Trisha’s Apology & Ace Family Scam - Off The Rails # 3

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  • Slime Season ひ
    Slime Season ひ9 timmar sedan

    So I gotta admit I’ve been recently getting reacquainted with H3’s podcast after not watching for years and I got a question.. Can anybody explain who the fuckin goober is on the screen that doesn’t say anything? It’s so fucking annoying and he’s in every video

  • Destiny Kuhle
    Destiny KuhleDag sedan

    I miss Hila

  • Jess Torres
    Jess Torres2 dagar sedan

    Your like 32

  • Shylynn Smith
    Shylynn Smith2 dagar sedan

    glad u distance yourself ethan you and the crew deserve some peace❤️ it was fun while it lasted but it was just getting too toxic for me to watch…

  • Aaron Reyes
    Aaron Reyes2 dagar sedan

    Damn bro the new season of fire force looks dope af

  • J D
    J D3 dagar sedan

    Guys I’ve watched/listened to so much more of your content since Trisha left. Ethan seems more relaxed now that he doesn’t have to step on egg shells 24/7. Hard to watch when Trisha would, in my opinion, abuse Ethan. Using mental health as the permanent licence to do so.

  • Bethany Schroeder
    Bethany Schroeder3 dagar sedan

    Austintatious McGoon 🤣🤣🤣

  • Giullia 2
    Giullia 25 dagar sedan


  • Ken Stanaford
    Ken Stanaford6 dagar sedan

    Dude,,, She's a toxic waste Dump!! Read the warning signs, and stay FAR, FAR AWAY!!! I'D BAN THE NAME TRISHA! Never mentiin it again!! You look 35-40,, So? That's your age bro.

  • Jacey Scranton
    Jacey Scranton6 dagar sedan

    His energy drains & his tics get worse when he talks about her. I feel for the guy because he publicly has been nothing but good to her, through family ties, every fight on Frenemies, etc. His mom is way cooler. No question😂

  • cc
    cc7 dagar sedan

    May I ask who’s always laughing in the back cause I adore whenever they do

  • Gameshifter
    Gameshifter7 dagar sedan

    soundbord is disturbing and annoying.

  • THCBDude
    THCBDude7 dagar sedan

    Is portnoy the barstool sports guy who sold his stocks early?

  • THCBDude
    THCBDude7 dagar sedan

    Honestly I found Trisha annoying anyways.

  • Rhizome
    Rhizome7 dagar sedan

    I love the difference between the barbers' energies.

  • CC Taryn
    CC Taryn8 dagar sedan

    who the fuck puts ads on an apology video?

  • gnatinator
    gnatinator8 dagar sedan

    She'll try to ruin your life again man. That's how these personality types work. The malice will eventually cause irreversible damage.

  • Madelyn
    Madelyn8 dagar sedan

    austin mcbroom-it under the rug

  • Infinna Goat
    Infinna Goat9 dagar sedan

    the hands of a 10 yr old ! lmao

  • Chris Tuttle
    Chris Tuttle9 dagar sedan

    She cares bout nothing but herself,that's a fact.moses needs to watch his back.really

  • BethDeth77
    BethDeth7710 dagar sedan

    I respect Trisha and all and I still gotta say im not surprised the expose queen has done a trouble. Its only in her character.

  • BethDeth77
    BethDeth7710 dagar sedan

    That chair made Ethan look like he had Mr Krabs shape. Lmao

  • Grace Bower
    Grace Bower10 dagar sedan

    I find it interesting how David comes back during the downfall of trisha/frenemies ....

  • Grace Bower
    Grace Bower10 dagar sedan

    autsin mc mop

  • Artful Freak
    Artful Freak10 dagar sedan

    Trisha new all the things & seen things Shane did. Even admitted to deleting things to help cover him up. I knew she was just using Frenemies & bashing everyone, including James Charles heavily to hide her own dirt.

  • Bratycasper
    Bratycasper10 dagar sedan

    There brown nosing lol

  • Brian Lloyd
    Brian Lloyd11 dagar sedan

    Still to this day trisha will claim anything if she can make a monitised video from it, she is not genuine at all

  • Stunt Panda
    Stunt Panda11 dagar sedan

    My problem with the "roast" was the "jokes" weren't funny. It was like when a celebrity roasts someone but writes their own lines... and they aren't a celebrity.

  • Whitney Wright
    Whitney Wright12 dagar sedan

    it's the "STOP" sound bite that gets me every single time 😭

  • Eno22921
    Eno2292112 dagar sedan

    Ethans got a weird baby face but his hair color tells us hes 50

  • Kris H.
    Kris H.13 dagar sedan

    why accept her apology when it's not even genuine and she'll do it again.

  • Cpt. Ed Deegan
    Cpt. Ed Deegan13 dagar sedan

    27:44 😈

  • Carmine Pirulli
    Carmine Pirulli13 dagar sedan

    First time watching this podcast ever and guys behind the camera licking the hosts balls so bad the guy looks 46. At LEAST! So scared to lose their jobs🤣

  • Marakami Sadaneo
    Marakami Sadaneo13 dagar sedan

    That meme about AB roasting Ethan is the best LMAO

    POWER VIOLENT13 dagar sedan


    POWER VIOLENT13 dagar sedan


    POWER VIOLENT13 dagar sedan


    POWER VIOLENT13 dagar sedan


    POWER VIOLENT13 dagar sedan


  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny14 dagar sedan


  • Raizen
    Raizen14 dagar sedan

    5% was a meme years and years ago, started cuz of late rich piana the legend himself

  • Raizen
    Raizen14 dagar sedan

    Ethan same age as LeBron

  • Peter Germain
    Peter Germain14 dagar sedan

    ethan: *holds hands and makes eye contact with barber* also ethan: boogie's talking about MY WIFE

  • Peter Germain
    Peter Germain14 dagar sedan

    they didn't get ian's heatmeiser reference???

  • lana gaga
    lana gaga14 dagar sedan

    i feel for moses. we know moses is 200% so patient to her BUT! every good person has their limit. i just know moses will one day BREAK. moses may lose his shit if all this shenanigans with her continues. like it must be exhausting. like love isnt enough period

  • lana gaga
    lana gaga14 dagar sedan


  • lana gaga
    lana gaga14 dagar sedan

    i feel for moses. we know moses is 200% so patient to her BUT! every good person has their limit. i just know moses will one day BREAK. moses may lose his shit if all this shenanigans with her continues. like it must be exhausting. like love isnt enough period

  • Koji K
    Koji K14 dagar sedan

    7:30 big moment where you can tell behind jokes and curtains that ethan is so aware of himself it scared his crew into denying even the joke of it . What a mix up. Ofc I’m on a gel tab rn so this could be absolute shit and I’m sorry

  • Grace Morua
    Grace Morua15 dagar sedan

    I feel for Hila because it’s not only her husband that is going through so much with someone he works with but also the source of the drama is her brother partner. Sounds so stressful and I’m sending her a huge hug!

  • ejb
    ejb15 dagar sedan

    Holy ads man

  • Ismael Oseguera
    Ismael Oseguera15 dagar sedan

    i know this is serious but i love the rant about midrolls LMFAOOO

  • Michael Holland
    Michael Holland15 dagar sedan

    Duck you

  • Gwendolyn McCoy
    Gwendolyn McCoy15 dagar sedan

    I am an accountant and I can verify that Austin McBroom is indeed in deep turdbowl rn. The "lawyers" are auditors investigating a very obvious case of fraudulent activity. Everything that has happened is entirely sketchy, he's a compulsive liar, and he deserves... everything coming to him

  • You Biscuit
    You Biscuit15 dagar sedan

    give me fireman dan

  • Jonus Matthew Pasta
    Jonus Matthew Pasta16 dagar sedan

    "hair dresser talk" *bobs head side to side*

  • Nichole Lopez
    Nichole Lopez16 dagar sedan

    Ethan are you pregnant too? Dont use Hilas pregnancy as an excuse to eat ur life away making all those diabetes jokes... Btw metformin is useless i did 40 hours of CTE post my regular degree and there is no significant difference between it and placebo and diet and exercise can stop early dm2 in it's tracks better than any glucophage oral meds... Your welcome

  • brooke
    brooke16 dagar sedan


  • Dee Buttress
    Dee Buttress16 dagar sedan

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to talk about him he’s the worse human being up with keem star tbh 😂

  • Owen Good
    Owen Good16 dagar sedan

    The cut from the barber saying "good" to the flame thrower was out of this world lol

  • alyssa arroyo
    alyssa arroyo16 dagar sedan

    all i wanna say is ive never been a fan of her, but for the past year, i am now a fan of trisha. Shes so beautiful and i hope u never lost yourself thru social media. love u trisha. your beautiful and such a delight.

  • Nav S
    Nav S16 dagar sedan

    I stopped coming to H3H3 because of Trisha, now i am back!

  • Nathan Rippy
    Nathan Rippy17 dagar sedan

    Also I'm drunk

  • Nathan Rippy
    Nathan Rippy17 dagar sedan

    Only thing I see wrong in this is when he talks about Dave like u cant be friends like why cant u bc he has different opinions like come on now dude no way America is getting better if we can't just expect there's nice people out there with different opinions

  • ItsGeorgieee
    ItsGeorgieee17 dagar sedan

    The “DEATH to all of them” had me freaking crying 😂😂😂😂

  • pepijimin
    pepijimin17 dagar sedan

    the midroll ajdjshdidhdudf

  • Madi Bartley
    Madi Bartley17 dagar sedan

    The beginning of this video hits different now

  • Rich Banks
    Rich Banks17 dagar sedan

    Can we fix Ethan's mic please? You can hear everytime he puts his hands on the table. So cringe to my ears

  • mike jones
    mike jones17 dagar sedan

    David is paying for his friends hip surgery now because it’s a new procedure that literally has never been available before. He paid for it right away for an infection that he cause when he was a literal child. I know you hate David but maybe do a tiny bit of research before you talk shit about something that isn’t even remotely true

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy17 dagar sedan

    Bryce fought for nothing 🤣

  • mike jones
    mike jones17 dagar sedan

    Dan is honestly why I don’t listen to every podcast. I’d actually pay to listen to it without him

  • Danielle


    17 dagar sedan

    Out of curiosity, what bothers you about him?

  • Rhiannon Schilling
    Rhiannon Schilling17 dagar sedan

    Listening to Ethan laugh like David is just perfection. Every time.

  • eleven eleven
    eleven eleven17 dagar sedan

    Trisha Pataytas. My Nana used to pronounce it like that.

  • Miss Swanna
    Miss Swanna17 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure that robot in the background is Macaulay Culkin js.

  • Jess Rybold
    Jess Rybold17 dagar sedan

    Please release the final Frenemies episode 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 with peace & love ☮️❤️

  • Hayley Gillespie
    Hayley Gillespie17 dagar sedan

    Make 5% Merch and donate 5% of the sales to a mental health focused charity

  • miranda panda
    miranda panda18 dagar sedan

    You mentioned how "talented" trisha is... she isnt. She doesn't have a talented bone in her body. Any success she has had or has currently besides onlyfans is literally piggybacking off of other people's successes or talents.

  • Joshua noyola
    Joshua noyola18 dagar sedan


  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi18 dagar sedan

    OMG I just looked on the reviews for Triller, the number of reviews is in the 200,000s hahaha! and its all H3 fans I laughed so hard at some of the reviews. Y'all are hysterical

  • Lara Welch
    Lara Welch18 dagar sedan

    Bottom line is Trisha is a horrible and toxic person. I just hope for Moses and the family's sake that he sees the light and gets away from her before anything truly awful happens.

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi18 dagar sedan

    From an objective point of view, yes Trisha did try to ruin Ethan's life. It was extremely obvious. I don't really think her apology was genuine, she just finally realized that she sabotaged everything and needed to save face.

  • Ashley Arnold
    Ashley Arnold18 dagar sedan


  • Ashley Arnold
    Ashley Arnold18 dagar sedan

    i stan the contigo... sip sip

  • Rosie Byrnes
    Rosie Byrnes18 dagar sedan

    Ethan playin victim card after stirring and continuing to stir 🤧

  • MineHunter
    MineHunter18 dagar sedan

    Good old trasha paytas

  • Basile
    Basile18 dagar sedan

    Dude, I'm so glad Sam Seder introduced me to your channel. You, the lovely Hila and your crew are just fantastic and effin' hilarious to the max! You gave me so many lol's. I wish you all the best. Thank you for doing this. Oh, and congrats on your pregnancy! Peace and love.

  • Avery Nobles
    Avery Nobles18 dagar sedan

    Ethan's laugh is the purest thing on this planet

  • Edgy Atmosphere
    Edgy Atmosphere18 dagar sedan

    It’s heart wrenching to see how hurt Ethan is. Trisha really messed this up. She’s extremely @busive to Ethan. He is in constant fear that if he accidentally says something she won’t like that she’ll flip tf out and end everything. It’s exhausting always having to walk on eggshells. I feel extremely bad.

  • uchiha bomber
    uchiha bomber19 dagar sedan

    Ethan is spittin facts about the Trisha Apology because she should’ve just liked called him rather than do a SEblack video

    CHLOE VLOGS19 dagar sedan

    This is wack

  • Dominique Trimboli
    Dominique Trimboli19 dagar sedan

    change the name to enemies

    APOLLO19 dagar sedan

    27:46 there's an Ian easter egg

  • Bear Bat
    Bear Bat19 dagar sedan

    "I'm 36, which is pretty fuckin old-" Me at 30: Thinks about my mortality. *Hello darkness my old friend*

  • Abel Tesfaye
    Abel Tesfaye19 dagar sedan

    She is SO toxic, glad she is gone

  • All Day
    All Day19 dagar sedan

    I dont think you look 36 sir I have so many friends that have had grey hair since they were in their 20’s my dad and brother included lol so for me young kids with silver fox hair is the norm lol I thought you were thirty If not 32 at most!

  • Adriana Lopez Ruvalcaba
    Adriana Lopez Ruvalcaba19 dagar sedan

    Ethan is a sweetheart 💜

  • Great Nate
    Great Nate19 dagar sedan

    im so glad i have a brain and dont watch rich people on instagram

  • Great Nate
    Great Nate19 dagar sedan

    is that one dude really gonna marry her after she tried to sabotage his would-be brother in law?

  • A P

    A P

    18 dagar sedan

    I would bet he is going to marry her. Mostly because he seems very submissive in nature.

  • Erny Leyva Ulloa
    Erny Leyva Ulloa20 dagar sedan

    davids laugh scares me

  • Jordan Farrier
    Jordan Farrier20 dagar sedan

    The fire sketch!! 😂😂 Ethan is more Oliver Tree than Oliver Tree at this point.

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A20 dagar sedan

    Please never have Trisha again. Never ever ever. Don’t do it.