We're Pregnant! - H3 After Dark # 38

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  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller4 dagar sedan

    So many mad Crowder beta males in the comments lololol

  • Andrea Ordonez
    Andrea Ordonez5 dagar sedan

    It better be JANUARY!! I’m a winter baby January 12 I’m hoping on it. New baby… NEW YEAR BABY!!! FUCK YEAH BABY FUCK YEAH !! 😂

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant5 dagar sedan

    “I’m searching and porn is all that comes up” *love bot discretely turns towards his screen*

  • Pu33y D3str0yer
    Pu33y D3str0yer6 dagar sedan

    ngl ethan might not be the most attractive person but his personality. is very amazing

  • Lloyd Lairemore
    Lloyd Lairemore7 dagar sedan

    You don’t even have to think about it bro.

  • Matthew Gower
    Matthew Gower11 dagar sedan

    53:30 no ones stealing your whip with that thing in the back

  • Captain obvious Wa wa wa
    Captain obvious Wa wa wa21 dag sedan

    Low on views huh ?

  • SilverWolf Aura26
    SilverWolf Aura2621 dag sedan


  • Brittany Levinson
    Brittany Levinson26 dagar sedan

    Love your hair color Hila!

  • Barbara A
    Barbara A26 dagar sedan

    I miss Colbert report so much

  • Kim Manana
    Kim Manana26 dagar sedan

    that guy with his little sister is fucking disgusting...how is his account still active??

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    Love:im shitting rn

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    I dont like harry potter either

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    Harry potter wasnt that good

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    The windows and door blasting open from cockmeat in so scared

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    Gen z provly want to just feel special so they call imagination shifting and bullcrap.

  • chad
    chad28 dagar sedan

    Poor little girl thisbis fucked up!!!

  • Teodora Milosavljevic
    Teodora Milosavljevic28 dagar sedan

    Crowder reminds me of that russian influencer that said covid didn't exist and then died from it

  • Jessica Castro
    Jessica Castro29 dagar sedan

    1:05 I’m cryyyyyyying

  • PurpleBros Choco
    PurpleBros ChocoMånad sedan


  • jesssonline
    jesssonlineMånad sedan

    i love how ready ethan was to feed hila when she mentioned she was hungry 😢

  • Hayden A. O'Leary
    Hayden A. O'LearyMånad sedan

    Most Curbed moment: "I'll snip, you do enough"

  • Marie
    MarieMånad sedan

    Ethan is already dad of the year! 🥰

  • Marie
    MarieMånad sedan

    Hila & Ethan are so cute together 😍

  • kara micallef
    kara micallefMånad sedan

    Canada dose not claim that guy he can go back to America

  • Dobert
    DobertMånad sedan

    I think shifting is slang in Ireland for fingering

  • Whatever Dude
    Whatever DudeMånad sedan

    I'm so jealous of their relationship 🥺💖

  • Humansplaining
    HumansplainingMånad sedan

    "just take the vaccine...you don't even have to think about it, dude" ~ Ethan

  • Regan Todd
    Regan ToddMånad sedan

    Your wife it trans?

  • Regan Todd
    Regan ToddMånad sedan


  • TC Ixion
    TC IxionMånad sedan

    didn't know ethan was pregnant as well. i think you mean hilas pregnant lol

  • Pam Munoz
    Pam MunozMånad sedan


  • usr 123
    usr 123Månad sedan

    So Sam sedder is finally getting a baby?

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu KennyMånad sedan


  • Stacy James
    Stacy JamesMånad sedan

    I didn't a re-animated corpse could get pregnant, dawn of the dead triplets

  • Joey Rodriguez
    Joey RodriguezMånad sedan

    She's never sounded more dee dee dee lol

  • Serafin Hikes
    Serafin HikesMånad sedan

    Congratulations on the pregnancy

  • Serafin Hikes
    Serafin HikesMånad sedan

    The scooter was hilarious

  • Margie P.
    Margie P.Månad sedan

    They have such a beautiful relationship, congratulations to this family🎆

  • Malcolm Schafer
    Malcolm SchaferMånad sedan

    Pls go on crowders show or are you just going to have meltdowns when someone doesn't agree with you man you fell of fucking hard man congratulations on your kids tho

  • larzlarzpantsonfarz


    Månad sedan

    HAHAHAHA this comment was posted mere hours before their debate and Crowder was a coward!

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek RobertsMånad sedan

    Congratulations on your clump of cells!

  • Derek Roberts

    Derek Roberts

    Månad sedan

    @Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez Well you seem like a lovely clump of cells, too.

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

    Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

    Månad sedan


  • Cody Hofmans
    Cody HofmansMånad sedan

    Hila is a queen!!! Loved seeing her on the gatsby!

  • GigiChoko
    GigiChokoMånad sedan

    I live harry potter but I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought the ending was so shitty lmao

  • GigiChoko
    GigiChokoMånad sedan

    I think it's really cute and wholesome how they're so open about having more kids and letting it into God's hands lol

  • Simon Ho
    Simon HoMånad sedan

    I wonder how painful triplets can be

  • Pretty Kitty
    Pretty KittyMånad sedan

    So happy for y’all ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️

  • Renie Coffey
    Renie CoffeyMånad sedan

    Biggest smile ever at the excitement ❤️ how beautiful

  • Zejakov
    ZejakovMånad sedan

    I am sorry for your kids

  • chad


    23 dagar sedan

    @Zejakov i think their kids will be fine hahahha

  • Zejakov


    28 dagar sedan

    @chad Money cant help you when you have dumb parents

  • chad


    28 dagar sedan

    Theyre rich though

  • Moistbean1550 _

    Moistbean1550 _

    Månad sedan


  • ForktheToaster
    ForktheToasterMånad sedan

    "You tell me bro"

  • Kyle Dressel
    Kyle DresselMånad sedan

    Anyone saying Ethan's take is bad to listen to the CDC is dumb. Like hila said, obviously she wouldn't jump off a cliff. But it's just wearing a fucking mask. People are dying and there's a pandemic, wearing a mask won't harm you. Just listen

  • Toby Mann
    Toby MannMånad sedan

    Ethan the look of pure happiness is great to see come across ur face. Ur kids will give you new life. Sometimes when you have everything you want you need something to remind you what you're doing this all for in the first place.

  • Toby Mann
    Toby MannMånad sedan

    I'm sorry I'm on your guys' side but youtube is definitely a public entity. Stop skirting around it and say it as it is.

  • Matty Matt
    Matty MattMånad sedan

    Dan and Zach jumping over sh!t is everything!

  • Toby Mann
    Toby MannMånad sedan

    It's so cool that hila let's Ethan share things like her being pregnant

  • Noura E.
    Noura E.Månad sedan

    that intro had me rolling 🤣🤣 love you guys

  • Mark Valencia
    Mark ValenciaMånad sedan

    Could be just accidentally weird but yah I weird

  • MysticSoothsayer
    MysticSoothsayerMånad sedan

    He certainly looks like he is pregnant.

  • Charlie Handsome
    Charlie HandsomeMånad sedan


  • Calitme Dion

    Calitme Dion

    Månad sedan

    Maybe but we can be happy losers

  • Sand dan Glokta
    Sand dan GloktaMånad sedan

    Thought I’d watch some of his videos…god this is utter shite why are people liking this

  • Sand dan Glokta
    Sand dan GloktaMånad sedan

    We are pregnant? Weird

  • Wasabi Mami
    Wasabi MamiMånad sedan

    Congrats!!!! 🎉🥳

  • ribbit
    ribbitMånad sedan

    You can see the anxiety Hila had while opening that text message. Such a sweet moment to catch on camera

  • BigBoy 82z28
    BigBoy 82z28Månad sedan

    Bruh their kid is gonna watch this shit

  • Frontyer
    FrontyerMånad sedan

    Lol you got wrecked by Crowder

  • Helen Weekley
    Helen WeekleyMånad sedan

    Okay, so I am 23, from the U.S and I still kiss my Mom and Dad on the Lips. Although the way I grew up... My Great Grandmother on my Dad's side is from the Czech Republic, during WW2. Because she had lost all of her family before being liberated in the area she was in... when she did come to the U.S and had her Family she made sure to have a very close relationship with each member. You never know if that's the last time you will see them. :'( 😢

  • Joaquin Moncada
    Joaquin MoncadaMånad sedan

    “We are pregnant” lol what kind of soyboy crap is that. Your wife is pregnant, “dude.”

  • Calitme Dion

    Calitme Dion

    Månad sedan


  • Alibaba
    AlibabaMånad sedan

    What I’ve learned today: Ethan has a crippling inflation kink

  • Adam Dempsey
    Adam DempseyMånad sedan

    dude bro like you're actually a dumb ass beta male bro you don't even need to think about it bro, bro let government run our lives and let's not even think about it bro, yo their killing Jewish people? don't even think about it bro. You know how stupid you sound? Honestly. This isn't a political argument, this is an ignorance to the world and history and lack of common sense argument.

  • K Wilde
    K WildeMånad sedan

    I'd be more interested in Hugh Mungozz's pod cast.

  • BriannicusGee
    BriannicusGeeMånad sedan

    "DRACKO" lmfao

  • Ghoul
    GhoulMånad sedan

    hell yeah crowder is amazing

  • loroporoto
    loroporotoMånad sedan

    I saw a spark of that old H3H3 magic in the beginning again, so beautiful!

  • this is my name
    this is my nameMånad sedan

    When you resort to name calling instead of trying to understand your oppostion, you've lost.

  • you are amazing
    you are amazingMånad sedan

    Congratulations dude!

  • 99petrovic
    99petrovicMånad sedan

    JK doesn’t hate trans people ! Read the article she wrote on it!! It is absolutely opposite.

  • CheekieDesigns
    CheekieDesignsMånad sedan

    Please let the three teddies on Ethan's shirt be a sign ❤❤

  • matchesburn
    matchesburnMånad sedan

    Ethan Von Klein, 1941: "Zu dun't even have to think about it, ja? Auf course Germany's Supreme Chancellor know vat he is doing. He has advisors und Ministers. Und vat he is saying makes sense, ja? So vhy not follow it?"

  • Glasses&Mouthplates
    Glasses&MouthplatesMånad sedan

    I'm like 2 weeks late on catching up this episode and I'm already aware of Hila's pregnancy announcement, but seeing that wholesome moment at the end made me grab a sody pop from the fridge just to celebrate along, granted I actually do need to cut on soda or any sugary drinks because I've been developing gout problems lately.

  • UB Orengo
    UB OrengoMånad sedan

    Crowder really brigaded this podcast huh?

  • M Hurley886
    M Hurley886Månad sedan

    My god. Ethan is the cutest!!!! Are you hungry??? What do you want? And he jumps up to order her food. The friggin sweetest.

  • Kimmy Williams
    Kimmy WilliamsMånad sedan

    These two bringing children into this world is a very scary thing. I hope their children grow up and figure out how to think for themselves and how to use judgement.

  • Ted
    TedMånad sedan

    Holy shit, imagine truly thinking that every government is acting in your best interests because"They are elected officials gbggaagagabhaahah". Jesus fucking christ, "just do what ever they say" fuck me "Do you really need to think for yourself" wow what a fuckface

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose ReyesMånad sedan

    You don’t have to think about it dude

  • Cringe
    CringeMånad sedan

    Another one?? Niiiiiice let's goooooo

  • Ethan H
    Ethan HMånad sedan

    the james charles phone call SENT ME

  • Rob
    RobMånad sedan

    Is this a mock reality show or something wtf😳😂

  • 1998rules13
    1998rules13Månad sedan

    hey ethan, what do you think about fauci's emails and should we still unquestioningly trust the "experts" or do you want to do the intelligent thing and start encouraging people to think critically. you know, instead of being an unthinking moron who ignorantly and wholeheartedly trusts big pharma and the government. P.s. stay out of the realm of politics, the majority of your fanbase prefers you when you're funny, not talking on something you know nothing about

  • DayWalker 5
    DayWalker 5Månad sedan


  • Sean Miller

    Sean Miller

    5 dagar sedan

    Please seek help

  • Glasses&Mouthplates


    Månad sedan

    Today I learned that mask regulation is as critical as forced abortion, or that's what people somehow believe.

  • Ginger G

    Ginger G

    Månad sedan


  • seminolekilla
    seminolekillaMånad sedan

    What a frumpy looking being. Needs to exercise and stop eating so much.

  • Sean Miller

    Sean Miller

    3 dagar sedan

    @seminolekilla very sad to see someone so heavily in denial :-(

  • seminolekilla


    3 dagar sedan

    @Sean Miller well know you know someone who is a total anomaly of science. You should get the Nobel prize for discovering me.

  • Sean Miller

    Sean Miller

    3 dagar sedan

    @seminolekilla Dr. Spock LMAO you don’t even know what you’re saying anymore 😂😂😂 and you can say whatever you want homie, but I don’t know anyone who likes themselves who feel the need to make fun of others. So you can deny as much as you want, but you’re a sad insecure little boy. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it, and that’s always the hardest. But I know you can do it!!

  • seminolekilla


    3 dagar sedan

    @Sean Miller sorry Dr Spock, you’re wrong on this one. I forgot I even posted this until you started droning on about it. Your quackery has actually provided some entertainment value at least so not all is lost.

  • Sean Miller

    Sean Miller

    3 dagar sedan

    @seminolekilla sorry m8 but it's a fact of life - people who judge other people's appearance are doing it to make themselves feel better, because they're insecure about something about themselves. You might not think it's true for you, but it is. There is 100% something you're deeply insecure about, and to make yourself feel better about it, you feel the need to fat shame someone over the internet. It's sad to see. Hope you work on whatever it is you need help with :-(

  • Highland_Rab
    Highland_RabMånad sedan

    Ethan got waxed here. Triple down wee man, don't think, believe your lord and saviour Fauci. H3H3 has proven they're idiots. Just embarrassing.

  • dack janiels
    dack janielsMånad sedan

    Crowder NEVER EVER invited you on to his show until today. LOL. The emails you claim to have revealed are not from him, he doesn't even have a female booker, nor ever has had one. I guess you're just too lazy to actually do research. Nice authoritarian covid opinions and discouraging critical thinking! Fauci has admitted to lying already, he's been disproven, he flip flops on his opinions all of the time, and the Whitehouse may be firing him ove some email scandal. So. NO I will never just blindly believe fauci, who's a TV doctor, hasn't been in practice for a while and has no backbone. I'll hear him out and then do some research to understand the reality of a situation. You blindly following fauci and the cdc, never doing any real research to find accurate data from multiple reports and news bits from all to no political side is LAZY, and it's dangerous. Also, yes. I check my medicine at the pharmacy and ask to make sure it's the right manufacturer and dose and etc. every time because I've been handed the wrong medication before and almost left the store without opening and checking the bottle. Had I not checked the bottle until I got home, I would have been screwed. Your logic is so sad and I wish you didn't become such a sad, dumb and leftist

  • Yurr
    YurrMånad sedan

    1:09:08 Saving this for later

  • Stuart Hunter
    Stuart HunterMånad sedan

    For those what by pass the crap to Steven crowed 1:42:00 Which match up with Steven crower show. Could stop laughing at h3h3 after watching Steven steam. These guys really lazy at getting their information. Or out right lying.

  • Ethiel Rocha
    Ethiel RochaMånad sedan

    As a representative from Texas I don’t want crowder either

  • mister 4chan
    mister 4chanMånad sedan

    Just imagine what kind of abomination that would be...

  • Gabe Perry
    Gabe PerryMånad sedan

    They're having an idiot baby for Joe to make fun of, I can't wait

  • Jeannina saldana
    Jeannina saldanaMånad sedan

    What’s wrong with listening to the cdc??? It’s literally hundreds of doctors releasing research and concerns about diseases/viruses. It’s just wearing a mask I don’t know why crowder is having a hard time understanding that.

  • Drenathor


    Månad sedan

    The thing Crowder was laughing about is the comment "you don't have to think about it". No one is right 100% of the time and sometimes advice that applies to 99% of people may not apply to you. It's always good to at least give things a tiny amount of thought before just accepting things because they come from "experts". Ever seen two doctors recommend different solutions to the same person before? But perhaps the best counter is history. Did you know that 49 years ago the CDC was caught participating in a study denying African Americans access to life saving medication to document their slow painful deaths to syphilis? They pretended to be there to offer free health care in the name of science, but when the truth finally came out, the few survivors of the roughly 600 blacks they experimented on and killed were not happy they just trusted the government. If you're curious I can share just a few of the many things that the CDC and experts got wrong in hind sight on COVID, but I won't bore you with a long response here if you're not interested. Anyways, have a good night :)

  • mike7419
    mike7419Månad sedan

    Need to teach those kids the golden rule. "Don't even think about it bro."

  • Facts over Feelings
    Facts over FeelingsMånad sedan

    Ethan Klein has no dick energy.

  • Publius Publicola
    Publius PublicolaMånad sedan

    These guys sit here and are able to feed their families complaining that why don't you just let the government shut down your business, ruin your finances and at this point make your business go under. SO many people have lost their jobs and any way of feeding their families. Why can't they just listen to the government who definitely has your best interest at heart and not the giant corporations.