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H3 Podcast

The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

im sorry hila

im sorry hila

I'm so angry

I'm so angry


  • Hannahs Snatch
    Hannahs Snatch3 timmar sedan

    Segment idea - have the crew play a video game all together. Like undercooked or those type of games

  • pandabear631
    pandabear6313 timmar sedan

    God this episode sucked!

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor3 timmar sedan

    I hope you counter sue him for all he's worth.

  • Briana K
    Briana K3 timmar sedan

    17:21 so many questions, does someone have answers

  • Cindy Barnes
    Cindy Barnes3 timmar sedan

    This podcast is giving me life! Thank you 😊.

  • Chrissy
    Chrissy3 timmar sedan

    This is my first time watching the episode with her and I love you both together !

  • Right Now
    Right Now3 timmar sedan

    Free Palestine

  • Wyatt Duey
    Wyatt Duey3 timmar sedan

    The fart spray was well worth the detour

  • Seth Dunaway
    Seth Dunaway3 timmar sedan

    Oh how I wish to work for him

  • Akeno Chu
    Akeno Chu3 timmar sedan

    Does anyone know where Hilas glasses are from?

  • Justina Eodice
    Justina Eodice3 timmar sedan

    petition for gabe to come as a guest on the podcast to be interviewed

  • Betsy
    Betsy3 timmar sedan

    I'm a mom of two and I would like to say I'm Ethan's defense the fart spray isn't bad for Hila. She could've thrown up cus of the smell but y'all were coming a little to hard on him.

  • Sora
    Sora3 timmar sedan

    Your clickbait may work, but that's how you'll get dislikes as well. Well deserved

  • Jesus Christ VI
    Jesus Christ VI3 timmar sedan

    Keep the full unedited vod on Twitch. I don’t care if the stream is a mess I still want to watch it.

  • marissa ann
    marissa ann3 timmar sedan

    Every single time Ethan responds to the “good luck Ethan” keemstar soundbite it just gets better and better 😂 and also brings me so so so much happiness

  • Alice in Wonderland
    Alice in Wonderland3 timmar sedan

    AB got me cracking up so bad at cheese stake :D I couldn't breath.

  • Hellohello
    Hellohello3 timmar sedan

    I live for the twilight convo tbh

  • Dara Smith
    Dara Smith3 timmar sedan

    Ryan Kavanaugh- "Can we copystrike this guy?"

  • Holly Elms
    Holly Elms3 timmar sedan

    At 1hr 47min love showing off his fan art and no one noticing made me sad :( we love love!

  • Karl Raszur
    Karl Raszur3 timmar sedan

    i think rice doesn´t need a septoplasty, he needs to stop snorting all that coke/speed thats clogging up his nose. love AB going after this pathetic guy tho!

  • Colleen F
    Colleen F3 timmar sedan

    AB: I like the Twilight movies. Me: FUCK YOU AB! (HAHAHAHAHA)

  • veronica perez
    veronica perez3 timmar sedan

    Ethan needs to react to mexican ones, they are way funnier when mexicans are at work or partying.

  • Lindsey Regalado
    Lindsey Regalado3 timmar sedan

    So sick of this political garbage every episode, like either be a political commentator or do entertainment. I try to watch this show to get away from it, not get more.

  • Katelynn Beck
    Katelynn Beck3 timmar sedan

    All these uploads are really carrying my mental health right now lmao

  • whut
    whut3 timmar sedan

    Wait, does Dan chew tobacco? 6:30

  • Ch0c0Kitty
    Ch0c0Kitty3 timmar sedan

    Love upside down 😂

  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez3 timmar sedan

    Im starting too see how much of a bully Ethan,

  • Don Wasil
    Don Wasil3 timmar sedan

    what is hapening dont do a different chanel just post here ill watch them all, don't make me go to 50 other paltforms and channels just to find u

  • Alvaro Panchi
    Alvaro Panchi3 timmar sedan

    Ethan you are sadly not a great reactor. I know how much you want to get those vieeews LOL

  • Danny Cruz
    Danny Cruz3 timmar sedan

    I have Puerto Rican relatives who aren’t white and are huge QAnoners

  • CM
    CM3 timmar sedan

    What happened to posting these on the new H3TV channel? I’m confused 😅

  • Angelena Montoya
    Angelena Montoya3 timmar sedan

    I can’t get enough of all this content!!! This is really the answer to my prayers. A blessing and a gift truly

  • Alicia Więcz
    Alicia Więcz3 timmar sedan

    Was critical of the change at first but I love that we‘re getting more content now 🙌🏻

  • ShanKat
    ShanKat3 timmar sedan

    Papa Bless

  • J. W. Bruh
    J. W. Bruh3 timmar sedan

    My hand went under a treadmill when I was young and it ripped the skin off the top in like a circle on the middle and it's got an ugly scar now... Dont ever try having 8 kids on a treadmill peace and love

  • alice ives
    alice ives3 timmar sedan

    If hila didn’t stop Ethan , white claw gabe and Ethan, would have done that for the whole show

  • clarissa j
    clarissa j3 timmar sedan

    he is so hot 😩

  • Matt Nowlin
    Matt Nowlin3 timmar sedan

    I didn't watch this live but I'm still just stood up when they told the chat to stand up.

  • juicybacon12
    juicybacon123 timmar sedan

    Where do I get that shirt Ethan p

  • C. C.
    C. C.3 timmar sedan

    Ethan seems so uncomfy omgg

  • Felicity Denesiuk
    Felicity Denesiuk3 timmar sedan

    “So frustrating!!!!!!” Soundbite is seriously THE BEST. I die every time I hear it

  • Jordango
    Jordango3 timmar sedan

    Ethan needs to play Last or Us and Last of Us 2

  • Stacey H
    Stacey H3 timmar sedan

    Hila looks beautiful!

    H3TV VODS3 timmar sedan

    Instead of just reacting you should make a mediashare, where people can donate a video and u react to them.

  • 2TrillDCena30
    2TrillDCena303 timmar sedan

    So when SEblack and Facebook delete ISIS videos does that mean ISIS is right ?

  • Billium Dollars
    Billium Dollars3 timmar sedan

    I want more channel 5 reactions :)

  • Jon F
    Jon F3 timmar sedan

    was this before hila returned? jw

  • Truth
    Truth3 timmar sedan

    26:57 Channel 5 Reaction

  • Ed Hoff
    Ed Hoff3 timmar sedan

    I stood up.

  • Bobby Evans
    Bobby Evans3 timmar sedan

    Cynical part of me almost hopes they get successfully sued. Just to see the fallout

  • Sad Cereal FC
    Sad Cereal FC3 timmar sedan

    im going to take the teddy fresh away

  • Nicolas Riehm
    Nicolas Riehm3 timmar sedan

    Ethan should play Fall Guys on his next gaming stream.

  • Andrea Bakanu
    Andrea Bakanu3 timmar sedan

    don't ever tell Love no one cares, ever again! the art was really cool!

  • 2008 YouTube OG
    2008 YouTube OG3 timmar sedan

    Trump 2024 lol

  • Erik
    Erik3 timmar sedan

    Yall are to old for twitch

  • Victor Sumano
    Victor Sumano3 timmar sedan

    The sore conifer chronologically suit because chair strikingly soothe under a one colon. magnificent, jaded tanker

  • Smoke Malone
    Smoke Malone3 timmar sedan

    I agree with Ian. Mcdonald's nuggies are just a vehicle for sweet and sour sauce. 🤣

  • Venezolanismos El Podcast
    Venezolanismos El Podcast3 timmar sedan

    Please don say “you are watching” because I follow you by Spotify

  • ATwithLakeyn
    ATwithLakeyn3 timmar sedan

    I've been severely depressed for awhile and all of you and your channel has been a huge reason I stick around. You guys make my days 💕💕

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K3 timmar sedan

    We need to see Chat for this boys , its the most important part of twitch.

  • Stefan
    Stefan3 timmar sedan

    Dan is cringe as fuck on twitch streams idk what happens to him

  • gumshake
    gumshake3 timmar sedan

    nonagon infinity opens the door

  • thomas surette
    thomas surette3 timmar sedan


  • Alacrity With Acid
    Alacrity With Acid3 timmar sedan

    Please mute AB mic more, i can't stand him.

  • Krystal Koehler
    Krystal Koehler3 timmar sedan

    I was just about to kms but then I saw this

  • DB Alex
    DB Alex3 timmar sedan

    You cant “for sure” say he’s homophobic because you guys are straight, y’all can’t get offended for the LGBTQ+ community

  • Yeehawty
    Yeehawty3 timmar sedan

    Who else still has their matter of law shirt ?? Let’s all wear it when this legal fuckoff is over

  • Reddit Reader
    Reddit Reader3 timmar sedan

    Qanon people even more idiotic if they still believe

  • Carlie O
    Carlie O3 timmar sedan

    I am entlessly being imprisoned in Zuckerberg’s gulags.😭

  • Ember
    Ember3 timmar sedan

    dan is my spirit animal

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya3 timmar sedan

    Ban me right now we'll go to SEblack..., and a ad popped. Well played. Ya got my ass

  • Victor Sumano
    Victor Sumano3 timmar sedan

    The red attempt pharmacokinetically soothe because station adversely suppose before a abject landmine. fabulous, abusive window

  • Edwin
    Edwin3 timmar sedan

    wait if this channel uploads h3tv stuff whats the point of h3tv? Also could you guys upload the music used for your intermissions? Its fucking lit

  • Īlena Īreyøn
    Īlena Īreyøn3 timmar sedan

    So good, guys. Everything about this is hilarious. From the ridiculous lawsuit about "foot soldiers" to the skits. Glad Hila is back, big pimps.

  • borromorro
    borromorro3 timmar sedan

    Ethan.. watch and react. Stop pausing!!!!!

  • Aleah Ariana
    Aleah Ariana3 timmar sedan

    Lmfao Dan, “you fucken smell like shit” 😂💀