Bella Poarch - H3 Podcast # 247

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  • Apparently Ayla
    Apparently Ayla3 timmar sedan

    Bella Poarch ❤️ if not bcoz of my 8yo I would have not heard of you. **Hugs**

  • Matty Ko
    Matty Ko4 timmar sedan

    I feel evil for how much I laughed at this podcast

  • Francis h
    Francis h6 timmar sedan

    Wow she's so awkward, but that makes her cute

  • Joseph Yepez
    Joseph Yepez7 timmar sedan

    Bella poarch is a certified badass

  • Joseph Yepez
    Joseph Yepez8 timmar sedan

    You poor beautiful Filipina angel goddamn I'm sorry for your painful childhood :'(

  • no name
    no name17 timmar sedan


  • 내 늑대 곰TaeTae
    내 늑대 곰TaeTaeDag sedan

    I fell sorry for her only thing i just want to hug her say u are the strongest women girl❤️

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis JohnsonDag sedan

    ok alien karma ur a baddie

  • MusicEmotions
    MusicEmotionsDag sedan

    God Bless her, She Inspires me to continue making music just so one day I can meet her and ask her on a date.

  • Jenny Ace
    Jenny AceDag sedan

    You deserved all the love and the fame Bella. We are so proud of you!👍 Stay strong and healthy always. God bless!💕🙏

  • erick
    erickDag sedan

    I remember i skipped this ep when it first came out, I thought she was another d'amelio type of weird tiktok dance celebrity. im glad I was bored today and listened to it, what a crazy upbringing she had, and what a crazy rise to fame. Congrats to her I wish her the best. There's a special place in hell for her stepdad.

  • Candy pop -_-
    Candy pop -_-Dag sedan

    This was sad about bella i jist want to give her a hug

  • The Bald Gamer
    The Bald GamerDag sedan

    Playing Tekken? She’s a pretty amazing person and has good tastes in fighting games

  • GunZa
    GunZaDag sedan

    Everyone be like; “Oh she got popular for doing nothing but face zoom!” Don't y'all think after everything she at least deserves it?

  • shelly jane
    shelly janeDag sedan

    if she is not the main character then i dont know who is,,,,,

  • Tilly Comedy
    Tilly Comedy2 dagar sedan

    bella is such an inspiration. an incredibly resilient person. i honestly thought build a bitch was written by an unknown songwriter who sold the song to her, but she actually wrote it herself. what a legend, it's such a hit. she deserves all the success in the world, i hope that doesn't feel obligated to let her toxic step family back into her life.

  • hmeal m
    hmeal m2 dagar sedan

    please i beg you to play minecraft, Ethan and Hila

  • Jake Meyers
    Jake Meyers2 dagar sedan


  • tiktok trends
    tiktok trends2 dagar sedan

    Here in the Philippines, when u you're depressed or sad and something, people gonna tell you that it's just what you thinking, like don't get sad so your won't get depress.

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    Dag sedan

    Exactly, sadly Philippines society is so ignorant about mental health issues, that's why I don't wanna leave home anymore

  • Mike Arebalo
    Mike Arebalo2 dagar sedan

    I think it's surprising to know that her PTSD is really a result of her wildly traumatic childhood instead of a too-often story of sexual assault.

  • Mike Arebalo

    Mike Arebalo

    23 timmar sedan

    @meow meooww as I've googled around about her navy service (I'm a navy vet too) I didn't find anything stating she had been sexually assaulted as the cause of her ptsd until this interview.

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    Dag sedan

    Not sure yet

  • Ayo Jasmine
    Ayo Jasmine2 dagar sedan

    I can totally relate to chose to stay in school and get bullied than being in an abusive house 🥺

  • Mike Arebalo
    Mike Arebalo2 dagar sedan

    44:15 She was in Delayed Entry Program; typically in Navy recruiting, you go to bootcamp scheduled 2-3mo before your contractual agreed upon military job training (or A-school). You can be waiting up until a year before you leave for bootcamp. Bella left for bootcamp (recruiters are required to deliver recruits to MEPS for departure) about 3 months before she started Aviation Ordananceman A-school in NATTC Pensacola, FL. Then from what I understand she got stationed with helo squadron HSC-12 and deployed to NAF Atsugi.

  • Mike Arebalo
    Mike Arebalo2 dagar sedan

    drink every time anyone says "manifesting"

  • Melina Fiol
    Melina Fiol2 dagar sedan

    This girl deserves the world 🥺

  • Xeng Yang
    Xeng Yang2 dagar sedan

    When they need fame mula they'll contact u. Big time con 😩😩😩

    KEEZY KOL2 dagar sedan

    Something is very off with her I can't put my finger on

  • Liz Trujillo
    Liz Trujillo2 dagar sedan

    This was gay af 😒

  • Mia333


    Dag sedan

    You're childish af

  • yengstaa'
    yengstaa'2 dagar sedan

    Wait whaaaat, FRESNO?? Woww, I could've never guessed so. That's soo interesting & shocking because that's my hometown. It makes me so curious what highschool she attended for a year.

  • jhoshouse
    jhoshouse3 dagar sedan

    That dude with the blonde hair is annoying

  • Mr _420
    Mr _4203 dagar sedan

    Maaaaam I'd love to do something like this for my career. Podcasts are so amazing 💯💯💯

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez3 dagar sedan

    Never forget a manager happens to be with you for what you have, not what you are. Just saying cause she implied her managers are family

  • Cisco_Morales92
    Cisco_Morales923 dagar sedan


  • MillePigen22
    MillePigen223 dagar sedan

    I truly wish I could be her friend, but she probably won’t see this ^^’ But if I could be her friend then, I would be there for her and give her the hugs that she deserves, and the support that she needs because I know how it feels to be abused by your family. I’m awkward and shy but it’s because I have been through a lot, and I truly wish I could be her friend, but I’m just a girl, with no reach ^^’ and also a nobody ^^’ I wish I could give her a friend that sees her for her and not (BELLA POARCH) the internet sensation. I send you Bella, my happy thoughts and I hope you are doing good, because you matter :3 Never forget that ❤️

  • Light
    Light3 dagar sedan

    Boo hoo. Stop being a damn cry baby

  • Mariana P
    Mariana P3 dagar sedan

    This podcast is the first time that I get to know about Bella a lot more and now I'm like 'I literally fell in love with her'. 😂😂

  • uriyah
    uriyah3 dagar sedan

    wow, i just looked for a video to understand who is that bella that everybody's talking about and i didn't expect to find a true hero!!!

  • Fátima González
    Fátima González3 dagar sedan

    Curious to know what manifestation book she read

  • Shimo
    Shimo3 dagar sedan

    I don’t know exactly what it is but Bella makes me feel calm and relaxed like everything is gonna be okay. She really inspires me, an she reminds me of someone really close to me I haven’t been able too see in a long time. Kinda brings tears to my eyes lol. She’s really awesome

  • Caleb Robirds
    Caleb Robirds3 dagar sedan

    Weird life sounds shity

  • Anonymous Member
    Anonymous Member3 dagar sedan

    Ethan and Hila being the parents Bella never had

  • Its Nice 2b Nice
    Its Nice 2b Nice3 dagar sedan

    Amazing, kind, talented young lady , I wish her so much Love and Happiness , 💕💕💕💕

  • IsmaiL CH
    IsmaiL CH3 dagar sedan

    Her life is a movie come on Hollywood someone give her a call ! I would watch the shit out of this movie !

  • Meah Lampron
    Meah Lampron3 dagar sedan

    I've never felt this big of an urge to just hug someone and make sure they're okay

  • The Bald Gamer
    The Bald Gamer3 dagar sedan

    I relate to her been adopted

  • The Bald Gamer
    The Bald Gamer3 dagar sedan

    I feel for her. Everyone who is born should be in a genuinely, loving, supportive and caring family.

  • Caitlyn bree
    Caitlyn bree3 dagar sedan

    Bella is such a sweet person and the fact that she went through so much just to get hate. She's so brave to talk about her childhood. I'm proud of bella 💖

  • Eyama Letrom
    Eyama Letrom3 dagar sedan

    There is actually a Child welfare organization in the Philippines which is called the BANTAY BATA (“Protector of kids” when translated in English) and they even have a hotline. But based on Bella’s story on where she grew up, seems like it’s in the province, and probably remote. And the fact that she tried to ask help from her teacher, and her teacher didn’t really “listened “ to her is really sad. But it’s not always like that. There are still kids in the Philippines who are being saved and people in the Philippines that are kind and willing to help. It’s just for Bella, her story is very unfortunate and it’s sad that she didn’t get the help she needed in the Philippines.

  • Anastacia Louise
    Anastacia Louise4 dagar sedan

    My heart hurts for her so badly. I just hope she realises what an absolute STRENGTH and inspiration she is. There is an idol to look up to right there

  • Lil AzzKicker
    Lil AzzKicker4 dagar sedan

    I miss you Bella

  • Ilham Bennassari
    Ilham Bennassari4 dagar sedan

    BELLA! Remember your not alone 😉🥰

  • eujean
    eujean4 dagar sedan

    59:47 im leaving this for later

  • rosario delgado
    rosario delgado4 dagar sedan

    Hi I have a really big fan of you I am really sick right now Bella Poarch I was watching SEblack and I have TickTock

  • Matthew Arant
    Matthew Arant4 dagar sedan

    As someone who suffered with childhood abuse this sucks. Feel awful for her. I feel what she says about seeing other people with their parents. Makes me emotional too.

    PAWPUS PET4 dagar sedan

    my respect for bella is so high i love her and have loved her but she deserves everything

  • Amia Padero
    Amia Padero4 dagar sedan

    The dude seems so weird.

  • DiZzy DreaM

    DiZzy DreaM

    4 dagar sedan

    Bro what does this even mean and her wife is literally right there listening to it

  • Dayni Willis
    Dayni Willis4 dagar sedan

    This definitely made me cry 😭

  • Emily
    Emily4 dagar sedan

    i’m sorry i just still can’t respect her due to her tiktok content that feeds pedophilic standards and interests that men have/set. she seems very cool but she’s been called out many times for her content. it’s sad.

  • Mia333


    Dag sedan

    The "this girl has childlike features and men find her attractive, she fuels paedo culture" mentality is gross

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    4 dagar sedan

    Have you heard age regression therapy?

  • SyNaP
    SyNaP5 dagar sedan


  • Mal G.
    Mal G.5 dagar sedan

    Kinda misleading to her country of origin. In the philippines, we don't have that culture of "mind your own business", whenever there's an opportunity, people there tend to help each other. Bella's case was probably an isolated case, there are multiple factors why that is. (Like her white step dad being a former army + this situation in the philippines when someone is or was in the military, people tend to not butt heads with them. Second her mom was probably also afraid probably because of the same fact (not defending her since clearly didn't do any good to lighten up the situation)).

  • Mal G.

    Mal G.

    4 dagar sedan

    @meow meooww It is true that PHILIPPINES IS A VERY VERY VERY VERY POOR COUNTRY, I mean we (myself and my family) wouldn't be here abroad if that isn't the case, but I really don't think that "mind your own business" is entirely true, might be for some cases but not entirely. I mean come on

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    4 dagar sedan

    @Mal G. okay, I respect your opinion. But don't deny that "mind your own business" is not happening, and needs an attention, accept the facts. Philippines is still a poor country (3rd world), there's still a lot more kids here that needs help, that's the point

  • Mal G.

    Mal G.

    4 dagar sedan

    @meow meooww Do you think I wouldn't know that ? I lived in the Philippines for the first 15 years of my life, although I have to say that I did live in the Province, nevertheless, I do agree about what you said, I myself experienced being indirectly bullied/attacked behind my back just because of my "tiger eyes", but never forget that everyone has different experiences, not all the same, well based on my own experience, whenever my parents were fighting, our neighbors tend to interfere because knew that there were two children there (me and my younger brother). I still stand by my opinion.

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    4 dagar sedan

    Have you lived in the squater areas? I live in Puerto princesa, what she said is accurate, people here are just gossipers, and all are ignorant about mental health issues, Philippines is a hell for mental illed people. I have Social anxiety disorder but all my neighbors know me as crazy/buang, snob and fake/plastic, even relatives, for them mental health issues is a joke

  • pickleman82
    pickleman825 dagar sedan

    i feel fucked for ever saying anything bad about her. damn. sorry

  • Pranav k
    Pranav k5 dagar sedan

    They really didn’t ask her about her tattoos...anyway this was inspirational

  • Weston Mickey
    Weston Mickey5 dagar sedan

    Why do I feel like this girl is lying just about everything...🤔

  • Crackpipe


    3 dagar sedan

    @DiZzy DreaM she is, look up “Bella Poarch is a compulsive liar” on google

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    4 dagar sedan

    In her old Instagram picture, there's a caption"I don't ever want to go back home", that time is 2017, the time when she joined the Navy, that explains a lot, and I live here in the Philippines, I know what's she's talking about, actually almost all people here are so ignorant about mental health issues

  • Mitsuki Tanaka

    Mitsuki Tanaka

    4 dagar sedan

    No she wasn't lying, she has old pictures where she shows their farm, her family and the bruises she got. I saw it on tiktok, someone posted it.

  • DiZzy DreaM

    DiZzy DreaM

    4 dagar sedan

    Fr tho it does kinda sound like she making stuff up as she goes along

  • Its Wardah

    Its Wardah

    5 dagar sedan

    Please watch the video abt this on Anna oop channel she has told everything in short and there u will know that it is the truth

  • TheWazzawazza
    TheWazzawazza5 dagar sedan

    Gee wiz I wasn't expecting a feels trip

  • Liel Hadri
    Liel Hadri5 dagar sedan

    שניהם ישראלים?

  • Liel Hadri

    Liel Hadri

    5 dagar sedan

    לא משנה שמעתי אותה מדברת 😂

  • Failed Jorrit
    Failed Jorrit5 dagar sedan

    Makes me think to myself: "Don't act like a Lil bitch look what she has gone through." Mad respect

  • GlossiPink2010
    GlossiPink20105 dagar sedan

    Bella's beautiful

  • Nezy Tarek
    Nezy Tarek5 dagar sedan

    If anyone tries to get rude to her just watch how I go crazy on them

  • Louis Babie
    Louis Babie5 dagar sedan

    Bella's story made me appreciate my life and what I have. She went through so much. It's good to see that she's enjoying her life right now and getting the success she deserves.

  • Nezy Tarek

    Nezy Tarek

    5 dagar sedan

    Fr im so appreciative of my life now

  • Corey Gonzalez
    Corey Gonzalez6 dagar sedan

    Why tf she come in this shitty podcast and not impaulsuve L

  • rosiqne
    rosiqne6 dagar sedan


  • Conall Gallacher
    Conall Gallacher6 dagar sedan

    When Bella was talking about hide and seek I got an add for a horror movie and the first thing mentioned was hide and seek! (Movie is called old)

  • yeagerist


    6 dagar sedan

    That ad scares me cause whenever I’m on Spotify I have my volume all the way up and that annoying ass scary ad pops up

  • jeonplay'
    jeonplay'6 dagar sedan

    Hila kein

  • Swole Army
    Swole Army6 dagar sedan

    Yes… yes…. Feel bad for me! Take no evidence and just believe me!

  • Crackpipe


    3 dagar sedan

    @meow meooww so you won’t believe multiple sources, pictures and blatant proof from other people because it came from the internet but you’ll believe a tiktoker on the internet because she’s from the Philippines and claimed to have PTSD? Your insanely biased and constantly contradicted yourself, either read the proof or just stay blind to it I could care less tbh

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    3 dagar sedan

    @Crackpipe I'm not saying that I'll listen to her because of her appearance, I believe her because of the proof that I can see, and I live here in the Philippines I can see what's she's talking about, if you are not living in a 3rd world country, I don't think you'll understand because it is kind of unreal if you're living in a normal environment. One of the proof is PTSD, SAD, how did she get that? The US Navy, why did she join?. You don't know how serious mental illness are and what trauma she's been through. And why would you believe a random people posting on Google/reddit, are you dumb that can be fooled by fake news. The only way to prove that she's wrong is her family, ask them to speak. And don't be closed minded, TikToker is still a human, all human are not the same.

  • meow meooww

    meow meooww

    3 dagar sedan

    @Swole Army haist, then what will you believe, the details given by the trolls, or the details of the subject? The only way to prove she's telling the truth is her family. Go ask her family to speak

  • Crackpipe


    3 dagar sedan

    @meow meooww so you say that google and Reddit are not reliable but your willing to listen to someone just because they are an attractive tiktoker? I could care less about her situation but it’s just a blatant observation that she lied about her past and struggles so that people like you will feel more connected to her which she can use to profit off of and gain a bigger following/ dial down on the hate by making people feel bad for her. I don’t expect you to just change your way of thinking or expectations of her but I have no doubt in the future you’ll realize the deeper & darker true motives of some people

  • Swole Army

    Swole Army

    3 dagar sedan

    @meow meooww so I think the point that is most valuable is to not assume people are telling the truth all the time. Especially when it is in there favor to not be truthful.

  • John Knudson
    John Knudson6 dagar sedan

    I still hate her

  • Nezy Tarek

    Nezy Tarek

    5 dagar sedan

    And ur still clapped

  • Lightning Reviews
    Lightning Reviews6 dagar sedan

    This is an interesting story I’m looking at her a whole lot different now

  • PrettyLuh Kylee
    PrettyLuh Kylee6 dagar sedan

    I do that too because i was abused like hit by boys in school quite alot

  • PrettyLuh Kylee
    PrettyLuh Kylee6 dagar sedan

    I do all the time

  • PrettyLuh Kylee
    PrettyLuh Kylee6 dagar sedan

    I'm heartbroken my mom and dad treat me bad

  • PrettyLuh Kylee
    PrettyLuh Kylee6 dagar sedan

    That's how my mom said sorry to me and my dad they treat me the same but i didn't go thru have that kinda abuse

  • John Belita
    John Belita6 dagar sedan

    I'm Filipino I feel lucky because the worst thing I experienced is being a cashier starting at 5am til closing every Sunday when I was in 1st grade!

  • destiny espinoza
    destiny espinoza6 dagar sedan

    My mom was very much like Bella’s dad, they are not okay. I wouldn’t forgive my mom because she made me feel like a burden and abuse me and now she sees me succeeding more than my other siblings and she wants me to “take care” of her when she’s older

  • Emma 🪐

    Emma 🪐

    5 dagar sedan

    You focus on yourself and your success!! 💓

  • Hector Marquez
    Hector Marquez6 dagar sedan

    I learnd so much about bella😱

  • Ann Dimple
    Ann Dimple6 dagar sedan

    kudos to the sweet couple , i can see from the video how Bella is sooo comfortable sharing her life with you both. you guys are good people. I have seen a video interview of Bella with a different youtuber but shes so awkward and could not come out of her shell. but her they let her talk and have fun , laugh together. :) also much respect to Bella, coming from the same country ive witnessed this. We had departments and social workers, but no one really does their job unless you go to the office and if you do not have enough money in your pocket no ones going to help you and also. not much of a leg work from these social workers. anyway, Philippines' still a great country, and what happened to her is sad -- but so glad shes striving and making her dreams come true :)

  • emiliano rivera
    emiliano rivera6 dagar sedan

    bro bellas experience of life without a memory card brings back memories

  • Anfernee
    Anfernee6 dagar sedan

    I'm just waiting for her leaked videos from when she was in the navy , anyone in the military know what I mean 🤣

  • Charles andrei Agustin
    Charles andrei Agustin6 dagar sedan

    I'm not done yet to watch just 16minutes but my tears came out for bella omg!

  • innovator516
    innovator5166 dagar sedan

    I’ve never really paid any attention to Bella but wow what a life man.

  • Autumn Heib
    Autumn Heib6 dagar sedan

    Ethan’s eyebrows are mesmerizing 😅

  • lord poo
    lord poo6 dagar sedan

    Aww oh no it must be so hard being rich and beautiful and alive and healthy😐

  • Humgoo


    6 dagar sedan

    Aww oh no u dident watch the video did u😐

  • b Kishan
    b Kishan6 dagar sedan

    Thank you h3 podcast for calling Bella poarch to the podcast Thank you very much

  • Danny Hoang
    Danny Hoang6 dagar sedan

    it's on sight for the parents 🔫

  • datsatoilet /youtube
    datsatoilet /youtube6 dagar sedan

    She probably wouldn’t come to Arizona just cuz it’s that hot

  • Peppita Chips
    Peppita Chips6 dagar sedan

    Sorry I don't believe her

  • Crackpipe


    5 dagar sedan

    Ngl I had this thought too, like she doesn’t seem like a bad person in general but just her story seems odd, forced, missing a lot of information, and kinda of seems like she’s just trying to prove that she had a shitty childhood the whole podcast which isn’t common for people with PTSD or people who come from those situations. I’m not saying she is %100 lying but people shouldn’t just take anybody’s sob story as the whole truth because at the end of the day they’re still just people and people lie, especially if it benefits them.

  • The New Adventures of ALR

    The New Adventures of ALR

    5 dagar sedan

    @Peppita Chips 😘

  • Peppita Chips

    Peppita Chips

    6 dagar sedan

    @The New Adventures of ALR and so is yours

  • The New Adventures of ALR

    The New Adventures of ALR

    6 dagar sedan

    You don’t have to. Your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Humgoo


    6 dagar sedan

    Why tho?

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina6 dagar sedan

    No wonder why she has the child like persona online. She never had a real child hood

  • May Remocaldo
    May Remocaldo7 dagar sedan

    What ever happened in the past, forgive and Forget. Be happy and thankful for what you have and achieved. Be grateful you will never be Bella not because of your poster parents,even though they are not good to you. BE happy 😍💐

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore7 dagar sedan

    She's awesome. Im a fan, not only cause hot, but she seems to have a brain in betwixt her ears.

  • Dawa Penjor
    Dawa Penjor7 dagar sedan

    Now I'm in love with you.

  • Anny K
    Anny K7 dagar sedan

    I have so much more respect from here now, she's so strong. God loves you and bless you. You're amazing

  • Prince Cañete
    Prince Cañete8 dagar sedan

    in the Philippines it is normal to have parents like that, the way that she doesn't get fed if doing bad work that is just natural and also violence is the way they discipline.

  • me gusta

    me gusta

    6 dagar sedan

    No its not. Especially letting your kid starve for doing shit chores is just crazy punishment and is only done by very abusive parents.

  • Alea Fitzpatrick

    Alea Fitzpatrick

    6 dagar sedan

    That doesn't make it ok tbh

  • J & J Eytiiin
    J & J Eytiiin8 dagar sedan

    Big respect to you bella.. sending virtual hugs,. I cried a lot while watching this podcast.. 😢 You deserve all the success.. keep it up may god bless you more.. be well bella..