlaws Steven has to fight every day on his way to the studio.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout3 dagar sedan

    Steven Coward

  • Louis Muhawij
    Louis Muhawij3 dagar sedan

    Crowder did not know who he was messing with... Ethan "Chickenshit" Klein.

  • Daniel Waller
    Daniel Waller3 dagar sedan

    Jesus fucking Christ. I’m normally careful not to laugh at the mentally feeble but this is the exception

  • Daniel Waller
    Daniel Waller3 dagar sedan

    First thing that made sense in this video is when Ethan said “I’m not intelligent”

  • House Classics
    House Classics3 dagar sedan


  • jackmaxpower
    jackmaxpower3 dagar sedan

    Crowder: coward who hides from Sam and is a baby about this Ethan:coward who can never wins a debates so needs his big brother or his wife to finish or he just hurls insults. Sam: came in and talked over each other (although they all were doing it) This was the worst thing I have ever watch Ethan was a terrible host and everyone should be ashamed for taking part in this.

  • Vice
    Vice3 dagar sedan

    12:20 Ethan’s high pitched “STEVEN!” 😂😂😂

  • Karen Hunny
    Karen Hunny3 dagar sedan

    As someone who is on the right 100%. This was embarrassing. They represented everything so wrong.

  • Karen Hunny

    Karen Hunny

    3 dagar sedan

    Except about vaccine! Everyone should go and get it !

  • Robert Pavard
    Robert Pavard3 dagar sedan

    Cold feet steven

  • Jon Williams
    Jon Williams3 dagar sedan

    The intro was unnecessary and petty.

  • ShenoTenshe
    ShenoTenshe3 dagar sedan

    Lol h3 got rekt

  • MagnusBjerke
    MagnusBjerke3 dagar sedan

    Who is this guy?

  • CodeNameUnicorn
    CodeNameUnicorn3 dagar sedan

    SEblack deletes my comments if it’s critiquing Ethan.. tyranny at its best!

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JC3 dagar sedan

    Why is the title say "debate" when it wasnt. Honestly Ethan chickened out of the debate.

  • Isaac Picon

    Isaac Picon

    3 dagar sedan

    Crowder fan girls are still butthurt about this uh, interesting.

  • AdamAdeptus
    AdamAdeptus3 dagar sedan

    Stephen basically avoided replying to any serious points and just made ad hominem attacks continuously. Did he listen to anything said to him? Not at all. But he *did* prove one thing. Crowder IS louder. 😂

  • EddiXP
    EddiXP3 dagar sedan

    Ethan is not even close to being a man. Wow

  • Psycho Fox
    Psycho Fox3 dagar sedan

    Ethan could've at least asked his wife to loan him back his balls for the "debate" but I guess she gave them to Sam Seder to keep. Also the fact that his only "insult" was talking about how Steven wears a gun holster tells me he's an idiot, can't think of anything of substance to say, and he's desperate for validation from others.

  • Shay Carter
    Shay Carter3 dagar sedan

    I love how they just talk over him the entire time LMAO! I love louder with crowder

  • Travis Blunt

    Travis Blunt

    2 dagar sedan

    Steven crowder was talked over in this video?

  • Shay Carter
    Shay Carter3 dagar sedan

    Really a racist?! Wow your way off! Steven is not a bigot or racist

  • Geoff McKenzie
    Geoff McKenzie3 dagar sedan

    So you agreed to debate him and then ambushed him with someone else and he’s the coward? 😂

  • Andrew Rozario
    Andrew Rozario3 dagar sedan

    I can debate you like a man but I choose not to. So here is my Pokemon - Sam Seder.

  • Alex The great
    Alex The great4 dagar sedan

    Ethan, why don’t you just debate him?!?! Kinda sad man.

  • Jessica Combs
    Jessica Combs4 dagar sedan

    U would lose hands down

  • Eli Pierre
    Eli Pierre4 dagar sedan

    This was the greatest display of immaturity I’ve seen in a while.. like watching three grown children

  • emh360
    emh3604 dagar sedan

    I dont even like Crowder but this was a beta scumbag move of Ethan. So glad I unsubscribed from him years ago.

  • joe canali
    joe canali4 dagar sedan

    The H3 crew has gotta be some of the saddest human beings in existence. Imagine agreeing to a debate and then bringing someone else in thinking you're so clever. No one likes Sam Seder that's why almost no one has him on their shows. Sam himself is a liar.

  • Vitacal
    Vitacal4 dagar sedan

    "But I don't wanna debate Seder, I could lose😤"

  • Tron Legacy
    Tron Legacy4 dagar sedan

    Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam -Crowder after getting catfished

  • Amy Stephenson
    Amy Stephenson4 dagar sedan

    I feel like everyone in this are acting like giant babies: I also totally don’t get why Ethan has to get his proverbial big brother to fight his battles. A weird move.

  • Komodo


    2 dagar sedan

    @Amy Stephenson Because it’s funny since Crowder would give up his left but to avoid Seder, the pussy avoided him back in Politicon, this was basically deserved

  • Amy Stephenson

    Amy Stephenson

    4 dagar sedan

    But why agree to a debate one on one and then ambush him with someone else? It’s weird to me. I’m not taking sides or anything. Ethan agreed to talk to him specifically relating to Ethans personal statement about something and then he brings someone else on to explain why he thinks what he thinks. Isn’t that odd?

  • shyne !

    shyne !

    4 dagar sedan

    because steven crowder IS a big brother. also that sam and steven devate was looooong overdue

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker4 dagar sedan

    Crowder is such an Alpha. Total Alpha move by refusing to answer any questions and then hanging up. ALPHA

  • FrozenFresh
    FrozenFresh4 dagar sedan

    Ouch intro with immediate character assassination.

  • Futureman75
    Futureman754 dagar sedan

    This sounded as if splatter paint was asked to be an adult.

  • epichotdog19912
    epichotdog199124 dagar sedan

    Ethan I used to love ur videos but this is just embarrassing. :(

  • Eric Ceretti
    Eric Ceretti4 dagar sedan

    You really fell off man, pretty sad tbh. Crowder destroyed both you losers. Hiding behind sam seder 😂😂😂

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia4 dagar sedan