The Birthday Roast Of Ethan Klein - H3 After Dark # 42

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  • Nina Katzenberg-Sanborn
    Nina Katzenberg-Sanborn2 timmar sedan

    Brittney judge is a woman. Which is more heart breaking. & I believe this judge is getting payed by the dad.

  • Monica
    Monica2 dagar sedan

    Love bots blue steel is EPIC.

  • caroline goodfriend
    caroline goodfriend4 dagar sedan

    Was that really crowders dad?? I literally couldn’t tell if it was fake or real hahah

    THE KOLO4 dagar sedan

    Wow look at Ethan he wasn’t the same after ian What a bitch but the roasts were good

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera4 dagar sedan

    Zach pulled an Andy Bernard for this roast!

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera4 dagar sedan


  • eats Cookies
    eats Cookies5 dagar sedan

    omg I watched this and never even noticed that ethan shares a birthday with me wtf? I was checking celeb birthdays because your supposed to look like celebs that have the same birthday as you and ethan was in the list hahaha so was tanna 😄

  • King of Auburn
    King of Auburn5 dagar sedan

    Crowder and Ethan both looked like idiots lol. They each epitomize the worst parts of the left and right when they talk about politics

  • xCollllm
    xCollllm6 dagar sedan

    I come back for dunkeys hahahaha

  • Suz
    Suz6 dagar sedan

    You can see Love's eyes grow bigger when Dan accidentally says the weight comment lol 2:30:34

  • Lukatron 8
    Lukatron 87 dagar sedan

    The biggest insult is that ab prepared the line “I’ve heard a lot of fat jokes today ” expecting people to say them.

  • aloha chavez
    aloha chavez7 dagar sedan

    okay zach fine as hell wtf

  • Jake Web
    Jake Web7 dagar sedan


  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus Grant8 dagar sedan

    I'd yelp too if I ran into a Skyrim NPC while on my run

  • sean._.
    sean._.8 dagar sedan

    You like snorlax ate a whale lord

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in9 dagar sedan

    Jimmy lee has the Mao Zedong fade

  • domaindiego_ TTV
    domaindiego_ TTV9 dagar sedan

    *Dogecoin to the moon* 🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Danielle
    Danielle9 dagar sedan

    How is he antisemitic or racist... Crowder? Give me an example

  • Danielle
    Danielle10 dagar sedan

    The irony of you making fun of crowders dad working for him....

  • Danielle
    Danielle10 dagar sedan

    I don't understand why you said you'd ho on and then didn't accept that you're scared

  • Danielle
    Danielle10 dagar sedan

    No...we don't know who he is we wanted to see you be trashed

  • Danielle
    Danielle10 dagar sedan

    But you pussed out. He's not grifting you are

  • Danielle
    Danielle10 dagar sedan

    The whole Sam Cedar thing was fucking lame...who is that dude

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    Steveo was just telling him he doesnt like him basically

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    If you look at zach's hair where it is brown, if he cut all the blonde, his hair would look really good

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    Idubbbz is an actual manchild. Like imagine everything everything you wanted as a middleschooler, that's him.

  • Madeline Swicord
    Madeline Swicord10 dagar sedan

    r they holding love hostage

  • A B
    A B10 dagar sedan

    wow , ethan is really making an ass of himself . he needs to just stop

  • AbikersPOV
    AbikersPOV10 dagar sedan

    you could find more entertainment in a funeral... wtf is this?!?!?

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    love to see alex hirsch!

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    Why does Love always look like he's blowing on something?

  • Just Colin in
    Just Colin in10 dagar sedan

    why does ethan get involved to this degree in politics. I thought he learned his lesson before.

  • Morgan Ashley
    Morgan Ashley11 dagar sedan

    We need Erik back as a guest soon! ❤️

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober11 dagar sedan

    I thought he was gonna finish his song with "I'ma copyright you"

  • Goofy Goober

    Goofy Goober

    11 dagar sedan

    She's such a mom

  • Austin Goodmanson
    Austin Goodmanson14 dagar sedan

    Dan’s roast is so good

  • Emilio Rico
    Emilio Rico14 dagar sedan

    I think ethan doesn't understand what a raost is

  • Jensen Riley
    Jensen Riley15 dagar sedan

    7 dollars to give you views on your channel to get paid more?

  • VillYum
    VillYum16 dagar sedan

    When does the roast start?

  • Loz
    Loz16 dagar sedan

    I'm a social worker, really appreciated that shout out Ethan!! Been watching your channels since I was a teen and now at 24 I'm still watching regularly 🥰

  • Andrew Janesko
    Andrew Janesko16 dagar sedan

    Ethan just rolling straight into his ads and right back out, without cuts, is elite.

  • Andrew Janesko
    Andrew Janesko16 dagar sedan

    Has anyone ever noticed that hila does Morse code when she blinks.

  • mgcordina
    mgcordina16 dagar sedan

    Ian is just a genius😂

  • Davids Stalidzans
    Davids Stalidzans17 dagar sedan

    wtf Chowder boi is a big baby making buck being hysterical. the fuck

  • Petite Brunette
    Petite Brunette17 dagar sedan

    I think the jogger running past was real but the scream sounds like a SFX

  • Chaeni Diane
    Chaeni Diane17 dagar sedan

    I replayed Ethan absolutely jamming to Zac’s song like 4-5 times because it brought me so much joy! Underlying roasts with good beats hits differently.

  • Deathlike Spaghett
    Deathlike Spaghett18 dagar sedan

    Ethan’s face is soo iconic and perfect

  • alienbrandon
    alienbrandon18 dagar sedan

    okay but zachs song hit different

  • CBAgent4
    CBAgent418 dagar sedan

    Why is no one talking about Grunkle Stan

  • Holly David
    Holly David19 dagar sedan

    1:11:29 I really hope Ethan stays away from that big costume lady with so much drama because she was always talking about wanting to kill him. Ethan, she might take you out like what happened to Selena! :O

  • 99centlips


    15 dagar sedan

    big costume lady lmao

  • Holly David
    Holly David19 dagar sedan

    1:06:00 The only way that any of this makes sense is if Spears is under some type of weird lifetime contract with Disney.

  • Victoria V
    Victoria V19 dagar sedan

    Does anyone remember the liquor thing Ian mentioned?

  • Tobi Tau

    Tobi Tau

    17 dagar sedan

    @Victoria V so true hahah, and it clearly didn't come from a place of malice

  • Victoria V

    Victoria V

    18 dagar sedan

    I remember now ahaha so clueless on his part but we all have out moments

  • Tobi Tau

    Tobi Tau

    18 dagar sedan

    @Victoria V Yes, Ethan had some not quite so glorious moments while piss drunk on livestream 4 years ago

  • Victoria V

    Victoria V

    18 dagar sedan

    Lmao what was it in regards to? The bad word thing?

  • Tobi Tau

    Tobi Tau

    18 dagar sedan


  • Desiree Richey
    Desiree Richey19 dagar sedan

    Luvvv the red glittery suit!!!

  • uchiha bomber
    uchiha bomber20 dagar sedan

    I’ll admit I did not expect Ian from Smosh to pull up but everybody did good kinda confused why Jackfilms wasn’t there tho?

  • Vincent
    Vincent20 dagar sedan

    That song felt like it was 10 minutes long

  • Cris Morell
    Cris Morell20 dagar sedan

    I have no earthly idea what that Jimmy lee guy said at all and that's what made it funny

    APT-GET21 dag sedan

    How is Ethan only 36? I always thought he was in his 50s 😂

  • stikfamaster2
    stikfamaster221 dag sedan

    I really love Gus Johnson's roast

  • Eliézer Salazar
    Eliézer Salazar21 dag sedan

    Who is the guy in the tiny screen?

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S21 dag sedan

    The dude next steven crowder better take that bestie boy shirt off… disgracing a great band with his dumbass jokes lol

  • Lameashellcosplay
    Lameashellcosplay21 dag sedan

    I just know that if Trisha was involved she would have gone too far.

  • cristahoffer24
    cristahoffer2421 dag sedan

    Hila is so fuckin pretty 😩

  • Izumi
    Izumi22 dagar sedan

    Hila is so adorable i could die

  • MB
    MB22 dagar sedan

    AB is so handsome 😍

  • Jordan David
    Jordan David22 dagar sedan

    Hila’s roast 😂 love her so much

  • Sionnach Psy
    Sionnach Psy22 dagar sedan

    Ian's roast was unbelievable 👏👏👏

  • Taylor Blakeman
    Taylor Blakeman23 dagar sedan

    Not hating but I started feeling awkward when Zach’s song went on forever😭😂 I wish he would’ve actually roasted him!!

  • Dabbz_tv
    Dabbz_tv23 dagar sedan

    The robots lips are so annoying

  • Elena Dang
    Elena Dang24 dagar sedan

    she said "is this conservative humor" LOOL

  • Alyssa E
    Alyssa E24 dagar sedan

    the binary code joke really got me

  • Moody Blues
    Moody Blues24 dagar sedan

    Lol Zach, getting called out by Jimmy to mention him during his roast! What a guy, like the musical performance wasn't enough attention.

  • Jake
    Jake24 dagar sedan

    Ethan trying to hide behind the crown

  • Stale Bread

    Stale Bread

    23 dagar sedan

    Lol he reminded me of the king bugs bunny meme

  • kittymochi
    kittymochi24 dagar sedan

    Not the Sharky's gift card LMAOOOO OGs will know

  • Mollie L
    Mollie L24 dagar sedan

    Idk if I missed it or I haven’t watched the part yet, but did somebody crack Love? 💀

  • Pink Nekogeek

    Pink Nekogeek

    23 dagar sedan

    The ran him over with the Gatsby. Watch the rage room vlog 😊.

  • carluw Belly
    carluw Belly24 dagar sedan

    Ian is just the best

  • Jonoxes
    Jonoxes24 dagar sedan

    Okay no... Ethan lowkey looks like Elija Woods if his life took a baaad turn.

  • rebs
    rebs25 dagar sedan

    Who was the last guy? Pure cringe.

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera25 dagar sedan

    Now this is a joke obviously I love you Ethan and this is a birthday roast! ETHAN YOU’RE ALMOST 40 NOW BUT YOU’RE BUILT LIKE A LITTLE PUDGY BABY… BOOM ROASTED! LOVE YA MAN!

  • thegavin000
    thegavin00025 dagar sedan

    I literally love Ethans mom so much. She's so precious 🤧

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness25 dagar sedan

    Hol’ up. Steven “Cold Feet” Crowder… Was “The Brain”, and we’re not meme-ing the hell out of this?

  • Jeremy Tran
    Jeremy Tran25 dagar sedan

    We love Ab

  • NoBody NoWhere
    NoBody NoWhere25 dagar sedan

    The sharkys gift card ended me

  • NoBody NoWhere
    NoBody NoWhere25 dagar sedan

    So good to see all the people that called I loved this !

  • Ariela G Ross91
    Ariela G Ross9125 dagar sedan

    Hila was funny af to 😂

  • Ariela G Ross91
    Ariela G Ross9125 dagar sedan

    Literally DYING crying rn at Ian roasting Ethan

  • Ashlee Ridge
    Ashlee Ridge25 dagar sedan

    who is that dude on the tablet just making faces..

  • Katie
    Katie25 dagar sedan

    The Alex hirsch part was wonderful

  • Mother Lover
    Mother Lover25 dagar sedan

    LOVE is doing great

  • Spencer Dean
    Spencer Dean26 dagar sedan

    ummm are they just not friends with Jon Tron anymore? he should have sent one in out of anyone

  • Briana Mauri
    Briana Mauri26 dagar sedan

    Hila serving 80s material girl Madonna realness

  • Trip Tfout
    Trip Tfout26 dagar sedan

    Marc’s roast was hilarious 😂

  • Shahad ND
    Shahad ND26 dagar sedan

    I wanted to like this video a few times, not realizing I already did. I enjoyed the roast very much.

  • Diana Severns
    Diana Severns26 dagar sedan

    What’s funny is you refused to debate! And stop calling people racist when they are not racist! Easy to throw those words around!

  • cynjim88
    cynjim8826 dagar sedan

    Hila is so cute

  • cynjim88
    cynjim8826 dagar sedan

    Zach has a great voice

  • Mishdj1
    Mishdj126 dagar sedan

    Dan is so yummy

  • Blarnix
    Blarnix26 dagar sedan

    I didn’t expect Grunkle Stan to roast the fuck out of Ethan and I’m glad I saw it

  • Tucker Landis
    Tucker Landis26 dagar sedan

    To be real I haven’t watched since like regular Tricia episode 2, no hate ya know but I just kinda stopped, this brought me back. Love y’all V sauce slammed

  • NoBody NoWhere
    NoBody NoWhere26 dagar sedan

    Love in the background. Was distracting and odd but it made me chuckle at points

  • Jazzy Mota
    Jazzy Mota26 dagar sedan

    lowkey trisha should’ve roasted him

  • Juliet Easton
    Juliet Easton26 dagar sedan

    I would so buy tickets to go and see the san fransico yes I know I butchered the name. If I lived in the USA. Fucking hate living in the Uk. It’s so boring.